Tuesday, July 3, 2012


My funk is my own fault. Normally I like to blame the children but I think some of it is because I stopped writing again. You would think that spending an hour a day on the computer would set me behind in everything that I need to do but it seems to get me farther ahead. I guess I just need purpose and a little selfish time.
Den gets up super early. He has to go in early every day and stay late. Did I ever tell you that he is salaried? So I get up not long after he leaves. The kids are on a completely different schedule. Anna leave around 10am and gets home around 8pm. She is also working out 6 days a week with her friends. They do the insanity workouts together. None of them are seeing results. I thought her knees looked a little more toned. She said it took 5 weeks to have better looking knees. I try to help.
I drive DJ around 2 or 3pm every day. He needs to be picked up anytime from 7pm to 10:30 pm. I am grateful that Anna has been driving to get him on her days off and he has a friend that he can catch a ride with if their hours coincide.Still it is getting to be a pain in the butt.
They stay up VERY late. Normally I would just let them do there own thing but my children have become very funny lately. They have the craziest 6 Flags stories. Like gunna pee your pants, funny. The funniest one was when they lost someone on a water slide. Who loses someone in a tube?
Six Flags hires students from around the world. Cool! Not cool is the fact that they legally must get 40hrs a week. Anna struggles to get 30. Anyways, some of the students from around the world don't have such a good understanding of the English language. *Side note- Some of these poor kids are Dutch and have never seen sunlight and/or have skin pigment. Anna's words, not mine. They went from glowing white to screaming red in one day* Besides not knowing English he couldn't count real well either. Perhaps he shouldn't have been sending people down the slide.
After much debate, he decided to just send another person down to dislodge the other person in the tube.  Luckily, he just miscounted and no one got slammed into anyone else. Anna said after a while you just blink and nod and have no emotion. It could be the heat or it could be how poorly she is being treated. She has been called every name in the book and shoved. If I had a whistle, that shit wouldn't be happening. I would kick everyone out and then have the park to myself but that is just me. LOL
DJ said that many people every day try to bribe him and get a prize without playing. He offers to get a supervisor and they could ask him. They leave after that.
Anyways, back to the point of my story. I'm not sleeping as much as I should. Wait that wasn't the point. I'm not writing and its everyone elses fault but mine. Yeah, that's the moral of the story.
Off to sleep or write,
Sonya Ann


ChiTown Girl said...

I feel like I NEVER get enough sleep. My honey also gets up very early (usually about 4:30) and I usually wake up when he does. I try and go back to sleep while he's getting ready. Sometimes I can, but usually the best I can hope for is a state of twilight. He always comes in and kisses me good bye before he leaves, and that's usually it, I have to get up. And then I come visit all my bloggy buddies!!

Mamma has spoken said...

I have somewhat that same problem at my house. Kids all drive and have their own cars which means they are coming home at ALL hours of the night. Last night, I was up twice thanks to one son coming home from a friends house and another coming home from work (he works third shift). If that wasn't bad enough, at 5 this morning two sons (might have been the same sons)had to go the bathroom, neither closed the bathroom door hence the light came right into my bedroom.
Now I need to go wake them up and remind them to close the bathroom whne in use ;o)

Jenny Woolf said...

Your house sounds like a carousel with different people jumping on and off ! A bit of me time is always good. Too much me time is just as bad as too little though - it's all about getting the balance right.

Sounds soul destroying working at Six Flags, I'm always most sorry for the people who have to walk around dressed up like mouse or chipmunk characters in plush suits - If I had to do it I'd become a real life homicidal Itchy or Scratchy.

slugmama said...

The daughter usually works at summer camp. They get kids from around the world working there too. Many don't have a "firm grasp" of the language either.
But this summer she is working the jewelry counter at Sears. She hates it. Nobody buys anything, she stands around trying to look busy, which is much harder than actually working.lol
She has quotas to meet and they don't involve selling the jewlery, but rather selling insurance on jewelry and getting people to sign up for credit cards.
The soul sucking sound of business....

I think you need a little trip East SonyaAnn....east to my house. We could road trip down to Atlantic City....would be epic!

Sonya Ann said...

ChiTown Girl-I'm glad that you get time to visit me but wish you more sleep. I also think that we all try to do too much. Kids, why do we have to keep feeding them?

Sonya Ann said...

Mamma has spoken-The sad thing is DJ has a car just not a drivers license. Even if he got the license, I wouldn't let him drive there. It is treacherous in Gurnee. I get scared.
When DJ sleeps, he is like a log. I would never be able to get him up to shut the light off. I love when they close the cat in the bedroom with me and the cat flips out. I then have to get up and let the cat out. Sometimes, I have to get up twice a night to let him out.

Sonya Ann said...

Jenny Woolf-I would love some me time. Just a short daydream would be enough to save my soul.
"homicidal Itchy or Scratchy"-HAHAHA, you would sweat to death before you got to the point of killing someone. I have known people that have done that. They always have 2 people with them, on on each side to catch them when they pass out. It happens all the time.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Sears sounds like a CRAP job.
I don't think that there are any good summer jobs out there. But Sears sounds like one of the worst.
An epic trip is what we need! We will deserve it after surviving another summer with kids. My MIL says all the time that I will miss them when they leave. I don't think so!

Mark said...

Okay, I'll take the blame.
Sorry about that!

McVal said...

I'm with Mark - lay all the blame on me too... Seriously, all other blame is! I won't even notice it!
Love their work stories. and I'm sorry you're in a funk.
You'll come out of it! I know you will!

Frances said...

When our kids were at home in the summer, I had one BIG rule. They could stay up as late as they wanted, but they had better not wake ME up. Apparently, I am mean enough, because I got plenty of sleep. Hubby didn't always, since he was the one that had to pick up late workers before they were driving age.

I think maybe you should got back to sleep after Den leaves and not get up until time to take DJ. If you are a chauffer for the summer, you should not ahve to do all the house work or whatever is keeping you busy besides the driving.

And find some time for you. Get mean, baby.

Sonya Ann said...

Mark-You are always in trouble so I'll lay it on you next time.

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-Yup, I'm the one that everyone blame. Why?

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-This is nuts, it's two hours of driving every day. And the killer is sometimes they send him home early and he doesn't make enough to cover gas. He needs to find something closer. ASAP
And God bless ya for coming up with some new rules around here. Everyone is cleaning but me!!!