Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Times are hard and everyone knows this but with the terrible things that have happened in Japan this is my little way of helping. We have made a generous donation to the American Red Cross. We have designated our funds for the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami. I would give out links but it is better for you to cut and paste Just to make sure that you are actually going to the actual site and not being scammed.
Swagbucks is now letting people donate their swagbucks to help Japan. Here is the link. I figure that using the link is ok for this. So if you don't have any money to give at this time, you could still give.
Also, at My Points you can cash in your points and donate to the Red Cross.
We are doing all three. I know that everyone wants to help even when we don't have much to give. So I thought that I would post about some alternatives. Also a prayer and/or a good vibe are top of the list.

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