Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Your Opinion

This is a question for little ol' you. It seems as if the world is going to hell in a hand basket. I personally don't believe that this was/is a recession. It was/is a depression. And I actually have fact to back me up(who knew). This is an older article but is still very relevant. Basically, it talks about how the government calculates unemployment and how it has been changed to exclude discouraged workers. That cuts the unemployment numbers down dramatically.
Anyways, I was wondering what you think about it and what are you doing to prepare for another downturn?
Drinking doesn't count!
Just wondering,


Terry said...

Hi Sonya! I agree we never came out of the recession/depression. We are trying to limit our unnecessary expenditures, saving cash epwhere we can, and purchasing food at BJ to stock in the freezer when there is a good sale. I think that all of us need to pay down debt, save what we can...and do the best we can. Just my 2 cents...

SonyaAnn said...

Terry-It really doesn't feel as if it is getting easier, its getting much harder for us.
Thanks for your $.02!

slugmama said...

Recession? What recession?lol
Ok, I am obviously kidding.

Gov't. figures are NOT an accurate reflection of joblessness in this country and they never are/were.
The same way they tinker/monkey with how they calculate poverty levels in this country and the way they index a vast range of other financial indicators.

And their unemployment figures don't take into account all the folks who are now UNDERemployed(employed but making far less than before at a job that is demanding of their skills and learning)and are living on far less than they actually need to support their lifestyles.

And though living below your means and not spending unless it's a NEED and paying down debt with money previously used to buy WANTS is GREAT!, from a personal finance standpoint, all those dollars now used to pay down debt and not put back into the marketplace are horrible for an economic recovery in the short run and are making this recession/depression stretch out even longer.
So we(the country)are damned if we save/pay debt and we(individuals) are damned if we spend.

I think we just all need to drink more.

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-Did you read the article? It said that the numbers that they stuff down our throats are so messed up.
I really don't see how this is going to fix itself after even 5 years. I just don't see a way out.
We were paying down on our mortgage. It was quite a nice chunk but......
Our town and state has raised our taxes so much at this point that it is now all going for taxes. We have not been able to "find" more money to pay it down because of gas prices/food/water bills. Everything that can go up has. They just upped the water bill another $13 a month for nothing. There is nothing left to rob. And I honestly, don't feel like breaking the Mott bank to pay down this house. I'm just a bit tired of the grind!

Mark said...

Damn! I got nothing today. Can you believe it? I know, right? Usually I can come up with something or other and b.s. my way through a comment without anyone catching on that I have no idea what I'm talking about. I don't know. Maybe it's this shitty economy or the fact that I actually became a Democrat to vote against Hillary Clinton and then went on to vote for Obama against my better judgement and now I feel totally guilty for how crappy he's handling everything. But in my defense, Fred said that if I didn't vote for him, he would leave me. Fred, not Obama. And that's what I get for listening to a French guy. Seriously, have you seen how F-ed up France is! Honestly, those lazy bastards are on strike every other day. And in between, take four hours to drink a coffee. It's seriously retarded there. That said, we'll probably end up there one day. Would you come visit? Although you might have to help me drink my wine. Sadly, I don't think they have any box wine so we'll just have to muster though. But we're tough, we're Americans, dammit! Which brings me back to our economy. Yeah, everything you wrote is true. Thank God that Fred and I still have jobs but his may not last forever and just this a.m., our secret Attorney emailed an invoice to us for almost 4 grand. Yikes! Oh well, there goes that new camera that I wanted. I've been looking at the Canon 60Ds. They are so cool and they come with a video feature. I'm not sure I would use it but I'd like to think I would.
Anyway, once again, I'm sorry that I have nothing to contribute today. I really don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe it's because I didn't get my Keurig delivery until 1PM when I was totally fading. I guess it all went down hill after that. So, my apologies for not coming up with a witty comment today. There is always tomorrow.
Your Friend, m.

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-You really, really need to quit you day job and be a writer or a comedian. I know that you have always aspired to be a porn star but I think that you might me better suited in writing. Although, I would defiantly watch any porn that you made and I would post a link to it. The quality of this blog has gone down hill for some time now. Not that it bothers me, I'm just saying. Well, not that you wouldn't make a high quality porno, it would be porn all the same. We will just rename you Mark Holmes. And trust me all the ladies here will be looking.
Anyways, what were we talking about? Oh yes, the economy. It sucks but I think that you said that. But to be honest, I don't vote. Appalling but true. When our votes count I promise I will vote. I have issues with the electoral college. If a prez can be elected without anyone voting, what is the point? I personally think that its all rigged. And I put that in writing!
And so you know, I lie awake at night wondering about your "secret" lawyer. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if I could work it into a book.
I have no comment on the French. Oui, oui.
Sorry I couldn't think of anything to say either.

A.Marie said...

Darn, no drinking allowed...I have always saved that option as a viable last option....LOL ;)

Anyway, I can't say anything about the article because I haven't read it. But, I am going to go right now and read it. Because, I'm with you. I nce heard someone say that a recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job. Ummmm....I'm thinking that we're at the depression stage....but that's just my 2 cents worth.....

slugmama said...

Poor Mark....he is just one of many who are experiencing "Obama Morning After Syndrome". It's like when you wake up after a bad night of partying/drunk off your ass and realize, "What the hell was I thinking!".lol
And are you surprised the French are so f-ed up?....they start going on strike as students and continue on through life that way.

But Fred will never leave you, he can't!
He would have to stop buying out Amazon & all the other online stores if he did.lol
And if you weren't there, we'd see him on a future episode of Hoarders buried under 6 ft. rusty paella pans and shattered fish tanks and torn
trampolines, and etc. since he never throws anything away, right?lol

$4 grand for legal work? He is either buying a baby, a house or a yacht.

SonyaAnn said...

A.Marie-I always keep drink as an option too.
I have heard that recession/depression joke before. And I think that it is true. But that said, I think that it is a depression. I just wonder if we will ever recover.

Frances said...

I don't have a lot to contribute as honestly we don't feel that affected by the recession/depression. Well, my retirement funds have been vastly depleted, but it will be so long until I retire that I have faith it will recover. After all, I really haven't lost any money if I don't cash it out.

I guess we already lived frugally enough that we manage not matter what the economy is like.

And I, for one, will be waiting for Mark's first porn video. Yep, I will watch.

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I don't know I guess I was just having a bad day when I wrote this. They upped our water bill again. It just seems every positive step I take someone yanks me back. But I'm glad you are alright!