Monday, March 12, 2012

Just my worthless thoughts

Yahoo has a new series out about "Remaking America." I like it. I think that it offers hope and is giving people useful tools to find a job. It's much better than some of the other crap that they write-like this credit card ad meant to be informative.
I have a terrible point to make about the couple on the first episode, John and Michelle. Please forgive me.  They are stewing in their own shit, as my lovely grandmother would have said. Their house was terribly cluttered-TERRIBLY CLUTTERED. If you missed it, shame on you. How can you have your financial house in order if you can't get your real house in order? If we don't take care of our surrounding and don't care about how we live, why would we want to save it when times are tough? Do you have the urge to paint/pull weeds/clean something?
Don't get me wrong, I think that it is incredibly brave for them to put themselves out there and ask for help. Trust me I know how had it can be to put your finances out into cyber-space(mine is on a small scale, I know, but it is still hard). 
All of this got me thinking about what we would do if Den was unemployed(again). We are still very blessed that his company is strong but you never know. So I thought that I would revisit our unemployment budget. I wrote the original post on Feb. 9, 2009. Seems like forever ago.
Here is the original budget......

1190.00 House payment (stop all extra payments)
115.00 Car insurance(raise deductibles)
125.00 Nicor and Comed (line dry and freeze)
0.00 phone (drop it)
100.00 2nd mortgage(no extra$)
80.00 gas for car
0.00 satelite(drop it)
350.00 groceries
75.00 Den smokes (you tell him to quit)
60.00 garbage and water (bathe less and stink)
12.00 synthroid and iron pills (generic)
2107.00 total

I think that our unemployment budget would look something like this now.....................
1244 house payment
 190 car insurance(The kids would still pay their own)
 160 gas and electric
  80  garbage and water
 141 cell phone
  350 food
  100 gas for car
2265 total
The maximum Den would get is $531 because I am a dependent spouse and we have kids. If you feel like being bored to tears-here is the IL chart for unemployment rates. Den would get $2124 a month(The site says that he would get $531 a week but the unemployment sheet from 2011 that they are linked to says that he would get $552/wk. I'm going with the smaller number. Leave it to the state not to know). So I would be $141 a month short-odd that is the same amount as the cell phone bill. I wouldn't get rid of it though. I NEED to keep track of Anna. I would just see if I couldn't shave a little bit off off the car insurance(up the deductible), work on getting the gas and electric lower. I would even apply for food stamps. I think I could close it without much trouble.  
I guess that I just over-plan for everything, it makes me feel safe.
Still needing a life since 09,


Mark said...

You worry too much.

slugmama said...

This got me to sad is it that a family of 3 or 4 has to get food stamps to survive when they bring home $2124 a month?
$2124 sounds like a LOT of money, doesn't it? If you had told my 18 yr old self that I couldn't support my family in a comfy middle class sort of way on that much money, I'd have thought you were "teched" in the head!lol

It's always a good idea to have a "plan" for bad money times, if and when they ever happen.

Out My window said...

Clutter and debt go hand in hand. Often people with money problems that can't get out also have clutter problems. I saw pictures of the special and I wanted to clean up also, what a dump.

Annie said...

On the topic of not having your houses in order, I would add one more thing. If you disrespect your physical money...the bills and'll have a harder time putting your money to work for you. People who shove bills into pockets all crumpled up instead of folded orderly into a wallet, or toss their coins in the bottom of their purse (or even worse, toss pennies out the car window) are really going to struggle to know how much they have and how much they need to have.

I don't see that you're worrying too much. I see you formulating a backup plan for a time when you may need one.

Jane said...

I don't think you have worthless thoughts - naughty thoughts maybe, but definitely not worthless.
I firmly believe you gotta have a Plan B so as not to be caught in a downward spiral if the worst happens. You defintely won't be stewing in your own shit!

Frances said...

I think it is good to have a plan for just in case. I have thought about this, though not in quite as much detail as you. And yes, on unemployment, I would be going for any assistance I could qualify for.

SonyaAnn said...

mark-If I stop worrying then everything goes to shit.

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-I could shave some $ off but it would still be tight and the killer is a lot of the money that we would have from unemployment would turn around and go back to taxes for the house.
And it scares the hell out of me cuz in 20 yrs $2124 a month won't be squat!

SonyaAnn said...

Out My window-I'm glad that I wasn't the only one that saw how bad it was. I couldn't listen for looking at things that I wanted to throw out.

SonyaAnn said...

Annie-LOL I wish I had money to crumple in my pocket. I use a credit card for everything. I love me some points.
I think our problem is the house payment is so high. Even if we paid it off the taxes and insurance would be $600 a month. When the kids graduate, I think that we are going to build a small house north in WI. It is a bit cheaper up there.

SonyaAnn said...

Jane-It's good to have a plan and a naughty thought.;p
If anything did happen though, my meltdown would make for some interesting posts.

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I was wondering if anyone had a thought about assistance. I don't see a problem with it. But I did have to convince a neighbor to get it for her 2 kids when she lost her job. She said she had pride and I said well good luck feeding your kids with that. And then I asked her what she would tell me if I was in the same situation as her. She told me she would tell me to get the food stamps. She went that week.

Frances said...

I think pride is the wrong word. I have worked my ass off for years, paying into those assistance programs. If I needed them, I would use them.

You are can't eat pride.

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I'm glad that we agree!