Monday, July 11, 2011

Bits and Pieces

 This is a pic of DJ, Jordan and Pauline in England. He made it with no problems and he said that everyone is very nice. This was the first thing that they did. Jordan's grandma took them grocery shopping so that she would have food for them. With two teenage boys in the house, I bet that won't last long!
I miss him but don't tell him I said that. It is so quiet and clean here, it's just wrong.
And a big thank you! Toby won!!!! I can tell how excited you are.
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Mark said...

I'm so excited that Toby won! I don't know why but I just like winners. Losers suck!
Anyway, I'm glad that DJ made it safely and all is well. I'm just starting to learn now how much teenage boys eat. John has already started and he's only 11. I hope that you had a great weekend! Tell Den that I said "hi"!

slugmama said...

Oh, I know you and your Sis-IL must be so proud of your respective offspring!

Make DJ keep track of what the English grandma feeds those strapping American lads. I'd be interested to see if she caters to their American teen boy diets or feeds them typical English fare.
I hope you warned DJ about "tea time"? How are his pinky and saucer skills?lol

McVal said...

He's doing great over there! Now you'll have to get a summer home there just so he won't have to adjust back to USA living...

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-He is a cute dog but neurotic like his owner.
Anna and DJ can wipe out a frig in no time. Good luck with four kids. I wouldn't start college funds, I would start food funds.
And I will tell him!

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-He is a cutie and I'm a bit proud.
I think that DJ is getting a mix of both. Jordan will eat anything so he is good and they stocked up on noodles and sauce for DJ is good. DJ is just having a problem ordering food. He ordered chicken kabobs and it ended up being a gyro. Got me on that one.

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-Or we could just leave him there. It's a thought.

Frances said...

I'm glad DJ made it safely. Hope Grandma is ready for the eating frenzy!

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-Well, they said DJ isn't eating much but Jordan is making up for it. So it evens out!