Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anna Get The Hell Out by Frances Part 2

It seems like yesterday that Frances was suggesting that Anna get the Hell out. Well not really but it was a bit of fun to blame her. Anna's senior year(it doesn't seem that long ago does it) we all came up with a list of things that Anna would need for her dorm. Here's where the fun all started and here is the finished list. The list that we came up with is the most complete that I have seen and I can say that the only thing that we had to go to the store for after we moved Anna in was food. From what I understand that is unheard of, everyone usually makes a few trips to Walmart to get the forgotten items.
Anyways, I'm here because I need your assistance again. Anna researched an apartment. She actually came to me with figures, which in itself is shocking! She is not a numbers kind of girl. She and her current roommate Becca(she is actually sane, on the dean's list, and responsible. I never thought it could happen and that Anna wouldn't drive her mad) are going to rent an apartment. I wasn't real sold on this but the apartment borders the school property and still uses EIU's security. It is also $2000 a year cheaper even with food and utilities. Hey, did I tell you that it was $2000 a year cheaper. That was a good selling point. She will have the apartment for 11.5 months instead of the 9 months she is in the dorm. She said that she might stay down there and work this summer if she can find a job for 40+hrs a week. Anyways, the apartment is furnished with a couple of beds and dressers, a kitchen table, and a couple of couches. That's about it. So if you don't mind do you think that we could put out heads together and come up with another list since we are so good at it. I figure that we can break it down by each room.
Living room-
I figure since I have 9 months and a generous family, I can get most of this stuff for her for free. Thank you so much and I'll post the list when we finish to help anyone else that has college students that are just starting out.
Have I told you lately that I love you,
Frances-I didn't steal your picture, I just borrowed. 


Mark said...

I think I'll just sit back and take notes on this one. With four kids, I'm sure at least one of them might go to college.
Can't wait to see the list.

slugmama said...

LOL....I have to laugh because my daughter is currently pulling the same "apt. for next year" deal on me!

Where she goes, they rent per semester not per month and though it looks a little cheaper after security deposits, etc. I'd only say about $100 a semester.lol

I've got a couple of things you need to work out with this....
1-the lease....do they sign 1 lease or do they have separate ones? If one of them backs out, is the other one left holding the rent payment?
2-Since it's not fully furnished, what are you going to do if she has to vacate for that 1/2 month? What happens if she can't find a summer job there? What's the deal with an 11.5 month lease?lol

But for $2K a yr. savings I'd certainly look into it seriously!

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-Your questions were the first ones that I asked!
1)They have separate leases. If the other girl backs out, it's on her. Anna said she would try and find someone that she would like to live with to help Becca out. But the bill would be the girls not ours.
2)They use the 2 weeks to clean and get ready for the next renters. If she wants to stay for another year, the 2 weeks are hers. The nice thing will be that we can move her out and not have to fight with all the other parents to get their kids in the dorm. We were lucky because Anna was an honor student so they let them move in early but it was still busy.
My MIL went and looked at it and was impressed. She said it was really clean and newer. She said it was much better than the run down and depressing dorm rooms. Anna said that some of the alumni came to look at the rooms and the one woman said nothing had been changed in 25 years. Sad!
I have no idea about the job. She might get one her or there. She seems to be getting it a bit more lately so I hope she realizes how desperate her situation is. LOL

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-What if all four go?

Jill said...

Good luck with everything! I have a few more years yet before that worrying starts! LOl Have a great week!


SonyaAnn said...

Jill-thanks! Start collecting now, lol!

Frances said...

$2000 is a good saving, though it may not be that much in the long run, since you will have to provide so much stuff. Thank goodness you have 9 months to prepare. I would say that Christmas and birthday gifts are taken care of for a while. LOL!

And you can borrow my pic and my philosophy on child rearing any time.

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I'm not normally this confident but I think that we can get all of the stuff for free. All of our family and friends I've told seemed more than happy to dejunk their house for the "cause."