Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meet Me Under the

He seems a bit shaved. Enough said.
So I think that this will be my last post on my disappointing Christmas spread. I don't think that we will be buying anything else(fingers crossed). Notice that I am now using the word we-I'm hoping to place the blame on Den a bit. It's good for him, it builds character and he has a ton of it!!!
Here is what I have had come in/bought...........................
8 packs of Magic cards($29.03)
1 $30 Walmart GC(paid $20)
3 $15 Walmart GC(paid $15 each)
2 $20 Walmart GC(paid $20 each)
2 $50 Walmart GC(paid $50 each)
3 $25 Walmart GC(paid $25 each)
2 $10 Papa John GC(paid $5 each)
And here is what the complete list looks like...................

1 $30 Walmart GC(paid $20)
3 $15 Walmart GC(paid $15 each)
2 $20 Walmart GC(paid $20 each)
2 $50 Walmart GC(paid $50 each)
3 $25 Walmart GC(paid $25 each)1 $25 Outback Steak house G.C.(paid $23)
1 $50 Macy's G.C.(paid $46.50)
1 $25 Game Stop G.C.(paid $22.50)
1 $25 Bass Pro G.C.(paid $25)
1 $10 Panera G.C.(free from My points)
6 $10 Papa John's G.C.(paid $5)
2-$20 G.C. Chili's(paid $10 each)
2 $25G.C  Boston Market(paid $15 each)
4 $15 Rain Forest G.C. (paid $7.50 each)
5 $10 On the Border/Chili's/Macaroni Grill/Maggiano's G.C.(paid $5 each)
1 $25 GameStop G.C(free)
1 $25 Omaha Steak G.C( free from My Points)
1 $25 Omaha Steak gift card for $21.25 
1 $100 Rome Hotel G.C(paid $100 but got a free night coupon with $80!)
7 $10 Ulta G.C.(paid $10 each)
1 $10 Steak and Shake G.C. ($5.99)
1 $50 Target GC(paid $50)
1 $25 Micheals GC(paid $25)
1 $25 Sports Authority GC(Paid $25)
1 $20 Payless GC(Paid $20)
1 $25 Macy GC(Paid $25)
1 $25 Game Stop GC(paid $25)
1 $25 Ihop GC(paid $25)
1 $25 Old Navy GC(paid $25)
8 $12 movie tickets($6.75 each)(total 54)
1 $25 Olive Garden G.C. (free)
4 $10 Subway G.C.($5 each)
1 $15 Auto Zone G.C.(free)
1 $10 Burger King G.C($6.99)
1 $10 Target G.C(free)
1 $4 LA Tan (worth $15. 73% off)
1 $12 LA Tan (worth $30. 60% off)
3 complexion towels(paid $3.75each was $5)
2 eye makeup kits(BOGO half off-So the 1st was $4.99 the 2nd was $2.50)
1 pedicure kit(paid$10)
Seasons 1 &2 of Heroes-used(paid $6.87 for both) new from Walmart$10 a season.
1 Disney Movie(worth $28.99, free from Disney Movie rewards)
2 kids tents for $32.23($40 worth of tents but had a $10 off coupon)
1 Sports Illustrated subscription for $2
1 Time magazine subscription for $2
2 lg wooden puzzles $5each. $10 for both
8 packs of Magic cards($29.03)1 foam activity $9.99.
8 wood catapults $.79 each. $6.32
4 race cars $1 each. $4
2 wood puzzles $1 each.$2
1 paint poster $1
1 plaster magnet $1.
1 tissue paper kit $1
1 Melissa and Doug decorate your own race car(not impressed) for $6.20 was $17.19, 69% savings
1 Melissa and Doug decorate your own train(still not impressed) for $6.20 was $17.19, 69% savings
1 Radio Flyer scooter for $33.20 was $65.99, 49% savings
1 doodle track car set for $11.83 was $14.95, 21% savings
1 baby football(paid $5.99)
1 bath set(paid $8.50)
$28.53 for candy for the owner of Den's company
Plus all of the stuff in the gift closet from Cracker Barrel. That goes something like this...................
8 Light up ceramic car(4.50 each)
3 Xmas Stocking, dish towel, door hanger set thingy($3.90 each set)
2 Xmas Angel($4.50 each)
4 kids Xmas purses ($2.40 each)
2 silver Xmas tree($5.40 each)
1 lg Santa($9.00)
6 Xmas frame($3.00 each)
1 Xmas platter($5.40)

I've paid $1414.78 for all of the above, if I had paid full price it would have been $3136.85. I've made $863.50 in free money not including free gift cards and free gifts. So I've paid $551.28 out of our pocket for Christmas. This is huge for me. I've cut two-thirds off of our Christmas bill and I'm still getting to give to everyone. I feel really inspired to do better next year. I'm at 55% savings.
I didn't say anything before but Den won in Vegas. We came back with $750 and paid for everything while we were in Vegas. He was on fire. I used that money to pay for Christmas. So figure the costs from there.
I'm excited to start writing about what I have planned for Christmas 2012. I have such big ideas. I just want to show that you can still give(which is soooo important to me) and can get the costs way down.
Thanks for coming to see me,


Jane said...

It took a few seconds for the picture to load and when it did I suddenly found myself blinking really hard! Don't you know that first thing in the morning is when most heart attacks occur? Good thing I had my nitroglycerine handy!!

SonyaAnn said...

Jane-One day I really am going to get into trouble for all that I post. I need help.

Mark said...

Ewww! I'm not kissing anything under that mistletoe.

McVal said...

So... Did he get a manzilian wax done and it's been a little while since??
But Great job on your gift stuff! I AM impressed. And want on your list.

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-I thought that it was nicely coiffed. You complainer.

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-Send me your address! God only knows what you will get tho.

Sheila said...

Yes you definitely put a lot of work into that gift list. You saved a lot! I too am very impressed. Perhaps you should post all these deals you find along the way ;)

Mr. Mistletoe isn't as impressive...he just isn't doing it for me. Bring the white T shirt guy back!

SonyaAnn said...

Sheila-You guessed what I'm going to do next year. I'm going to post what I'm doing along the way. It's just going to take a lot more of my time. I have plenty, right?
I have to say that I'm still stuck on Brad.

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, I am really proud of your savings! And the fact that Den did so well in Vegas that is paid for your trip and Christmas is amazing! I think you both are on fire!

slugmama said...

how many are on your gift list anyway?
I know you said once but I can't recall...especially with that picture staring at

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I may set Den on fire. LOL. we are making cookies and it isn't a joyous occasion.

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-75 are on our list. The crappy thing is my side decided not to like me anymore and I don't think that we are exchanging now. I haven't spoken to them since the Wedding. I have a crappy family. We didn't do enough for my brother so they are all pissed. My guess is my mother won't even send my kids a Christmas card. And this is why I hate the holidays. LOL and turning 40 isn't helping me either.

slugmama said...

Good Lord Woman! You didn't do enough for them?! What do they think you are, the Rockefellers!?lol

This is why I hate destination weddings. You are expected to pay to get there and pay to stay somewhere and eat for god knows how many days!, wear/buy nice clothes AND give the happy couple a gift of top of all that!....even tho your being at the event should be gift enough.

I'm sorry about the craptastic family....been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
Let's both divorce our families...would be a hell of a lot cheaper in the long

So what's the plan for those gifts? Can you return them? I say sell 'em on eBay and take the cash and go take another trip to Vegas...woohoo!

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-I love you. I mean that. They are pretty bad. My son hasn't been in there house since he was in 3rd grade and he is a sophomore. They live 10 minutes from here. They had 3 kids but only claim 2. And I'm not kidding, its very weird. And yes, we both have matching dysfunction tees.
There is a ton of gift cards that I think I will regift or use. That would take a nice chunk off of the birthday fund that I have to fund.(I may throw that money into the Vegas fund. I do have free tix and all! Thanks that helped!)I'm going to wrap them all just in case but I'm not holding my breath. Den said that they only call when they want something. Last time I saw my brother was when he wanted his car worked on. Den is sick of it. It is kind of shitty though that they could afford to pay to have their hairdresser flown to Vegas to do their hair but can't sent just a card for my kids for Christmas. I just smile and have another drink. LOL