Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Vacation?

We are going to try another cheap trip. I really hope that it doesn't turn out like the last trip did!
I would actually like to get there this time. But if I had to guess, this trip will probably end up getting canceled. And it will once again be because I'm an idiot. We are going here. And while it is far from posh, it is better than sleeping in a tent. Sorry, not trying to offend the tent lovers, I'm just not a camper.
We are going to use Donna and Dennis' time share. We paid $185(?) and we are going to bring our own food since they have a kitchen. I have been saving our gas rebate cards and have $75 in free gas coming my way. So the only thing that we will need to pay for is any little fun thing that we want to do. I have $200 set aside for this little voyage. I'm wondering if this will be enough. But that really isn't the problem. We had to book the timeshare fast in order to get one in the summer. Well, I was with Donna and just booked it without looking at our calender. And now you see the problem. DJ's DC trip is on Thursday so we will have to come back two days early. Which is fine with me but we didn't know until later that Anna starts summer school on Monday so she will have to drive her own car and drive back on Sunday. Have I told you about the time that Anna got lost in Antioch, one mile from our house?
It's just looking like this one isn't going to work out. But I bet any money that we will still try! I'll keep you posted!
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Annie Jones said...

I hope you can make this work out. Everyone needs a little getaway once in a while.

We're going to NW Arkansas over Memorial Day weekend. We love camping, and we were going to camp there, but we've decided for several reasons to stay in a hotel instead. We have a mini-suite reserved, with fridge and micro, so we'll be eating one meal a day in the room. Breakfast is provided by the hotel so we'll only have to buy one meal out each day.

Normally camping is cheaper, but because we need new tires on the pop-up, it would have cost the same or maybe more than the hotel. And our pop-up doesn't even have an indoor pool...LOL!

Linda Robinson said...

We always camp for most of our trips, it's alot cheaper.. but we have a trailer with a toilet. (is that really camping) We used to tent it till one summer it rained on very trip we went on..

I guess it's really not that much cheaper considering we had to buy our trailer.. thoughts to ponder.
Have a great day!

Sheila said...

I hope you get to go on your vacation. I agree, everyone needs to get away once in a while. K and I were talking about this the other day, we have never had a vacation. The only times we went any where we were moving between duty stations or there was a death or serious illness in the family. We went camping in tents when I was a kid--ever go camping with 7 kids under 10?---Not so much fun--even for the kids!!
I really hope this works out for y'all and you enjoy your time away.

SonyaAnn said...

Annie Jones-I hope so too. It would really be nice to get away. But my guess is it will get screwed up. And Anna really did get lost in Antioch so I have no idea how she will make the 3 hour trip home on her own. She got lost a mile from our house! It is kinda scary.
I can't wait to hear about your trip. And I'm completely with you on the hotel! I'm not a good camper, I get a bit pissy when I'm dirty.

SonyaAnn said...

Linda Robinson-In my opinion, if it is movable it's camping! I would love to go in an RV. That's my dream life, hit the open road and just go!
Thanks for stopping by!

SonyaAnn said...

Sheila-You need a vacation! I hope that you can figure something out so you can get away for a bit.
I'm just wondering if $200 will cover it.
And it does not sound like fun trip with that many kids in a tent!
Have a great day!

McVal said...

Oh boy! You might want to spend a bit of the $200 on a GPS for your daughter!
I hope it works out for you to go! The hotel looks fabulous!

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-LOL! My MIL said that Anna can use her GPS. I really don't think that she will make it without getting lost. But we have a plan. She will only be 1 1/2 hours away from either us or my inlaws so if she does get lost we can go on a rescue mission.Always problems but I shouldn't complain about maybe getting to go on vacation!

Frances said...

Maybe you should leave Anna at home. One year, when I was a Senior in high school, my parents wanted to go to Tennessee over Christmas break, but I had to work.

They went without me. And I survived.

Since you have to come home early, how many days will you actually be gone? $200 might be enough.

Together We Save said...

I hope you have fun and Anna doesn't get lost or anything? Antioch as in Nashville? I grew up ver close to there.

slugmama said...

Well keep an open mind and a good attitude...don't go into this assuming it's not going to turn out well, k?

I'm with Frances, let Anna stay home. Our last trip to Maine we let our 2 oldest stay home alone(they were 17 and 15). Yes, the house was still standing when we got home. If she does go and gets lost on the way home, better she get lost that close to home and figure out how to get home on her own. She's 18 so about time she handle it on her own. ;-)

Do ya'll play golf? That should be fun for you there. Or will you hang at the pool instead?
If this falls through I know a resort place outside of St. Louis that is cool. A friend's hubby use to be the manager. They have deals for new visitors if you live in MO or IL.
We rented a condo for a week but they have rvs and even teepees you can stay in. There is a big fishing lake, pedal boats, canoes, 2 pools, horseback riding, a game room, tennis courts, a movie theatre, a lodge with camp store, restaurant, activities, etc.

Keep positive that you can work something out!!

Rene W. said...

Oh - I hope that works out for you!! It looks like such a relaxing place, and you've done a great job at budgeting it. Good luck!!

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I know I have thought about leaving her here. She really wants to go and fish. I was kind of hoping that Den and her could get along better if they had some time. They fight constantly but I think it has to do with the fact that they are so much alike.
We will be gone for 6 day and 2 will be driving. I think we will make it on $200. I hope. We are going to bring our food so that money will just be for fun and fishing licenses. I won't need one so it will be a bit cheaper.
I'll keep you posted!

SonyaAnn said...

Together We Save-I wish we were near Nashville! We are on the IL/WI border. YUCK, is all I can say about where we live!

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama-You hit the nail on the head. I'm going to go into this with a pissy attitude and just make it worse. Hmmmm, how did you figure that out?
There are just so many things to worry about with Ms. Anna. When push comes to shove, she can handle it but there has to be a lot of pushing. I just hope that the car makes it. It is 10 years old. It has a new tranny in it and a new motor but still I worry. She wants to eventually take it to college which is 4 hours away. I guess this will be a good test on so many levels.
The good news is the resort has WiFi so I will be able to keep in contact with everyone.
The place outside of St. Louis sounds amazing! If I can get some extra cash together next year, that place has made it on the list!
Thank you!

SonyaAnn said...

Rene W.-Thank you for the compliment now let's just see if it works out!

kado! said...

i hope it all woks out! ...and if it doesn't..then I know it'll make for great blog reading! hehehe!

SonyaAnn said...

kado!-If it doesn't work out, I hope it is funny and you are right I will write about it!