Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So Boring That I'll Just Say Sorry Now

Did you ever bore yourself to tears? This post may make us all cry. Honestly, Anna was home last week so I'm a bit out of sorts. And the good news is DJ is off next week, wait that isn't good news.
Here's a funny thing that happened, Anna came home and Den and I left to go to the Dells to gamble. Hey, you can't say anything cuz we left with $200 and came back with $165. We had a blast and drank and ate on that $35. So we were probably ahead a bit but who is counting? Well, sluggy is probably counting.
So Den and I pulled into the driveway after our little escape. Den had been expecting the house to be on fire. It wasn't but he the first thing he said was, "Just great, they left the garage door open." Then I said, "That wouldn't be my concern, your car is gone." I laughed really hard. He did not. It ended up that Anna babysat for Dalten and the car seat didn't fit well in her car. His car had the buckles for actual car seats so she took his car. I'm still laughing about this one.
Back to the regularly scheduled post!
I got $3 from pinecone and $20 from Toluna!

So the new numbers are-
Pinecone $15
Toluna $80
BP $100
For a grand total of------$195And that's all I got for you!
 Dude where's my car,


Sheila said...

Did you get the $10 Amazon card for $5? $5 profit!

SonyaAnn said...

Sheila-LOL!!!!! Yes I did! You know me all too well.

McVal said...


Jane said...

I wasn't bored at all, in fact, I was very amused at Den's expense hahaha - I guess it's a girl thing :)

Frances said...

Yeah for having so much fun on $35!

SonyaAnn said...


SonyaAnn said...

Jane-I find that laughing at Den helps me too!

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-We are having too much fun!