Thursday, September 15, 2011

Christmas Experiments

 This is Den's little experiment. Remember the chive vinegar, it is a huge hit here. Den wants to try and make basil vinegar.
And this is what it looks like. I'm not sure if this one will work or not, I will keep you posted. He wants to make little gift baskets for Christmas instead of the little gifts that I get right after Christmas. One guess who's will be cheaper? And one guess as to who's will be better? Making gifts will bring us closer together, right?
I've sort of got $239 saved for Christmas. I spent $30 on gift cards so I'm not sure how to keep count. I got a really good-deal-half off!
I think that I will keep posting how much money that I have even if I spend a bit from the pot. So $239 for free isn't bad! I also have close to $350 from my credit card. I have 3 gift cards coming from My Points. I also, changed energy companies so I have a $50 gift card coming and a $10 gift card from Bank of America. BofA sent me a thank you note and said call them for a free gift card. But I'm not counting any of that until it's in my cheap little hands. But this may be why they sent it.
I wrote before about how my Marathon credit card gave me 5% back in the form of a gas card. Well that went bye-bye. I did find another credit card that will give me 5% back but it took 3 days of searching to find one that would fit our needs. It's a BP credit card. The bad thing is BP is a bit more pricey but we get better gas mileage with them so I hope that it will be a wash. The good thing is they give gas cards and cash as rewards. I think that my Christmas fund will be full much faster this year. And I bet that next year will be completely free and that is my goal!!! I'm doing the cheap happy dance!
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Mark Himes said...

Don't experiment with Christmas! You'll make the baby Jesus cry.

slugmama said...

Oh I know how you can make Christmas totally FREE this year?
Go ahead.....ask me!
Your family and friends won't like the answer tho.lolol

I get nervous when you use "experiment" and "Christmas" in the same sentence. We have seen how your experiments turn out. ;-)
Since Den is at the helm on this one I can breath a little easier.

Boo BP! Need I say why?lol
Boo BOA! Though they did pay back the TARP $. It's easy when you just soak your customers to get funds to pay your

I'll shut up now except to say that I have confidence in your ability to make Christmas happen on the cheap if not free!!!

Jane said...

When I saw the green stuff you were growing I groaned thinking about your previous attempts (think celery!) But the basil looks very healthy - how exactly do you make vinegar out of it?

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-laughing out loud!

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-Everyone should get nervous over Christmas and food experiments when I am involved and/or growing part of it. The only time anyone is relieved when Den is in charge, it when he is cooking. Don't leave him in charge of the checkbook!
And I will keep you posted if it works out.

SonyaAnn said...

Jane-I have just made a mess of so many different plants, it is sickening! You can worry for me and my plants!
It's just like making chive vinegar, you pour vinegar over the basil tops. Leave it in a dark place for a month. That's it. It really does change the flavor too, it is wonderful!

Frances said...

I think your vinegar will turn out wonderful! Good for you on making a good headway on Christmas funds. I think you are doing great!

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-Thank you! I just wish that we had more in the fund. It would be nice if I had all of the money but alas, it ain't gunna happen.