Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So SonyaAnn, what did you do today? Oh gee thanks for asking, I processed a stupid amount of carrots. I bet you are sorry that you asked. I peeled 11 pounds of carrots. My hands looked as if I got into a terrible fight and lost with a can of cheap sunless tanning lotion. 
 I saved a lot of the peels for Jessie's food and I bet the bitch won't even say thank you.
 This is what 11 pounds of coined carrots looks like. I know this is the highlight of your day!
 This is the last of the sad tomato harvest. We have gotten about 10 edible tomatoes this entire season. I'm hoping that a few of these babies will survive to give us maybe 15 for the year. I think our average spent is about $1 a tomato between the plants, food and the rotten corn to hold it up. Tomatoes are on sale here for $.49 a pound. And the store tomatoes taste better too.
DJ offered to throw them on the ground to watch them splat. I said no but it is still an option.
But it did work putting a green tomato in a brown paper bag. That baby there is number 10! I will put a few more of the green tomatoes in bags once we get back from Vegas. And I know nothing will eat them if I leave them outside because in all honesty, we don't want them either.
Here is wishing that you never have to eat anything I grow,


slugmama said...

Later this week I'll be "processing" celery and red bell peppers, so you won't get any strange looks from me for doing this.lol

The flooding took out most of my tomatoes....sigh

I'd give up on the corn front tho.....that was just so sad.....lol

Mark said...

Wow, you really know how to party. Wild woman!

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-I wish I had more to process but I'm out of room. I changed everything around in the freezers. You would think that I would have more room!

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-That's how I roll!

Frances said...

I wanted to see a pic of the pruny orange hands. LOL!

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I wish that I could repeat this one!