Monday, June 6, 2011

The Queen and My Box

I like my life, mind, and closets all the same way-very organized and in neat, cute and easily stack-able boxes. Yes, I organize my mind in boxes. There are some dusty ones in back but it works for me. I also have a chalkboard in there that I use because I can't spell. I know, I need medication but that is how I think.
Nothing in my life is fitting in the boxes at this moment. I try never to start a project and walk away. This is happening at the moment. I'm an unorganized mess. I'm trying to be like Den and just let it go.(His letting it go means, I do it)((He isn't doing my work tho.))
This is our pool or as I like to refer to it-swamp muck. This was right after we pulled the tarp off that had failed us. The failing tarp is still in the yard. I never let this happen. Hopefully, it will blow into the neighbor's yard and I won't have to deal with it. I have also gone through all of the money that I set aside for the pool. Yes, an entire season's money gone in about a week. Grrrrr. But the good news is the water is now white not green. I'm fine with white water.

This is DJ and his BFF from a few years ago Halloween. They don't do Halloween anymore because they are too old. Breaks my little heart. Anyways, DJ is going to England this summer with Jordan. God save the Queen. How cool is it that I worked that in, I don't think that I have ever said that before! Anyways, he will be gone for three weeks. It should take me that long to scrub down his room and remove the boy funk smell. Back to the point of this, I have never booked an international flight so Jordan's dad Steve booked it. But nothing here is easy. He tried to book online and it didn't work and then had to book over the phone. DJ joked that by the time Steve was done he would have three seats. Haha, he has two now. Since money is no object it is just a funny joke. Steve fixed it and I didn't stress about that one.
So this is the disorganized life that I am now living.
Hoping your week is more organized,


Mark said...

Sorry for your cloudy mind. It's so funny how Den just "let's it go". I mean, can you imagine if you both "let it go"? Seriously, Fred not correcting the kids and not cleaning the house makes me have to do both of that even more. And then he says, "relax". And then the kids call me the mean one and he says "why do you got to be like that?" Where was I? I don't even know. Den just got me so pissed off right now it's not even funny. Glad to hear that your pool is back. I fought against a pool for a whole month and then last week, I lost that battle. Now it's full of pine needles and the grass in the back yard hasn't been cut since then. I never go back there. I sit in front where my lawn is pretty and I enjoy my wine. I hope my kids down't drown! If they do, you know I'll blame Fred. m.

McVal said...

I'm so sorry you're having an off week! May the wind pick up intensely or just intensely enough to blow that tarp into the next yard!

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-We are seriously married to the same man. I have often thought how Fred looks like Den. They just let everything go and we take care of it all. And then they don't understand why we are run ragged. And God forbid that we get on them to help. I mean it one day I'm going to leave all of them here and go to a nice sunny vacation spot and have someone take care of me for a while. Honest to God, they would kill each other!
I feel so close to you! And I am the mean one here, they call me Hoover-the fun sucker.

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-Thank you for the encouragement. I think the pool is on the upswing though. Den and I got into a fight and he took the filter apart for a second time and now it seems to be working. He is so bad. I said I think that it needs to be changed out again and he got mad. Then he went back and worked on the pool for 30 minutes and told me that it needed to be done again. GRRRRRR!

slugmama said...

I am still green with envy that DJ is going to England!
How unfair is life that at HIS age he gets to go and you have to sit home?

I think you should impersonate DJ onto the plane....

Our pool is still at swamp muck stage.
Relatives are expecting to swim in it on Friday and Saturday and the weather is going to be blistering hot still here, so Hubs is under much pressure to get 'er done.

SonyaAnn said...

Sluggy-I would love to go to England but not with him. It will be nice to have some peace and quiet here without him. I do feel kind of bad inflicting him on the kind English folks tho.
I'm at white water. I've had just about enough of the pools antics. I may need to do something drastic! Good luck with yours.