Monday, August 22, 2011

Customer Service

Did you ever feel as if a company's customer service left you in the dark? (Great tie in if I say so.) Den bought two things of mosquito spray for the yard. You know, the stuff you attach to the hose. And it wasn't cheap either. It was $16 for two bottles. I think that is a bit high considering A.) it was $6 a bottle weeks before 2.) it's poison, it shouldn't cost that much F.) the bottles are the size of Windex bottles, there should be a limit on how much you can charge for a bottle that size.
Fine, I will let it go that they were overcharging. That said even Den complained about the increase. And for him to notice anything to do with money, it must have been bad. LOL but true.
So he went out to spray the yard. The first bottle worked and the second didn't. The second bottle had crystals in it and clogged up the nozzle. He fought with it and fought with it all the while getting chewed by the mosquitoes. He tried to strain the crystals out but in the end, it just went to waste.
I called the company the next day-Cutter. I spoke with a very nice girl and she said that there were quite a few calls about this problem(crystals) and that she would send me a rebate form.
I thought it was all taken care of until I got the rebate form. Get this, I would have to buy more to get a rebate and it was only $2! I saved the bottle and the receipt so I could just submit that for the rebate but still that was an insult. I usually give people and companies the benefit of the doubt but this one irked me.
We won't be using their products anymore for starters. I understand that problems happen in the real world and the business world but still don't rip people off. I think they should replace it.
Any ideas,


Annie Jones said...

I agree. They should've sent you a coupon for a free bottle.

What is it with the 'squitos this year anyway. We've never had a problem with them in our yard before, but yesterday I got bit 9-10 times just while getting the laundry down off the line and I've even found two or three of them in the house!

Mark said...

I also agree. That is a ripoff! Maybe you should call again and go higher up. It won't hurt to try, right? Of course right!
And yeah, what is with the mosquitos this year. Annie's right. They are killing me. Well, actually not me since I hardly go outside but you should see all the bites on the poor kids. I blame Fred's pool for attracting them.
Happy Monday! m.

slugmama said...

How about you return the defective product to the store? Let them give you a new bottle.
If that won't work I'm with Mark(well, not literally) them again and go higher on the CS food chain. Unless it's a full price rebate, that's ridiculous!

And evidently y'all didn't get the memo about skeeters being abundant the same years that cucumbers take over gardens....

SonyaAnn said...

Annie-I was insulted by the $2 and its pretty hard to upset me. LOL
The damn squiters are out of control here. We are fighting a losing battle. I feel sorry for a friend of mine, she is allergic to the bites. One got her on the eyelid and it looked like she had been punched, it was so swollen.

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-Knowing me I will just piss and moan and do nothing. God, I should like such a guy!
So can I blame Fred for our Mosquito problem or should I blame Den?

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-LOL you aren't with Mark. I swear that I have the most witty friends! I love you all.
So should I blame your cukes or Fred for the mosquito problem? It has to be someone's fault!

slugmama said...

Go ahead and blame the government because in the end, they cause everything!
We could even get a good game of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon going on this issue.....Mmmmm....bacon......**Sluggy wanders off absentmindedly to find some bacon**

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-You are quite witty today. Could it be the lack of children?

Jill said...

Yes, definitely should have gotten a free bottle! Contact the better business bureau, corporate of the company and even local news channels investigate these things.
Good luck!


SonyaAnn said...

Jill-Wow, I need you on my side! Go get'em girl!