Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Have a ..........

Something is wrong with me! I went to type I think I have a peeker and typed in pecker. Ahhhhh, what to do with me?
Anyways before I got myself all worked up and in trouble, I think someone has been looking at my Santa Stash on the blog. So I'm going to change it up a bit. I'm just going to list my grand total for the year and what I bought. No more what for who!
I bought 3 of these shirts in a bag from Kohls. They were $24 marked down to $3.36 each! So my grand total for the year is $276.96! I better get moving if I want to finish by December!
I also have $500 coming to me from Bank of America rewards. Right or wrong, I charged Anna's first EIU bill for the points. (It's paid off.) And I have $75 worth of gift cards I need to cash in from My Points. Not too bad!
I better get shopping!
Thanks for stopping over,


Sheila said...

Wow--you still impress me with your shopping and savings. Sorry about the pecker---errr--peeker!!! You made me laugh this morning so I don't think there is anything wrong with you!!! I think you did good with charging Anna's first EIU bill--you got it paid off and you also got a little lagniappe as a bonus. Take care!!

SonyaAnn said...

Sheila-Good morning! Thank you for thinking that I'm on top of my game! Not true but the compliment made me smile!
And I learned a new word thanks to you. I'll try and use it often. My other new word was fuctard so my arsenal is growing.

McVal said...

I always wondered how the "posting all the gifts on my blog" was working for you. My kids and sometimes family read it, so I can't be specific until AFTER the holiday.
Good luck!

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-The good thing is I haven't gotten a lot yet so it won't spoil too much.