Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I found the most inspiring site. Since it is getting a bit warmer around these parts, 40 degrees is a heat wave, I've been looking at a few things that I could plant around our humble yard. And then I found it... Urban Homestead. You just have to go there and see what they have done. I'm so impressed.
So if I dig up the front yard, do you think Den will notice?
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Annie Jones said...

You do know that this is the family that's causing all the problems over the urban homestead trademarking, don't you?

SonyaAnn said...

Yes, I know. I actually thought about taking it down but still think that is worth the read. Maybe I should ask permission or used the (R). LOL. Why do people shoot themselves in the foot like that?

Mark said...

Yes, I think it was Annie who posted awhile back about those people. And now I "Like" them on Facebook.
If you and Annie get into a tumble, please film it for me. I may be gay but I still love a good cat fight.
Just having fun, guys! I mean, I do love a good cat fight but I know that you two love each other.
Your Friend, m.

slugmama said...

"Why do people shoot themselves in the foot like that?"

Human hubris my dear, plain and simple.
With the swelling of the homesteading movement they have to protect their "brand"(In other words, their money generating abilities).

Americans feel a sick need to own stuff....even words.

Taking off my philosopher's hat now so I can go give the Focus Group my opinions on bathroom issues....talking about switching gears!?!?lol

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-You are crazy!!!! I probably won't get into a fight with Annie. But you never know about her.
And I must have missed that one on her blog about them.

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama-Why do people have to muck something up? It isn't as if they were the first ones ever to grow a few crops in the city.
Have fun at your group!

slugmama said...

SonyaAnn--This focus group stuff is sooo.....what's the word I want here?...."interesting".....either it really is interesting or it's "interesting" in ways they hadn't planned on.lol
At any rate, they are paying me to give them my opinion of stuff....I say, somebody wants to pay me to tell them what I think??? You mean I get to yammer on and they will actuall pay attention to what I say AND I get money to do it? It's a win/win for me!lolol
You should look into joining one of these outfits yourself....you can do it at odd hours/fit it into your life. Granted I don't get picked for many groups(this is the 3rd one I've been a "fit" for in about a yr. but I didn't do the 2nd one in the end)but it's easy money. Some are online and some are in person events.

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-Help a sista out and email me the info about it. I've been doing surveys online through a new company for about a week now. Maybe an hour a day, if they pay me I'm going to post about it so everyone can join. And you know me I love to talk!!!