Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Death of a Car

I would love to send the Focus off with a bang, literally! Shooting it would be a gift but alas, I'm pretty sure that if I opened fire on the car, someone would call the cops. But then again, I have some amazing neighbors, well it's a thought anyways.
Den said that the F***us would be his project car. Well after finding out that getting the parts that he needed was a huge pain , he is rethinking it. Apparently, a lot of these cars have had the entire fuel system stripped off of them at ALL the junk yards around here. Hmmmmm, there is probably a lesson in that alone!
It just seems that there is no end in site with the car now. He has replaced about 10 different parts and nothing is helping. We have about $500 left in the car fund for the year and I think we need to save that for the cars that are working.
So here is our dilemma and since you all are so much smarter than me, I will pose this question. Would we be better off donating it on our taxes or selling it? I don't think that if we sold it for parts, we would get more than $250 for it. It runs, sort of. It's a very scary thing when it is trying to go. The gauges are all over the place and it makes some god awful noise. I backed away slowly when Den was forcing it to run.
If we donated, we would go through Kars for Kids. I have no idea how this works. I read through it but with my FIL being on vacation, I figured I would ask you. We would get a $500 tax deduction. I know that it all depends on our tax bracket and all. I was just wondering if you had ever done this and what was your take on it.
If all else fails, I'm going to do this with it.
Thanks for the help,


Annie Jones said...

We donated a car a couple of years ago, but it was older than yours. It was a 1997 Ford Aspire with new tires and a great body, but we couldn't even get the key to turn and would have had to tow it to the shop to even learn what was wrong with it, then decide if it was worth fixing.

After letting it sit in our driveway for most of a year (repairing it was obviously not high on our priority list), we had a charity come and pick it up.

The tow driver said usually they just take them to the salvage yard, but since it was still in such good shape, they might try to repair it and sell it, and that our tax deduction would depend on what they did with it. They sent it to salvage and we could only take a $150 deduction for it.

But hey, that was better than having to PAY someone to haul it off for us.

Anyway, yours might yield a higher deduction since it's newer, but I wouldn't count on much. But if you part it out, you'll still have to haul the "carcass" away or pay someone to do that for you.

SonyaAnn said...

Annie Jones-Since the key didn't even turn I think that you did the right thing. I have the odd feeling that if I leave Den in charge for much longer with the focus it will sit for a few years. I told him that I have no intention of shoveling around the damn thing.
The only real problem that I see here is that DJ, Anna and I will be sharing one car here pretty soon. I'm just wondering how long that car will last with three drivers. The good news is our insurance went from$270 a month down to $128. It helped that Anna isn't living here anymore and that we dropped down to 2 cars. I asked our insurance agent and even with 2 cars when DJ starts driving our insurance will go up about $100 a month. BOYS! He will get a good student discount and all but DJ said he liked only having 2 cars cuz it keeps his bills down.LOL. He knows he has to pay the difference so cheaper is better for him. Can you tell that he is just like me?

Sheila said...

I'm sorry the Focus is dead. We've never donated a car so I can't comment on that--but I hope you get something out of the deal!!
I'm getting really frustrated here with all the running I'm having to do. It is a pain to have 2 of us using one car when I have appointments I have to get to and Jess has school. Nothing is in walking distance here either. Hopefully we can get another car after January when Jess will have had her license over a year--our insurance will go down then. Now that I think about it, I guess I'm just spoiled to always having my own car--I want to get a job but at 47, I'm too old to have to worry about being dropped off or picked up. There I go being spoiled again!! Good luck with your decision!! Take care.

SonyaAnn said...

Sheila-I'm spoiled too in both ways, car and job! I've been out of the work force for so long, I don't know what I'd do. I guess go back into sales but yuck!! I'll just work on finding a few more house to clean that's easier.
And I am a car brat! I'll probably be terrible when there are scheduling conflicts. But on the other hand the money we are saving is great!

McVal said...

LOL! Ooh Ooh~! Make it a solar oven!
We've taken our cars to the roll, drag or tow sales at a local car dealer and gotten $1000 trade in on a car. Not sure if we'll do that again... Good luck!

Linda Robinson said...

I think you should shoot it and then make a solar oven out of it.. that was pretty funny.. I have never donated a car.. You could try
Putting it on craig list.. My hubby sells broken stuff on there all the time.. You never know a car mechanic might need a car for his son or daughter..

Hugs, Linda

Frances said...

Bake cookies in it! Then sell the cookies for extra income.

"The only real problem that I see here is that DJ, Anna and I will be sharing one car here pretty soon. I'm just wondering how long that car will last with three drivers."

Since Anna is away at school and DJ won't be driving, if I remember correctly, for a year and a half, that should not be much of an issue.

When scheduling conflicts over a shared car happen, Mom wins.

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-How about a fire pit? I'm really ok with that too. Den just called and said the KIA isn't right. He just barely made it to work this morning. He may end up riding a bike after all!

SonyaAnn said...

Linda Robinson-I hadn't even thought of Craig's list. Never even crossed my mind. That might be a better option. Or I could shoot it!

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-LOL sell the cookies I make in the car! You should quit your job and sell your financial wisdom!
I keep forgetting the rule that mom wins every time! Thank you for the reminder and the cookie idea!

slugmama said...

In lieu of your FIL being away, here is the car rule with the IRS....

1.No matter the fair market value, once the charity disposes of your vehicle, you are limited to the amount they realize from it's sale. If FMV is $5K and the charity gets $4K at auction, you can deduct $4K only.

2.If that same charity used your vehicle in the day-to-day running of their business BEFORE auctioning/selling it(and it sold for less than the FMV)you CAN still use the FMV price as your deduction. Example-the charity drives kidney patients to dialysis as part of it's business and they use your car to perform this function for 3 months, THEN sell it for less than the FMV. Since it was used by the charity first, you can deduct the full FMV even if they realize less cash at it's sale. Of course, you have to know the charity used your vehicle before it sold the car and have something in writing to this effect in the paperwork from the charity.

3.The charity sells your $5K FMV car at auction and only gets $200. You can deduct $500, not $200. $500 is like the automatic minimum you can deduct no matter what your vehicle is worth.

We donated Hubs car earlier this year...but it was running and not the F*** FMV was about $2K(Kelly Blue Book)but the charity only got $1,250 at auction so that's what we can deduct.
The IRS has really tightened up what you can deduct on car donations(it's all part of the govt.'s plan to squelch private charities so everyone has to rely on them instead...yes, I am wearing my foil hat lol).

So no matter where you donate it, as long as it's a registered charity, you'll be able to get $500(as long as Kelly'sBB says it's worth that much)....this kars for kids will net you a bonus hotel voucher too!;-)
If you think you can part it out or sell it privately and get MORE than $500, do that. If not, donate it asap and get it out of your life. 8-))

And btw-ALL charities will come tow it away for free if you donate to them.

RIP F***US.....

slugmama said...

And can't keep the F***US and run a cookie concession.....that's Me and my Dodge van's business!
Perhaps we will sell you a franchise

SonyaAnn said...

Sluggy-Is there anything that you don't know about!!!!
You aren't even going to believe this one. I literally just got off the phone with the insurance agent! Maybe a min ago. If we keep the F***us on the insurance plan we save $96 a year. He said that it is some weird glitch in the system. And that it is cheaper for us to have 3 cars with Anna being gone over us having 2 cars. Funny how things work out. I told our agent that I had to "find" $70 a week to help with Anna so he has been running numbers and "playing" with it to find the money for Anna. I thought that was really sweet of him. He may have made it onto our Christmas cookie list. But I'm still not sure that I want a dead car in the yard just so that we can save $8 a month. But it seems like we aren't supposed to get it running and we aren't supposed to get rid of it.

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama-But I really need to do something with the F***us! How about I turn it into a planter?

slugmama said...

How about you set a photography biz for all the high school seniors....they can have their senior portraits taken in the F***US.lolol

Or....oh! this one is good!!....get a sledgehammer and charge the local teenage boys $2 a pop to smash the F***US.
They get out their hormonal aggression and you make $'s the perfect

And I know YOU will be FIRST IN LINE to do the smashing but leaves some car for the kids to whack!lol

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama-I still like the idea of setting it on fire! That car is the devil!
So get this, the back brakes went out on the Kia. Den did the front ones last weekend. The tail light is out on it. The check engine light came on after it made a loud pop. Den thinks that it was a spark plug. But since it is Korean he has no idea how to fix it. And just for even more fun, Den did the brakes in the white car last weekend and the oil light came on in it yesterday. I'm sooooo ready for a drink!

slugmama said...
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slugmama said...

Great GoogleyMoogley woman....does it ever end with these possessed vehicles??!!
First make sure you have GREAT life insurance on Den before he gets in one of them again, then get out the lounge chairs and start pouring the drinks....I'll be over as soon as I lug my last load from Rite-Aid into the house!!lolol
Frances has abandoned the bar duty this weekend for her vacation trip so you are in charge....just keep 'em coming... ;-)

SonyaAnn said...

Sluggy-This is nuts here. Den has turned into a huge bear. He is not a happy camper. But I'll let it go.I actually feel sorry for him but don't tell him. He has worked on cars for weeks and it only seems to be making it worse. Maybe its him or maybe we are cursed. And just to make it all better I snapped a $100 part off of the kia! We couldn't find another part for 40 miles. Thank god for super glue. And the visor is broken in the white car. But he did fix the drink holder that DJ snapped off!
Somebody needs to save us!

slugmama said...

SonyaAnn--If I were you, I'd ditch ALL the cars and buy a horse!
Seriously, you and cars in the same sentence means t-r-o-u-b-l-e.
Hugs and good thoughts on your vehicle woes!!

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-It would be dead in a week! You have heard all the horror stories about Jessie! Poor thing is losing her hair now! She has huge bald patches all over. I wonder what will happen to me when I get old!