Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not Playing Nice

So here is a good story! When we were in the Dells, the three idiots that I live with went apeshit over the fact that we would be able to watch TV for a night. Yes, I used the word apeshit. So I took their razzing with a smile (while I contemplated how I would dispose of their bodies) and sat back to watch TV while spread out on the bed. I was looking forward to it too but would die before telling them.
Den lovingly cradled the remote as he flipped through 50 gazillion channel. The three of them found a channel with a movie on it and all agreed that that would be acceptable. I was not asked if I would enjoy the movie because I don’t deserve a say. To them, I am the TV Nazi.
Within a few minutes, the commercials started. Hmmmmmm, they said nothing and then Den cradled and flipped around a bit more. They found a second movie that they could agree on and started to watch that one. And again with the commercials so he flipped back to the other movie.
Den mentioned that he had forgotten how annoying commercials were.
Now, as you all know I am the peacekeeper. I am known for being the one that plays nice with others. And I did hold my tongue for about fifteen minutes which I thought would be a record by most people’s standards. But then it just blurted out of me. “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE GOD DAMN KIDDING ME!” I yelled over the blaring TV. I have taken months of crap from those three over shutting the satellite off and what do they do! They chose two movies that we have on DVD! 
The ever right,


Mark said...

There are so many bad words on this post. My bleeding ears. It's like visiting with my parents, minus the smoke.
Have you ever just sat them all down and told them they you are always right and they are not?
Your Friend, m.

Annie Jones said...

I don't get the concept of watching a movie you've already seen. There are only a handful of movies that I've seen more than once. I have trouble sitting through a movie the first time, let alone time after time.

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-The sad thing is they aren't smart enough to grasp that concept yet. I just keep trying to drill it in. The poor things are on the simple side.

SonyaAnn said...

Annie-I don't mind rewatching something but since I'm not that into tv, I just leave. I have never felt a pull to just sit there for hours and hours even when I was a teenager.

Jane said...

If they would only take that as a given how simple life could be, Hah, stupid people!

SonyaAnn said...

Jane-Right if we started every conversation with Mom is right, everything would work!

Frances said...

Uh oh! I know the tv pull. I CAN sit and watch for hours.

When I don't spend 55 hours a week working and commuting, I might not watch so much.