Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello To All

I just want to say hi and that I haven't forgotten you. You all are on mind so much. I enjoyed the break and I have to admit that it is hard to get back into the schedule of writing. I've even stopped writing on my books. So I think I''m in a funk. Oh well, I'll get over it. It was just kind of crazy with Anna back and DJ home. It was chaos in every direction and I've learned that I LOVE quiet. Love my kids dearly but a cup of coffee in an empty house can be a gift from God.
It just felt as if the blog was an unpaid job and it was dragging on me. So now I'm really missing it and I think that will help get rid of that nagging feeling of having to write. I'm just not going to write everyday so that should help. And that way I hope that what I have to say will somehow be more important. I know that it may have felt that I didn't care or didn't want to be your friend anymore and that wasn't it. I just need to put the pen down to get my passion back. Please forgive me and I think that I have a way to show you just how much I care. But that little hint will be all that you get but it will be a huge thank you for being my friend.
And have I got the stories for you!!!
I love you and missed you,


Sheila said...

There you are. I've been worried about you. I would love to have an empty house if even for an hour or so!! I don't think I've ever been in this house totally alone since we moved here--can you say stir crazy? I hope things continue to improve for you. Good to "see" you!! Take care.

Annie Jones said...

Howdy! Glad you are back, even if it may not be every day.

I truly understand about enjoying the quiet. We just finished Christmas vacation, got three short days of school in, and now we have snow days...both Kat and Shane are home and I'm thinking about building an igloo and moving out. And you know how much I hate the cold!

Frances said...

You are back!! You are back!! I was SO excited to see a post from you that I haven't even read it yet. LOL!

SonyaAnn, I have missed you. (Well, I see you on FB, but you know what I mean.)

Now I will go read your post.

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, you have to look at your blog as fun writing and not feel you have to do it every day. Don't let it burn you out, just have fun with it. That is what I do.

Can't wait to hear how your holidays went.

slugmama said...



Yay YOU!!

As for the stories.....I can't WAIT!
*Sluggy sits with her face right up to the monitor, waiting for stories, rubs hands together with glee and claps them 3 times, and smiles broadly and waits some more......*

McVal said...

Hey! Good to hear from you! It's a snow day in Iowa so I don't even get to decide how I get to spend my lunch breaks. The kids do it for me...
I know what you mean about quiet.. and not getting it...
Looking forward to your Wicked Wednesdays again!

SonyaAnn said...

Sheila-I'm fine but I put myself in this funk. I thought by giving up writing that I'd have more time to do other things and "be Happy." And all that it did was make me not want to do anything. UGH, I'm an idiot!

SonyaAnn said...

ANNIE JONES-I MISSED YOU! I'm an ass but I think that has been established!
You don't have to live in an igloo you can live with me. ;)

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I've missed you TERRIBLE! It hurt a little.

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-Yes I have to do as Dr. Frances said!

Marilyn's Money said...

Welcome back, a bit worried about you!

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama-Yay, I feel your love!!! I really do. Just don't sit too close to the screen it is terrible for your eyes.

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-They won't let the kids out on a snow day for nothing here. If the roof caved in, they would just move them to an end of the school that was ok.
It was just kind of nuts having Anna back. Forgot how crazy she makes life.

SonyaAnn said...

Marilyn's Money-Thank you for the concern, I just needed to recharge and it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be!

Donna Freedman said...

I blame myself. I should have taken you someplace nicer than McDonald's last November. No doubt the nuggets short-circuited your cognitive functions.
Or maybe you were just overwhelmed by the toy in the Happy Meal. Either way, I bear some measure of responsibility.
Can you feel the waves of shame and self-loathing radiating from my core? No? Let me take off the tinfoil hat...How about now?

SonyaAnn said...

Donna Freedman-My dear, you are in the wrong field completely. You need to be a stand up comedian. But then we would have to worry that you couldn't withstand the drug temptations. Then I would feel a bit like I WAS responsible for your fall. OK, stay an MSN writer.

slugmama said...

Ok lady,
I had the same regression last Jan. when #1 son returned home from his 1st semester. What a dirty trick!! You get em off and away from home and get use to some peace and relative tranquility and BAM!-they land back on your doorstep for a whole freaking MONTH!
But this school year?
He was here one WEEK and they went back to western PA!
The secret?
He is in love and she lives out there near school AND he has a job over winter break at the camp he works at during the summer, which is also out by his college.
So he would rather live at the camp for 3 weeks and make money and get to see his girl than be home with me.
Ok, at first I was miffed and sad about it, but when I remember what last Jan. was like with him back laying around with nothing to do, giving me arguments, sleeping until 3pm!, using my car and gas, eating everything in sight, fighting with his siblings, etc......I got over myself real fast!lolol
So find Anna a job at school and a beau who lives near school.
Problem solved.... ;-)

Frances said...

I agree with Sluggy. The sooner you can get them to quit coming home, the better. LOL!

Well, until they have kids, then they can bring over the grandbabies for a visit.

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama-I like you thinking. Anna does a boyfriend and he is very responsible and a southern gentleman. So she is happier and more content. Den said he wonders how long before she drives min insane. lol
SHe is getting better. She wrote me a lovely card for my birthday about how grateful she is that I'm such a good mom. I may be dying and they haven't told me.
I'm glad that you are ok with your son's situation. They have to adjust and so do we.

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I just hope that she doesn't have kids any time soon!

Rene W. said...

Glad to see you back :) It's nice to be able to walk away for a while and get our lives back on track. I do it often, but then feel drawn to it when the time is right. Hope your inspiration continues :)

SonyaAnn said...

Rene W.-What a lovely comment! Thank you and I hope I stay inspired too!
Have a great weekend!