Thursday, April 8, 2010

Santa's Secret!

Well, this is the WTF did I do part of Santa's Secret. Yup, to Hell with the budget. I couldn't help it. It was like a feeding frenzy and I got sucked up in it. The sales, oh the sales. They had a 50% off sale going and then I got another 30% off. Please forgive me, honestly I'm a little scared to post this one. Yes, I know it is my money but if I'm trying to stay on the frugal side, Coach is not the place to be. But that said, these are very extravagant gifts in my family, no one gets gifts like these so it is huge to get one. It was (cringe) $221.51 for these lovely gifts. So I'm at the wonderful total of $259.18. The only good thing I can say about this I've completely finished a few people.

Anna($250)-bath set($2.30),Monopoly($2.13), Eye shadow, body spray, lotion($4.85),purse ($33.23)
DJ($250)-Pictureka ($3.13)
Chris($50)-11in1 tool($.95)
Grandpa Mott($50)-
Willie & Margie($5-10)-Basket*done*($.06)
Al & Phylis($5-10)-Basket*done*($.06)
Laura($10-20)1 Snoopy($.47)bath set($2.30) , Sorry($2.13)*done*
Tom & Marsha($5-10)-Basket*done*($.06)
Carolyn & Gene($5-10)-Basket*done*($.06)
Jennifer & Jason($5-10)-Basket*done*($.06)
Savannah-($10-20) 2 Snoopy dolls($.94) and puzzle ($3.03)*done*
Dee & Terry($5-10)-Basket*done*($.06)
Bruce & Lauren($75-100)Basket & Ski Santaw/friends($1.70) jokebook($3.03)&bathset($2.30), purse($40.62)*done*
Andrea & Daniel($5-10)-Basket*done*($.06)
Donna & Steve($10-20)-?????-I know you are reading this!
Mail Lady($5-10)-Basket*done*($.06)
Jennifer($25)bath set($1.30)
Kristen($20)bath set($1.30)
Karate Teacher-Anna($5-10)-bath set*done*($2.40)
Gerald & Maureen($10-20)
Litsy & Uritsy($20-25)
Mrs. Bauer($25)
Extra-2 card games($.48)
Thanks for stopping over and watching me fall from frugal grace,


Annie Jones said...

I'm not a purse person...I don't carry one unless I absolutely have to have more than my keychain-wallet will hold. But I do know those are high-dollar handbags and it looks like you stayed within your budget overall. So to you I say...Good Job!

A.Marie said...

I'm like Annie Jones...I'm not a purse person but I know people who are...and Coach has awesome purses! I know from working at the thrift store that these purses are VERY expensive if you pay full price. Believe it or not, once in a great while, someone will donate one of their used expensive name-brand purses to our shop. My co-worker snatches it right up! :)

You are still within your budget, and you scored these at 80% off... (EIGHTY PERCENT OFF!) I'd say you did good. It is just "sticker shock" right at this moment! :)

Feeling Just Right said...

Quite a big part of the list got done. So good job! Stay frugal for the rest, a little break here and there ought to be allowed.

yonca said...

You did good! Glad you got some great deals!

Sheila said...

You did good!! I would feel great if I got such a good deal on the purses. I am a purse person and I would love a Coach purse but I just can't spend the regular price on them--I mean, it is just a purse after all. But--to get that type of deal--I would have bought me one too!! Don't beat yourself up--you saved 80% which is amazing to me.

slugmama said...

Ok...I'm going to be the big bad killjoy voice of reason.....
SonyaAnn, SonyaAnn, SonyaAnn!
What else can I say?

Sigh.....well, it could have been worse, right? ;-)

Together We Save said...

Oh my girls are purse people... I have a lady we buy knock-off from... they look like the real thing... and her prices are still high. I guess Ii will take a walmart purse anyday.

Frances said...

It looks like you got 4 purses for that? Am I counting correctly? While I don't go crazy over Coach bags, I know that you got a pretty good price for 4 of them.

Quit beating yourself up. Leave that fun for me!

Frances said...

And sorry to be a math teacher, A.Marie, but 50% and then another 30% off is a total of 65% off. Retail sales doesn't work like "regular" math.

Still a fantastic price!

SonyaAnn said...

Annie Jones-I'm not much of a girl. I'm a true Tom boy but for some reason these purses really do it for me. And everyone that gets one of these purses keeps them for years and then they are passed on to someone else so they can be loved all over again.
I really don't feel like I did good. Honestly, I let myself down. I know I could have shaved $10 off of each person and gotten them something nice but it was a moment of weakness! And I know they all will go nuts.

SonyaAnn said...

A.Marie-Thank your for the praise but I could have done better. I really did blow this one. But it is a huge gift especially in our family.

SonyaAnn said...

Feeling Just Right-Perspective! Thank you for giving me permission to mess up here and there. That helped. Hmmmm sounds like the speech I gave to someone I know just the other day!

SonyaAnn said...

Yonca-Thank you! I'm just wishing that I had gotten one for myself!

SonyaAnn said...

Sheila- Thank you. I would never be able to buy these if they weren't from the outlet store. And really Anna's purse was only $33. That is nuts. I just wish that I could have gotten the others a bit cheaper.

Nancy said...

Oh My....Oh My.....Oh My....

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama- I KNOW! I KNOW! I upset me too! Really I almost cried over this one. I blew it! But they were calling to me and were so pretty and everyone loves them. They are $200(retail) purses so I got quite a mark down.
I'll go sit in the corner as punishment!

SonyaAnn said...

Together We Save-I did buy knockoffs one year and they were about $10 cheaper than the real thing. At that point, you start thinking what's ten bucks.

Nancy said...

I'm in a frugal comma in a dark corner sucking my thumb......But hey, if your gonna buy might as well get one of the best brands out their and at 65% off to boot! - I'm going back into my frugal coma now....

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I got 5 purses for that! Anna's was $33, Sheila and Nicole was $51, Erica was $44 and Lauren was $40. I wish that I could have kept them each around $40 and I would be completely satisfied with that. Next time, maybe!
Yay, for beating me!!!LOL

SonyaAnn said...

Nancy-I know! I have no excuse!

SonyaAnn said...

Nancy-I almost completely gave up on Santa's Secret because of this one. I really deserve to have my ass chewed out for this one. Honestly! I think that I did good on Anna's, Lauren's,and Erica's. That was an amazing deal, really. But the other two, was an iffy deal.
Forgive me my frugal friend!

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, you are getting entirely too upset over this.

You only went over budget on Sheila and Nicole and that was only by $1.70. I would imagine you can shave that $3.40 off somewhere. Wait, I think you already have with those $.06 baskets.

SonyaAnn said...

Frances- I know but it upsets me to spend. I was hoping that I could get it to $40 a person. I know, let it go and make it up somewhere else.
Much love to you for worrying about my mental health!;p

McVal said...

You HAVE to tell me how you got a basket for 6 cents...
Your list is much more extravagant than what I usually do for Christmas. Wow! But I do have a ton more people to buy for...

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-We had a discussion about this when I started it. We decided to go with out of pocket costs. The baskets were(I think) $1 a piece and then I used a gift card. I couldn't cover it all with the GC so it worked out to $.06. Misleading I know.
And I thought I had a huge list! How many are you buying for?

kado! said...

i love me a good Coach sale! You did great, seriously...5 purses for that! AWESOME!

SonyaAnn said...

kado!-Thank you! I would show them but I think that eventually one of the kids might read this. SO they will know what they are getting but not what it looks like. I just wonder how long I will be able to do this for.

A.Marie said...

Yes, Math Teacher Frances...I goofed! :)

I had to sit and think about that one for awhile, but it finally came to me how this is only 65% off...Geesh, Woman, you made my brain THINK!! LOL

Frances said...

A.Marie, sorry I made you think. But I am a math whiz when it comes to shopping discounts. LOL!

Mom's Place said...

Not a big purse person myself...but wanted to say, I think it's ok to do that once in a while!

SonyaAnn said...

Mom's Place-But being as cheap as I am I really did step out of my comfort zone. That said I love there purses and for what I paid you could spend that much at JcPenneys.
Thanks for stopping over!

slugmama said...

SonyaAnn...Now you KNOW I loves you like a sister! And anything I say is only to help you. ;-) I don't want it to make you feel bad or feel worse. I am just trying to help you see why these purchases aren't the most helpful to your cause.

While these purses were/are an exceptional buy and if getting a great deal was the point of all this then you did VERY well with your shopping, you are correct that the good deal got in the way of staying with the plan.
Like Frances mentioned, you did go OVER your budgeted amount on 2 of the bags even.

If it was me(and it isn't lol), I would view the amount in red that's budgeted as the top VALUE amount I want the gift to be WORTH, not what I want to SPEND. In my mind, the people getting those purses are getting a $200 gift(the value of it)so even tho you only spent $50, you went waaay over on value of the gift. If it were me(and it's not lol)I would now feel pressure to make everyone's gift be worth $200(or at the same ratio of spending to value for whatever the budgeted amount is for a person)and I would prolly end up going over budget as a result.
Does that make sense?

If you were to think like this, you could shave off tons of cash on this budget if you were to hit some more great sales, create some gifts, etc.
But I am cheap & that wasn't what YOU said you wanted to accomplish, so stop beating yourself up, have a drink-it IS Friday, right?-and move past it.

You came into this with a $1700 budget for the gift list. You said you wanted to shave off $200 or so from that budgeted amount.
If you take each person's projected budgeted spending and reduce it by 15%, that will reduce your spending by $255 overall. That accomplishes your goal if you can hold to that formula. everyone won't be cut 15% equally-some will have more cut and some less(especially now that you've spent the full amount on some people)-but if you end up spending 15% less in total, you have met your goal.
If you look at the people you spend $40 on the purses and had budgeted $50, you did ok on reducing 15% there.

You've spent $259.18 so you have $1440.82 left in your original budget of $1700. If you take $255 off(15% of $1700), you actually have $1185.82 left to spend on the remaining gifts to make your goal.

Just mentally make yourself from this point forward, when you see the budgeted amount for a person, take off 15% of that figure before you go and buy anything for them.

I am cheap so my reaction is like Nancy's and I will go join her in the coma corner soon. But you are coming at this from a different place than me and for what you wanted to accomplish I think you will do great!!

As we use to say in the '70's...Keep on Truckin'!!!

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama-I've decide that you either need to be a writer or an accountant.
I think you hit on my issue with this purchase, I just wasn't able to put it in words. I went emotional first and then the words will come. OK, I wanted to shave some money off I just didn't say how much. So it is 15%, I probably should have said that in the beginning. Don't flip out but we used to spend $3000. That was when we were first married and I felt I had to fit in. We got married in October and December I got the list. I just didn't feel I had the right to say anything. Fast forward 15 years and I've cut it down by almost half. I'm sure that you are sucking your thumb at this point. It's a learning process.
I'm totally fine with not spending as much on one person as I am another. The guys will have no idea that the purses are worth $200. I can give them each a playboy and a six pack and they will think that they were the ones that made out.
I have run into another problem with this. My brat children have peeked. DJ for sure, Anna is a maybe. And I do know of a few other friends that read this that we give to. Now what? I really want to list everything, it is really helping me. I want to be completely honest but.......
Any ideas?

slugmama said...

How about you make a new blog for the Santa's Secret and make it a private blog where you have to invite or approve readers. That way you can limit it to readers who are NOT on the xmas gift list.
Problem solved, right?lol

If you started 15 yrs. ago spending $3K on the SS list you have done amazingly well at shaving it down already, especially since the cost of stuff has risen from what it was 15 yrs. back.
It sounds like you were bullied in a way into all this spending back then....kind of being between a rock and a hard place. And throw in that you obviously have a big heart and have a hard time saying no and you end up spending $ you really can't afford.
And after so many years, all these people might just expect you to spend like this every year.
You know what I'd do?.....I would use having to pay for Anna's college bills starting this year as an excuse(a new financial burden)with everyone to not spend the money on the xmas list. Even if you aren't going to have to pay huge sums out of pocket for it, use this big hairy expense as your 'out' to get everyone out of the mindset that you will spend big wads of cash on them for xmas. I'd be talking it up every chance I have to throw it into a conversation. "Those Cubs sure look good this year, huh?...gee, I guess this won't be the year we finally try to get tickets to some games because we have a big added expense on us now with having to pay for Anna's college! I'm going to have to cut back on gift giving too this xmas...."
Stuff like that.....
But then again, I am not above and beyond being Captain Obvious.lolol

Now that I've solved all of your problems(in my own mind at least), come help me figure out what to do about my flaws!
And brother.....have I got some doozies!! ;-)

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama-WOW! And you are so right on so many levels. I did feel bullied into that huge bill. And since Den has no concept of money, it didn't mean anything to him. We also got talked into this house. I was looking at a small modular home as a starter and I was told that I would embarrass "the family." So here we sit, in a house that I hate with a still huge payment. But its done and over and there is nothing that I can do about it. Den makes the decisions and I have to make it work. At least, I know my part. Can you tell that I'm pissed at him?
You are right, I need to cut back but I do love to give the gifts.
Good idea about a separate blog but UGH that sounds like more work. I'm being lazy today. I might just post when I buy something for the kids once and not add it to the list. But I am using the blog as my master. Maybe I'll change that.
I'm a mess today and it started out so wonderful! Marriage and children!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

Whoa! What the shopper, Ms. Sonya Ann... I think you did a great job - lots of stuff at amazing deals. No need for shame... I think it is quite impressive.

SonyaAnn said...

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas-And A BIG thank you!

Jude said...

Okay, I get it, you're not a purse person. However you say, "And everyone that gets one of these purses keeps them for years and then they are passed on to someone else so they can be loved all over again."

GO YOU. You've set youself up to give the gold star of presents, that which the recipient wants, but would never ask for - or expect. AND BONUS, these folks regift to happy recipients! Yay!!! Sonya, you hit the trifecta of gifts, the recipients love it, you got a decent price, and you KNOW that it's going to a great person with a plan for its future. At what point do you take the mere nubmer of lifes that you've made happy?

I have handed down purses and clothes to my daughter - and she back to me (when I'm done dieting) She's given friends prom gowns, great purses (and YAY shopping tips) this is a kind of pleasure that's too underated. wE need to SHOUT about our ability to outfit our kids inclothes that they should be thrilled with, and look gread in....!!!Let's help these kids, I've got stuff - tell me how?
e help these KIDS!

I LIVE for these types of gifts. And the fact that "everyone that gets one of these purses keeps them for years and then they are passed on to someone else so they can be loved all over again." I admit, I have a Micheal Kohrs small leathers strap, really cute, just write the current owner. The new proud wearer - and I get that..write me..
Sincerly, you have no idea, why I get ths. I have two beuatful Young women to take the cause.


SonyaAnn said...

JUDE-Thank you that was one of the nicest compliments that I have gotten. The gold star of presents, WOW! See I'm always so torn, we don't have a lot of money but I want to give good gifts that are special. And I'm sure that I'm not alone here.
Honestly, the purses will be around for about ten years. So they will be well loved!
And my daughter just went through all of her clothes and sold what she could and what she couldn't sell she is giving to one of her friends. Her parents are having a tough time and that would really help them.

Sorry that it took me a while to respond but it was a crazy weekend! We had to work on a ton of college stuff!
Thank you so much for coming to see me and the wonderful compliments. I'm so glad that we found each other.

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, Just change the names on your list....make up a code or something....and change the order, then any recipients won't know which gifts are for whom.

You can keep your decoder in a passord protected file guarded by rattlesnakes and dragons.

It is a shame that you were made to feel like you had to spend a fortune on family gifts. I guess I was cheaper and bitchier than you when I married in to Bob's family. We have always had as tight a budget for gifts as I could get away with. LOL! We would give great gifts, but they would not cost a fortune, since I deal shopped for them.

Now....I just cook. I figure they can love my gifts or give them away. Either way, I made someone happy. And, as far as I know, no one has given any away.

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-"guarded by rattlesnakes and dragons"-One question, will they attack on command? Cuz i would love to see them take after Den every once in a while. Our rott, Thor(God rest is wonderful soul) would jump on Den when I told him to. It was great! Thor never hurt anyone but he let Den know that I was his #1!
I've got to change the list around. I just need to update the master in my purse!
Thank you for everything!

Rene W. said...

ooh - my favorite! That is a great deal... Lucky recipient!!!

SonyaAnn said...

Rene W.-A BIG thank you!