Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2 Parter-Part 2-Great title, I Know

 This adorable young lady is Becca, Anna's new roommate. They were jumping and squealing a lot. It was cute. Don't tell Anna I said that.
 The girls have assured me that this is the best place EVER. I'm not sold. While I like the fact that it is right next to the school and used school security, $775 seems a bit high for a place that needs to be painted and has water damage, oh and stained carpets, and mattresses that I'm sure were picked up from the curb. Never mind, I'll stop here.
I LOVE Becca's parents. LOVE! I started seeing all the things that were wrong and needed to be pointed out to the landlord/management company. Becca told me that she had all of the paperwork for her and Anna to sign off on. Especially the paperwork on pre-exsisting damage. Ummm yeah, hand it over. Becca's dad got to it first and was more critical than I was! I didn't even know that was possible. He was scathing! I've never turned a problem over to anyone before but he even took PICTURES! And he found things that I missed. Bless him. Oh and landlord/management company are coming in to look everything over.
 This is there lovely living room. It's cute and Becca spent the summer making the jean pillow and the Coca-cola pillow. They are adorable. The pillows and the girls.
 These are the towels in their shared bathroom. Mark is probably screaming at the computer and gouging his eyes out over the pink and zebra print.
I think it will grow on me.
 And the rest of it in all its glory.
 Anna had to send me pictures of her room. We stayed too late and she had to finish on her own.
And Sluggy was right. The casino called. We passed by HorseShoe Casino in IN. Well not really passed by it. We took the scenic route. FYI-They are tight as hell there.
 We are planning on taking a trip down there soon so I'll snap better pictures. Den told her he was going to get piss drunk and pass out naked in her front lawn. She said he wouldn't be the first person to do that.
 I have to say that I really like her porn chair. It looks better in her room than in the game room here. And Den was happy since the futon didn't fit in her room, he will probably be getting that one for the game room.
And each bedroom has its own sink. For that much money a month, it better clean itself!
Thanks for letting me bore you,


Mamma has spoken said...

Hum, your description of the place sounds just what I would expect for a college rental. Guessing you won't be seeing the oldest child for some time to come ;o)

Annie said...

It's been quite a while since I rented, but $775 does sound a little on the high side to me, too.

Sonya Ann said...

Mamma has spoken-I bet not either! She is over the moon happy with "the most awesome place in the world to live"!

Sonya Ann said...

Annie- I think $775 is really high. For about $1100/month you could live in a super posh apartment by us. I asked my SIL that went to EIU and she said she thinks its fair. It is right next to the campus and its considered a prime place to live. I think our ideas of prime are really off. LOL but I get that most parents are willing to pay more for the apartment so that their kids don't need a car.

slugmama said...

Nice digs...for a student.lol

Is it $775 total or $775 each student?
Where my son goes the rental places that rent to students charge per student AND most of them charge one set price per semester, not monthly.
IE-one place wanted $2400 per semester....which comes out to $600 a month PER student!
I saw a 5 bedroom apt.(a hellhole really)renting for about this per student. In one semester-4 months, the owner of this apt. would have grossed $12K on rents!
We need to get into THIS business and FAST!!!lol

The only thing I want to know.....where did Den & you install the hidden camera? hehehe

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-It's $775 for both of them. I still think that is way too high. There are some over the top places around here(think pools, exercise rooms, trails, ponds) for $1100 a month and this is a VERY expensive place to live.
No cameras! I don't think that I want to know what she is doing!
And yes, I think we would make great landlords!

Sheila said...

Oh how exciting for her! $775 isn't bad but I'm from NY!

Mark said...

Ha, the jokes on you. Hot pink and zebra are in! Seriously, they are! I see it everywhere. In fact, Claire has a hot pink sheet and a zebra pillow case. So your girl is way ahead of you.
I'm so happy that the parents stepped in. Seriously, those landlords would have walked all over them. Good job!

Sonya Ann said...

Sheila-I'm in the Chicagoland area. It isn't as expensive as NY but it is bad. The thing is they are in the middle of nowhere! Well not nowhere, they are close to a few bars!

Sonya Ann said...

Mark-I just don't think that hot pink and Zebra stripes is a good environment for puking. I think that it might make the room spin more!
I'm glad that the other parents stepped in but I don't see that they will get very far with it. It's prime real estate. They are a huge management company so they should know better but I bet they get away with a lot since the kids don't know better.

Frances said...

$775 doesn't sound that high, to me, but that may be because that is what my rent is. LOL! I like their kitchen better than mine!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I guess its all where you live. Her apartment wouldn't be bad if it had been painted and fixed up a bit more. But then I guess they expected it to get trashed. Darn college kids.
Anna did say she scrubbed for hours and she asked that we bring down the carpet cleaner. SO proud of her!