Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Boring Little Life

Things are as calm as I can get them. Anna is having a better time at college. She has a wonderful roommate that isn't having sex with everything that isn't nailed down so I don't have the drama there. She is still in the honors college. She wants to be a special ed teacher. She is going to need a lot more school. She wants her masters at least. SIGH. She also thinks that she found a job. It's working at a home for adults with special needs. She did work one summer with special needs kids so she thinks that will help her get the job. Fingers crossed.
DJ is doing well, he is in all honors classes and Northwestern University said that he can start taking college courses. He won't earn high school credits just college credits. I think we are going to wait one year before he takes a class. His high school guidance counselor thinks that he might be overloaded without the college course. So he is going to take the prep class for the ACT and see if he can't get a higher score than when he took it in 8th grade and then go from there.
And poor Den is panicking. He keeps saying that we should never have pushed the kids to "be smart." Haha. Also, if Anna gets that job it is off campus and she would have to work at night. Den about had a stroke. He said, "Well just great now she has to have a car." I said, "No, she can walk." Den-"If anything ever happened to her, I couldn't live with myself." He does love her, he just worries too much. If she does get the job, I think that we will let her take her car down there. But Den has a problem with that too. He thinks her car is too old and wants to give her his car. That was pretty sweet of him. I'm sure that we will figure something out. The only real problem with giving Anna the white car is that DJ won't have a car. Anna got the car in high school if she stayed on the honor roll. I can't do for one and not the other. DJ did say that he didn't want to pay $140ish a month for car insurance. I told him that that is the deal. He said he wants to drive and not pay. Don't we all!
And that's it for my life,


slugmama said...

Don't you love having a drama free interlude in your life?lol

Ok, Miss Anna needs to get an actual job teaching before she goes and spends $$ for a Master's. Most schools will pay for or at least pay part of you getting your advanced degree. They consider that continuing professional advancement/education. Most school unions have it as part of their contract. Don't let her talk you into paying for her Master's, ya hear? ;-)

Ask Den if he'd rather have his kids be dumb and have to support them until he croaks?lol

Now if DJ takes college classes, how will he finish his high school requirements if the college classes don't count for that too? It is too early for me to think this hard....

Welcome to the Boring World my dear!
Sit down, enjoy the view in my world and have a drink....or 3.....

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-Drama just seems to be following me lately!
One of Anna's favorite teachers told her to get her masters before she even tried to get a job. He said it was the best way to get hired since there are a lot more people fighting for open positions. Hmmmmm.
And I'm so not paying for it. Miss. Anna is going to leave school with some debt. The school has a pretty good masters program and my SIL got her masters for free by getting a job on campus. Anna is going to look into something like that.
And if Dennis doesn't stop pushing all of my buttons, I'm leaving him with these pain in the ass kids. I'll get even with them all. LOL
DJ would have to take college courses and high school classes at the same time. The college classes are online.
See I almost have a plan and it doesn't involve murder.

Mark said...

I want smart kids too!
Is it genetic or did you drill them for hours on end day after day for years and years? Some of their smartitude must have come from you, right?

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-Think Tiger Mother! Well not quite that bad but I did tape Anna's report card to the door for everyone to see. She decided in 4th grade that she was too popular for homework. I told her if that was the best that she could do then she had nothing to be ashamed of. It stayed there for weeks. I also got daily reports from the teacher after that. She laughs about it now, not then.

slugmama said...

Well if you ever get fed up enough to leave em all, you can come here. My house will be child-free about the time yours will tho...maybe we should BOTH run off together!

#1 son's teacher told him the oppose of Anna's teacher....get the job THEN have them pay for the advanced degree.
At this rate tho(the lack of jobs for new graduates)he might be getting the degree BEFORE the job tho... 8-(

Taking college classes AND high school ones sounds tough...at least time consuming. Just make sure if he takes any that the CREDITS TRANSFER to wherever he ends up attending. Very important.....but you know that already.

Jane said...

I keep telling myself "boring is ok, boring is ok" but I crave excitement and drama...however, Kazi just announced she has a new boyfriend so I'm sure there'll be some drama coming up soon!
Enjoy having smart kids - it sure beats the alternative!!

Jill said...

Great job to both of your kids for pursuing their goals! Wonderful career choice for Anna, they so need caring dedicated people. I went through this stage as well and almost became an intepreter for the deaf, but found my true love in teaching. :-) I wish her all the very best!


SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-I really don't know if there is any good advise for the kids in school now. A lot of parents are talking about trade school for their kids. I can't say that it is a bad idea either.
I have no idea what DJ is doing. We are just taking baby steps. He has to get a higher ACT and then talk to Northwestern.
Maybe my life isn't so boring.

SonyaAnn said...

Jane-The quiet never lasts. LOL
I hope that you like Kazi's new boyfriend.

SonyaAnn said...

Jill-If she has any questions, I send her your way. She seems super happy about the way that things are going.
Have a great day!

McVal said...

oH MY poor dear!!! I hear ya!!! Well. let me just say that if you don't let them have a car, they will move back home for good.
just sayin'.

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-I think that you just made a decision for us!!!!

Frances said...

We didn't give our kids cars and they still moved out. Maybe because we didn't give them cars. LOL!

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I think we should have followed your plan!