Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Budgeting!

I'm so boring! I know it with all of my heart. I've had to rework our budget because of all of the changes going on here. With Anna leaving and some added expenses, we have dropped down the amount that we are paying on the house. It was nice to pay over three extra payment a year but we just can't keep it up. I had hoped that the money that we were spending on gas would go down but thanks to the lovely Focus things have changed again. SO if you want to see the old budget go here. Otherwise, this is the new budget!

1200 .00 House payment(bi-weekly) so we save $300 a week
160.00 Car Insurance
160.00 Nicor and Comed
280.00 gas for all three cars
25.00 satelite
320.00 groceries

60.00 Den "fake" smokes
70.00 garbage and water
32.00 pills for me
30.00 gym for Den
160.00 cell
200.00 to save
80.00 for Anna's expenses
2777.00 total

This is the break down of how we will use the checks every week.
Week 1 -$300 house, $242 food,gas, pills,& cig ,saving and Anna, $70 garbage & water, $25 sate,$30 gym
Week 2- $300 house, $242 food, gas,pills &cig
,saving and Anna,, $160 car insurance
Week 3- $300 house, $242 food, gas,pills & cig
,saving and Anna,, $160 Nicor and ComEd,
Week 4- $300 house, $242 food, gas,pills & cig
,saving and Anna,, $160 cell

So somethings have gone up and some have gone down. I think that I'm going to have to tweak it again but at least, the budget is a little more stable than before. And I do know that it is a ton of money for the cell phones. We need the plan with unlimited texting or my teenagers go over.
I'm also going to stop cleaning for my inlaws at the end of the year so I'm trying to adjust the budget accordingly. Also, we will probably be changing car insurance companies. We are actually paying $240 a month and its going up to $270. Anna is covering the difference. But now that she is gone, they won't give us a discount for an absentee driver where other companies will. And it looks like it will be about $100 a month savings if we switch. I'll keep you posted with the boring details of my life!
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A.Marie said...

You are so good with your budget...I need to rework mine. It is out of whack at the moment!

McVal said...

My cell bill looks like that too.

slugmama said...

No, you aren't boring, I am!lolol
That $160 cell bill makes me cringe...not nearly as much as it makes you cringe I am
I don't pay for any of my kids cell phones. If the texting is important enough, they'll figure out a way to pay Yes, I am a much meaner mom than you....

I need you to come over here and help me pound my BIL into submission over the budget I made him....or better yet, you can come tweak that budget. We can be the budget tag team from hell....well, at least to him!lol I don't understand people who when standing on the edge of a financial cliff and shown what they need to do not to fall off that cliff, they still won't do anything to help themselves! If BIL doesn't do something I've informed him he'll be living in his car by the end of the year. I guess he won't believe me until he can't roll over due to the gear shifter poking into his side. 8-(
Good for you for keeping on this budget like a dog on a meat truck! lol

Frances said...

You ARE boring!

No...just aren't. LOL!

I am with Sluggy. When our kids wanted cell phones, they got a job and paid for them. I understand providing cells for your kids for emergency purposes, but texting is rarely an emergency. JMO, of course.

LOL at Sluggy, "like a dog on a meat truck."

Jill said...

I think it's wonderful you're sticking to a budget. It's so important! We learned In Feb. there are no guarantees when my husband lost his job after 16 years. Wow, what an eye opener for many things (like me finishing school) I thank God we were prepared and saved our home, but I cringe to think where we would have been with no savings or plan. I agree about cell bills. They r too high. My daughter is 9 and kids in her class have them. I think it's too young. I survived without them and so will she! LOL Have a great day! Sorry to write a book!

SonyaAnn said...

A.Marie-I actually like to do it and I like it even more when it actually works!

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-It is sickening!

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama-It makes me so upset to have a bill that high. In my defense though, with Anna going away and all it was a safety issue and I wanted to be able to get in touch with her whenever I wanted to or missed her. And since incoming text messages cost you it was easier just to pay the extra $10 a month and not get charged when someone text the kids. And honestly, most times I'm texting them.
I also, need to work on the car insurance a bit. I've called 5 times. They have until Tuesday and then it will all hit the fan. The prob is the insurance company owners are long time friends of my inlaws. I told them what I was doing and they didn't care. Den thought that I was nuts even to tell his parents. I was just being nice so they wouldn't be caught off guard. Den said its our wallet not theirs and this was just business. I think I rubbing off on him yet!
Meat truck-LOL!! I'm not the greatest at budgeting but I am always trying. I did the same thing working up a budget for someone with kids and they still lost their house. People want help but they don't want to do the hard work! Maybe he can park in your driveway!LOL

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I know cell phones aren't important but it has made Anna moving out easier on me. I miss the little brat! And we can text all the time. If I want to find out what is going on in her world the only way I find out is by text.

SonyaAnn said...

Jill-I loved your book!!!
Anna bought her own phone 1st, it was a prepay and she was spending a ton every month. It was cheaper just to get a plan. And it made me feel better when she was driving to have a phone. That way if she had car problems she wouldn't have to take a ride from a stranger.

Frances said...

Excuses, excuses, SonyaAnn. Does Anna have email? Facebook? A computer? If she has any of those things, you can keep up with her without texting. (I never text my kids and know pretty much what they are up to all the time from Facebook.)

Of course, you can spend your money any way you want. It IS your money after all. And you do a good job at budgeting it, so keep up the good work.

And I know it is really hard when kids first move out. Trust me, it gets easier. Well, it did for me. LOL!

slugmama said...

"Den said its our wallet not theirs and this was just business. I think I rubbing off on him yet!"
Oh, let's hope that YOU ARE rubbing off on Den.....he could use it, right?lol

"I did the same thing working up a budget for someone with kids and they still lost their house. People want help but they don't want to do the hard work! Maybe he can park in your driveway!LOL"
And the sad part is the work he needs to do is NOT that hard! Just 1 dinglet of effort would reap big rewards!!
And NO! there is no parking in MY driveway!! I told Hubs we need to secretly move before he runs out of money and starts asking us to pay his bills.

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I know I bitch and moan and somethings I won't quit paying. Hanging my head in shame.:(
I hope that Anna gets used to being away. This is her 1st weekend down there. She met a nice guy and they have been hanging out. He goes to church and is an honor student. :)
And you will be happy to know that Anna still has money left from when we dropped her off. I'm shocked that she has made it this far! And she said that she still has a ton of food left in her room.
We purchased the 12 meal plan for her and she said that she isn't using all of them. SO we will save a bit of money next semester by just getting her the 8 meal plan and putting some money on her card. She said that is what she would rather have it that way. Hard to believe that she is looking for ways to cut corners!

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy my dear, I hope that he keeps it up. Sometimes he shocks me when he points out something that I have missed. But he still hates to do bills, he said that its punishment. LOL
My guess this guy won't do a damn thing about it. The thing is he has to learn from his problems and I doubt that he will unless it cause a lot of pain. Some people just have higher thresh holds for their own problems they cause. Not me, I like to try and head off problems. But that is the trait of an A personality. Good luck and I bet any money it will get to the point where he will be bunking up with you. You are a nice person and you will let him in the door. But you will do a little griping!

slugmama said...

"Good luck and I bet any money it will get to the point where he will be bunking up with you. You are a nice person and you will let him in the door. But you will do a little griping!"
I am nice don't know He will be the one to put his foot down about them moving in here. He's got a better plan....have BIL move in with his other brother. Neither of them seem to have enough money to support their lifestyles apart so have them move in together to share the expenses. We get BIL off our hands and out of our state to boot.hehehe That's a much nicer scenario for us and less stressful

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama-You are lucky that your hubs came up with the plan. It will be easier than if you did! I hate when things get messy in the family, there always seems to be a fight. So it seems like learning to take care of money was never taught in your hubs family.Just sayin'