Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An Anna Update

I just want to let everyone know the list that we all came up with for Anna's dorm room was a success. She didn't need anything, at all. So if you have a child or know someone that is sending their kiddo away to school, print the list for them. I would also suggest to them/you to start gathering everything at least a year in advance. If you have enough time, nothing on the list should cost that much.
Anna also moved out of her old dorm room. Thank God! She likes her new roommate and they get along. But her new roomy did invite a few people over and some how Anna's Ipod was stolen. Anna thought she locked it up but they went through all of her stuff. So yeah, I have the odd feeling that I will be calling the school to have her moved. They made it a week together. I know you can blame Anna for not locking it up but I still feel bad for her. I told her to sew her computer to her thigh.
Anna also has a boyfriend. And Den actually likes him. We met him and he is very respectful. He walks Anna to and from class at night. So sweet. He also has a wicked sense of humor. Anna said that he would fit in well with us.
 This is him "posing" with a 4 foot python.
Mr. Python did not like this and bit his nose. I laughed VERY hard at him. His mother said he got exactly what he deserved.
My crazy life,
PS- And a big Happy 19th Birthday to my little Anna. I love you!


Sheila said...

Happy Birthday to Anna. That's too bad about the Ipod. I'm glad she got out of the other room--too bad this one isn't working out. I don't know that I'd blame Anna--that's her room--things should be safe there. I never did understand stealing things--I could never use something I stole--I'd feel too guilty. Of course, some people don't have the HUGE guilt gene that I do!! Cute boyfriend--I agree with his mom!! Hope you are having a lovely week. Take care.

SonyaAnn said...

Sheila-I couldn't steal either. I would never sleep again.
I'll tell Anna that you wished her a Happy Birthday. She will appreciate it. She is super happy because they canceled all classes at EIU today.

nicoleandmaggie said...

Yay new roommate! That sucks about the Ipod though. :(

Frances said...

Happy birthday, Anna!!

I just went back and reviewed your list. You could move into an apartment with that list. LOL!

Sorry to hear her ipod was stolen. As hubby says, "People are stupid." Referring to the thief, of course.

Mark said...

I think that the new boyfriend was acting naughty with the snake. No wonder it bit him.
When I was seven, I stole a piece of Bazooka from the Mom and Pop store down the street from my parents. I still feel guilty. Her Ipod is safe with me. Really safe because I don't even know how to turn on those things.
Happy 19th Anna!
Your Mom's Friend, m.

slugmama said...

First I must say Happy Birthday to a fellow Aquarian.....Yo! Hope your Day Rocks Anna!!

Everyone has shit stolen at college if you are a dorm rat. My precious clock radio alarm was stolen when I was a freshman...left my room for not 5 min. to run to the vending machine for a soda...didn't lock it and it was gone when I got back. It was the most valuable thing I owned at the time. The campus police was called...LOLOL...we believe it was a boyfriend of one of the gang of girls who lived on 3rd floor above us...bad eggs all around up there. They were the rich princesses and did shit like that for laughs, not that any of them needed the stuff or didn't have daddy's credit cards to buy anything they wanted.

People steal for lots of reasons....the thrill of getting away with something(kleptos), the envious, the want it and don't have the money for it people, the addicted who sell everything for drug/booze/gambling money, and the just plain evil people.

I will gladly come sew her computer to her thigh for you.....lol

I'm glad the RMFH(aka Room Mate From Hell)is history now.
Glad she found a nice normal guy.....at least the snake didn't take a chunk out of him somewhere else.lol

SonyaAnn said...

nicoleandmaggie-Thank you for coming to see me.
Have a great week!

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I'll tell Anna. It will make her day. I'm going to cut and paste all the birthday wishes for her.
And sweet knees is right. People just suck sometimes.

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-He did get what he deserved! I can't even imagine how hard the other guys laughed at him!
And I completely trust you with the ipod or anything else. I just couldn't steal. My karma would catch me and I would have a heart attack and die with it in my hands.
And I will tell Anna you said Happy Birthday. They canceled class so she is super happy.

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-I'll tell Anna. It will make her day.
I'm so sorry about your clock. I just hope that it catches up with the ass holes that do things like that. My karma is instant but it doesn't seem like the truly awful people ever get caught.
And my MIL said the same thing about the snake biting somewhere else!
I'm off to shovel white shit!

McVal said...

LOL! Somehow I feel like he'll fit right into the family!

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-You are so right that he fits in.
Have a great week.

Rene W. said...

eek! That looks scary! Happy Birthday to your Anna :) LOVE the list by the way - way to go!!

SonyaAnn said...

Rene W.-Thank you so much! Have a great day!

Donna Freedman said...

A "four-foot python"?
I hate it when guys name 'em.

SonyaAnn said...

Donna Freedman-HaHa!