Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Little Something Like This

That looks really real, doesn't it? And it is distracting too. It's alright if you don't get to read the rest of this post. I really didn't want to type it.
Ahhhhhh, the insurance company added DJ to our policy. He doesn't have his license but they saw fit to add him. Bless their hearts. DJ decided that he would get his license instead of me fighting with them to take him off. Our monthly insurance bill was $186.50. And now it is $269.39. Oh joy. We decided that Anna and DJ will split the difference. Den's dad is thinking about selling us his Kia Amanti. Den would get his dad's car. Anna would get Den's car(that is a lot safer for the long drive she has to get home) and DJ would get Anna's car. I would keep the van. I'm the only one that thinks the van is cool.
Den's parents sell us the cars for next to nothing-at least half off if not more. We are very blessed that they are that good to us. But I don't want to see what the insurance bill is if we get another car. We have been very lucky/blessed that our cars are holding out as well as they are. My van is just under 100k, Den's car has 105k, and Anna's has 140k. They aren't spring chickens anymore.  But a new to us car is still a far away thought, thank goodness. I can only handle one bill change at a time.
Have an exploding head-free day,


Mamma has spoken said...

Oh car insurance is a pain in the ass! At one time, I was paying almost $800 a month for five drivers. Something I learned from my experience: if you have a son who is know as crash, you'll want them to have their own policy and pick up the cost :o(

Annie said...

Just curious...are you insured through State Farm? They are the only company I've ever heard of to force you to put kids on your policy before they have a license.

Mark said...

That graphic is horrible! Stop it!
And think vans are cool too. Everybody is just wrong!
I mean, try stuffing 172 cases of Girl Scout cookies in a Kia Armanti. Yeah right!

SonyaAnn said...

Mamma has spoken-I feel your pain. If we get another car, I'm sure that we will get close to $500 a month. But the kids are going to pay for their own insurance.

SonyaAnn said...

Annie-No we have Progressive. They said that if he doesn't have his license to call them. I'm sure that meant that they would take him off. I don't blame them really for adding him. I'm many people "forget" to add their kids when they get their license.

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-Not only can you shovel 3 million boxes of cookies in a van, you can get a ridiculous about of college crap in there too.

slugmama said...

I've got State Farm and they haven't added #2 Son(who turned 16 last month)to our policy.
I've got 4 drivers(2 over 50, 1 at 20, 1 at 19)on the policy and 2 cars and we pay $2,649.36 year. We are accident-free(well 1 accident that wasn't our fault which didn't affect our rates).

I've got "stuff" going on here that will involve more car(s) and insurance and decisions that, no matter what is decided, WILL cost us $$$. How much cash they will try to wrench from my clammy hands is one for debate at this point!
Why did you have to go and mention cars and insurance?? I was blissfully ignoring this crap up until now.....bleh! 8-(
PS--I still luvs you.....

McVal said...

ARGGHH!! I HATE auto insurance! I make my husband handle all that. If someone calls the house, I get him.
And Mamma has spoken is exactly right! We went with Geico and got my son his own plan.
As for the photo, that is a live shot and real. Don't mock that poor man as he is dead now.

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-It makes you want to poop, its so scary.
Your insurance is already high for two cars.Den has an accident and Anna has 2. One of those wasn't her fault. And we have three cars. I'm glad that we have some time before we get another car to adjust to this increase.

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-You are lucky that your hubs handles it. If Den handled any bills we would be homeless. He just isn't good at that sort of thing. He just asks if we get to stay(in the house) after I pay the bills. That's all he cares about.

Frances said...

I was expecting that your insurance premium would increase a lot more. I think it is not to bad at all for a boy under 25. Have you had your agent look into making different people the primary driver on different cars? When we insured Samantha, our agent checked rates and made her the primary driver on the least expensive car, even when that was not the one she was driving. She could still drive all of them, but something about changing the primary drivers got us a better rate. We are with State Farm and we have the best agent ever!