Monday, October 3, 2011

Number Crunching

This mess is enough to make your head spin unless you are sluggy and then you aren't able to contain your joy!
I'm going to give you the numbers and a quick run down of the problem and lets put our heads together for the sake of SonyaAnna's checkbook.
Long and short of it-Anna needs a car. We were going to see if she could make it without one but it is just too hard. We are going to give her the 1999 Lumina. That is the car that we promised DJ. I've never treated them differently but I don't see that we have a choice. Another problem is if DJ kept the car his monthly insurance would be over $200/month. When Anna had it, it was $100/month.  She was able to pay it by cleaning her great grandfather's house. There is just no way, even with birthday money, that DJ could come up with $2400/yr. I feel like a shitty parent but I can't think of a way to fix this one.
I played with the numbers for a while seeing if we got Anna her own policy and then we only had 2 cars. That way DJ wouldn't be a primary driver. It all worked out within a few dollars. Hours of crunching and it got me nowhere. Anyways here are the numbers.
We are paying $189 a month now. When DJ gets his license, it will add another $115 a month. So that is $304 a month. If I did drop Anna and got her her own policy, it would be $292(ish). I know that I would save $144 year but our current policy is going to drop once the car is moved to EIU(safer there than here). So I'm going to leave it until I get the final numbers.
Anywho, here is my question to you. How can I make this more fair to DJ? What part of the insurance should Anna have to pay? She is driving it so why should he get stuck with the bill? It would be $50/month for him if we gave her the car and she had her own policy. But why should she have to pay more because he has testicles?
This is really bothering me. They both should pay but DJ won't have a car like his sister. I've always been completely fair with them both but this time I don't see it happening.
Make me feel like a better parent,
PS-This is what Anna is doing at college. Maybe we should just let her drive the cardboard car and leave it at that.


McVal said...

:) What kind of class is she in?!
My parents had 7 kids when I was home. They adopted one later. However... if we wanted to go to college, we had to pay our own way. There was NO WAY they could help out. If we wanted a car, we had to get a job and pay for it. I've been working various jobs since I was 15...
I would love to have helped my son pay for college, but he hates deadlines or homework of any kind and gets distracted easily... aka girls. So that would have been a huge waste of money. He can go part time when he's ready.
I'm just hoping that my middle child gets a full ride scholarship somewhere. She's smart and on task. So here's hoping.
Is there any work study that Anna is eligible for? Or a part time job around campus that she can work?

slugmama said...

I'll try to contain my joy here!lol

Sometimes you just can't do equally for each kid, that's life.
Who NEEDS the car?
If DJ is taking the college courses and Anna is living on campus and does not have an off-campus job, I say DJ needs the car more.
If DJ is just wanting the car to drive around and do the teenage stuff and Anna has commuting to do(for jobs and/or classes)then Anna needs the car more.

You need to sit them down and explain that car insurance is crazy expensive for anyone under 25 yrs old....and even worse if you have to designate someone under 25 yrs old as the primary driver so you can't afford to cover both of them as primaries on 2 diff. cars.
Let them come up with ideas to make this fair since they are the ones who it will affect.

We had 1 teen car. The rule was you got to use it while at home(the one needing it for work or commuting got first dibs each day), you can't take it to college when you go, since you live on campus.
Since our car was totaled in May we don't have a spare car. #2 gets his permit this Feb. After he gets his full-on license AND gets a parttime job, we'll decide about whether to get another car since just insuring 3 under 25 on our policy will be a killer in and of it self. The added cost of a 3rd car might just be too much for us. If so, he will use one of our cars for work and his marching band extracurricula activities. The days he needs the car, Hubs will take my minivan and he can drive Hubs car since no kid wants to be seen in a mom

Sorry I am not much help but if Anna is NOT working off campus, she is behind DJ in need of a car if you want to be fair. DJ should get the shot at the use of the car while in high school like she got when in high school.
Remember if you give her a car now in college, you are setting precedent and when DJ gets to college he/you will expect the same treatment then too.

It's time Anna got more independent financially from you.
Wean her from your insurance. It starts when you take em off the breast for the 1st time and never stops, ya know?lol

Good luck!! This is a big issue for us midlife moms with multiple teens/young adults.

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-I had to laugh when I saw that pic. I will always have to worry about that one.
If your daughter continues the way that she is going, she will get something.
We weren't even thinking about sending the car to Anna but it looks like she may have a job off campus and would have to walk late at night. That made Den nuts.
It is always something.

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-Contain, contain!
Anna might have a job off campus and that's when the white car would go live with her. She would have to walk late at night and its a few miles. I begged her to get something on campus but this would be working with special needs adults. And it is something that she loves. So I wouldn't want her to say no. But Den may quit his job and walk her back and forth. His daughter can't be in harms way. He was a little upset and has been working on the car.
I talked to DJ and he reminded me that he hates to part with money and is fine driving the van and keeping his $200/month. He really is CAREFUL with his money. He may be your child. LOL
I think that splitting the bill between them might be the best way to handle this. But it is still up in the air. If Anna doesn't get the job, the car stays here and DJ parts with his money. He may have a breakdown.

slugmama said...

Actually I really do think DJ is Your and My Love Child.....seriously!.....!!
I'll shut up now before Mark drops a rectal plate laughing at the thought of that!

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-I'm proud of our child!

slugmama said...

Re:our love child....I'm proud too!
I just wish the careful with their money child lived HERE instead of the "money is no object" one I have!!lol

How about a Vespa instead of a car?
Ok, so there is that weather thing but still!....they'd have to catch her first so she'd be

Splitting the bill sounds like the best you can hope for.
Unless you want to go find a new cheaper car insurance company.

I am about to go off on a rant on insurance companies btw....after my last 2 experiences with em.grrrr

D.Lynn said...

Hi All,
Been missing you guys - family medical emergency but I now have a new grandson to show for it (early, but healthy and stronger every day).
Anyway, I have a daughter in college so I feel I can contribute intelligently here. I get that jobs aren't always easy to come by but I'm thinking that Anna needs to narrow her search to one on campus. Besides insurance, there's the campus parking permit (can be several hundred dollars a year), etc. In all honesty, the less mobility they have (esp the first year, the better). This is their first taste of freedom and regardless of their age, there's going to be drinking and such and keeping them on hoof or the bus isn't such a bad thing. That's another point... most colleges have very good transit systems. My daughter is at WSU and they have a Women's Transit System which has volunteer women drivers to pick up gals (albeit on campus I think) and get them home safe at night. The next year, we did get her a scooter and although it was a weather permitting thing, she loved it. BTW, she is just now starting her senior year. She continued with the on campus job and it now the manager of the campus computer lab. She has real job skills and references to take with her once she graduates.
Whew! Guess I was making up for lost time :) Hugs~

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-How about I sen DJ to you and then maybe having one of each kind of boy will even everything out in your household? I'm all for it and then you can figure out this mess.
Trust me I checked out every insurance company that I could find. This is the cheapest that I can find.
His testicles are the problem! I said that I could fix the problem with a spoon and butter knife. He once again declined my help. What is it with these kids?

SonyaAnn said...

D.Lynn-I missed you! I wish you had a blog so that would would be easier to stalk you. And yes, that was a huge HINT!
I'm glad to hear about the addition to your family. Congratulations.
And the thing is I agree with everyone here on this subject of the car. I'm playing both sides of the fence. It's a terrible thing to do. I just want to make sure that we make the best decision. And I think that her getting a job on campus is the best thing. It would help us all out and then I wouldn't be on the hook to give DJ a car in college.
She says that she wants to stay at EIU for the summer because the jobs are easier to come by. I thought that she could get a small job on campus and get free room and board and then get a full time job to make more money. I joked that I;m going to send DJ down there for a job this summer too. Honestly, there are people with their degrees fighting for jobs at Six Flags in Gurnee. It's a sin.
Thank you for stopping over and letting me know what was going on in your world. Now start a blog!