Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Pits

I'm back to my love/hate relationship with couponing. What it all boils down to is a low stash? It's easy to say that I'm not going to coupon for a while and just be a purest and only buy something if we need it. I can save the environment and money. You know, rub baking soda paste on the boy's arm pits and all that.
Then it happens, we run out of everything and I have to pay almost full price. If I paid full price-nothing would be standing around here. I don't DO FULL PRICE!
So I'm back to trying to run a deal here and there. I think that I need to try and buy at least 4-6 months worth of a supply not a month or two. Maybe that would help. I just need a bit more storage. Anna's coming home in a few months so her room is out. I have to say though that her room is a nice drying rack/area for Dalten/hiding place for me. Don't tell her but sometimes I miss her and sit on her bed and eat jelly beans. I think about when she was little. Seems like a lifetime ago.
Don't tell them where I'm hiding,


Mamma has spoken said...

my mantra is,
"It was on sale and I had a coupon."
I'm not an extremest like on that show that ruined it for others because now the stores have changed their coupon polices, but I do have a cabinet and shelving units or two of stuff. Thing to know: sale items go in cycles. Learn them and that's when you can get stuff the cheapest.

Mark said...

Sluggy got us hooked last year and then Fred got busy and stopped using them. But for awhile, he was on a roll!

slugmama said...

Don't let Mark blame me for Fred's addiction! I'm innocent I tell ya, innocent!!

My feeling, after having been an extremer and also a coupon snob is this....use em if ya got em, but regardless of coupons, ALWAYS keep at least a small stockpile of goods and always buy them on sale. Coupons are just the bonus on top of the savings. And don't let the coupons hook you in the nose and make you buy stuff(even on sale)that you wouldn't have bought w/out the coupons. Been there done that, got and gave away the t-shirt.

And try to avoid the deals on crap....processed stuff....chips, little debbie cakes, soda, frozen pizzas and hot pockets, chemical cheese and noodles, etc. That one is a budget killer and I still have problems avoiding it with the kids here.

slugmama said...

As for storage, you can SO use Anna's room! Look at her room this way....Anna use to be a tenant at your house, when she went away to college she became a vacation renter. She vacations at your house, she doesn't live there. See?

So you get 1st dibs on use of 'her' room. At least you can carve out some space in her closet for storage and/or under the bed. I'd say get a set of bed risers so you can store a low profile plastic bin under the bed and fill it with stockpiled food or HBA.
Go to one of the couponing sites(hot coupon world or a full cup)and they have a forum to discus inventive stockpile storage ideas.
With your imagination I am SURE you can come up with some creative storage ideas....

SonyaAnn said...

Mamma has spoken-I love to coupon, I really do. The thrill of the "kill" or score is what I love. But it seems as if I spend too much. Then again, if I don't watch for deals I overpay when we run out. It's a fine line.

SonyaAnn said...

Mark-You have the cutest hubs and family! Tell him to shop, shop, shop!

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-It really is a fine line. I hate to see all of the "bills"(I save every receipt as a bill)from my trips. It can really add up after a while. So when $ gets tight I live off of the stockpile. I'm stuck in a vicious cycle. Shop then don't. LOL

SonyaAnn said...

sluggy-To be honest, I have claimed quite a bit of her room. LOL. I honestly have OCD when it comes to organization and cleaning. Everything has to be in its place and in my head, I haven't designated her closet for HBA just stuff. Now do you see how messed up in the head I am.

Annie said...

As usual, I'll be in the minority here, but I'm getting farther and farther away from both coupons and the things that are easy to buy with them. The more I cook from scratch, and the more I make our own cleaners and HBA products, the less I buy in general. Coupon just isn't a big part of my frugality plan anymore.

That said, if I am lucky enough to find a coupon for something I use regularly, then I certainly will use it. I just won't go looking for the coupons anymore.

Now, a good coupon for a restaurant or some kind of family activity? Those you'll have to fight me for.

As for stockpiling, I'm not entirely for it or against it. I don't want to allocate too much space to it anymore. Right now I'm trying to use up stuff that has been around WAY TOO LONG. I figure if I haven't used something (like deodorant) within 3 or 4 years, then I didn't really need that big a stockpile to begin with.

Frances said...

I still coupon, but don't buy anything that I wouldn't buy without a coupon. Well, unless I can get it free. Then someone would use it. :-)

Sometimes you have to be inventive with storage. When we had kids at home, our upright freezer lived in our bedroom and we were fine with it. We have also stored stockpile under the bed and in our clothes closet.