Monday, August 20, 2012

2 Parter

I'm breaking this mess into two part. Riveting, I know.
I took a bunch of pictures before we left. I know I'm behind on posting them but don't feel bad, I behind on everything!

Just to add a bit of fun to our journey, Anna's head light went out before we left. So the night before we were going to leave, Den gave Anna a crash course on how to change a light bulb(there is a joke in there somewhere). I think it is sweet how he always shows her how to take care of her car. As you can tell, Anna is just overjoyed with this lesson. Her expression makes me laugh.
Anna being Anna spent the last two days home, visiting friends and saying good bye. I tried to point out the fact that both of these lovely ladies ARE CLOSER TO HER SCHOOL and SEE HER MORE THAN WE DO.
The lovely girl sitting in the van is Sara and the girl on the ground is Jessie. I love them. They call me, Mamma Applesauce. Get it?
I told Anna that she wasn't going anywhere the night before we had to leave because we were going to pack. So she invited them over. It's ok though. They helped carry some of Anna's super heavy junk supplies out.
I would have packed them too but there wasn't even room for air when I got done.
God only knows what we are going to do when we have to drag everything back. If she buys anything else even a speck of dust, the car will collapse.
This was the $.80 tv that Anna got from the goodwill. It weighs 387 pounds. My back will remember that for a very long time.
This is what the other side of her car looked like. And I know this will be hard to believe but we also got my mother in law in her car too. Poor woman.
I proved I'm white trash while me and the stuffed to the gills van were haulin' ass down I57.
My tetris skills are amazing.
It is just ridiculous what I did to my poor van. I hypermiled it down there. I got 25.5 MPG. That is better than I get in town. I know I exceeded the weight limit of the van so I was super careful driving and only flipped the ac on when it was a straightaway. On the way back, I drove normally and with the ac on and got 23.4 MPG. Hmmmm, maybe I should drive around like white trash just to save money.
Oh and the futon didn't fit in Anna's room so I hauled it back. Oh joy.
Off to ice my spine,


Mark said...

I don't get the Mama Applesauce reference! What am I missing?
But I do love how Den is undressing me with his eyes. Thank God you're taking "real" photos now!
Congrats on the great pack job of 2012!

Mamma has spoken said...

I must be a bad mom because after the first trip to college (as in freshman year), they were on their own to get their crap there. What the sons did was they would pack their car with the most important things for the first trip, stay that week, come home for the week-end, take some more, repeat until it's all there. Believe it or not it usually didn't take more then two trips for them! Mainly because they were great packers of cars. Or was it me packing their cars :o/

Sonya Ann said...

Mark-My last name is Mott!
I'm glad that you are happy with my new camera and Den!
And just think I will be repacking and packing for years to come. Did I mention that she is staying for her masters?

Sonya Ann said...

Mamma has spoken-No, I think you are the smart mom! I just don't want her to come home for the next 7 weekends.LOL to be honest, I miss her!

McVal said...

Whoa!! You can really pack it in!

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-Your turn is coming!

Frances said...

I saw a van that looked JUST LIKE THAT in my grocery store parking lot a few weeks ago.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I'm glad to say that it wasn't me!