Monday, August 27, 2012

New Attitute

So it has been brought to my attention that we will not be moving anytime soon. The thing that brought this to my attention was our bills. Darn them.
Den and I had always hoped to move up house wise but maybe we should be thinking more about moving down after the kids are out of college. I don't know. I'm not usually wishy-washy about our lives but I'm not sure what to do. So we are going to try to connect with this house and make it a home. We have never really left our mark here. This house has been more like trying to fix someone's screw up or find a way to deal with a mess that we have uncovered than trying to make it a home.
When we first moved in every inch of this house was covered in WALLPAPER! In the kitchen alone there were 4, yes 4, different wallpapers and borders. Everywhere you looked there was wallpaper and forest green carpet. I'm color blind and I could see that it was a disaster. So I embarked on pulling down wallpaper for a very long time. I painted all of the walls off-white. I think we are at the point where we can add some color. I think we are going to get an interior decorating book and go from there. Yes, I need help with this.
A lot of our furniture needs to be replaced so I'm going to repaint and then replace things slowly.  I have big plans people now all I need is big money!
We also have a bunch of things to do outside too. I'm trying to convince Den that we should do as much as possible before Vegas. Actually, it's more like bribery.

 That is our neighbor's ugly ass fence. And that is the bird-bath that the raccoons like to tip over. I think the fence needs to come down. It's his fence and he is kind of a brute so he will probably put up a fight and we will put a new one next to it. Then he will decide that he likes it and take the old one down. He will also report us a few times. That's what he likes to do. Other than that we actually get along with them. Well, the other day he said he was taking OUR fence down around our pool because he wanted to open the backyard up. Ummmm no, we legally have to have a fence around the pool. If we come up with the money for a new privacy fence, the police will be here. Remember me saying this. No but really, we do get along with them.
 This is the pea gravel around the pool. Weeds thrive here. And if you look closely, you will see white lines all over. That would be baking soda-it is supposed to kill everything. All it did was dust my feet white. They were gritty and slick when I wiped them off. The weeds are still thriving.
 I would also like to put in a new shed and make it an oasis. That is a very far off dream. We do need to work on the shed though and we need to be quick about it because the carpenter ants have claimed it as their own. We may go to court.
And last but not least, this is the very back of our lot. It is right behind the pool. We are planning on weeding and tearing out some of the trees. The neighbors behind us don't take care of their yard. It's nice that the green wall of weeds keeps us from having to look at them. I would also like to point out the obvious-if they would would use a weed whacker on their side we wouldn't have to spend hours trying to clean out the fence.
So we are going to try and reconnect with our house just not the people that live around us! I'll take more pictures if when we get it done.
Maybe it would be easier to move,
Sonya Ann


Mamma has spoken said...

Oh but look at it this way: if you fix it up they will buy ;o)
I know what you mean by neighbors who don't take care of there yard. Thanks to my backyard neighbor, it looks like the Buckesses live there (they were the hillbilly neighbors on the movie The Christmas Story). Seriously, they have so many scraps of different types of wood on the fence it's not funny. Oh they swear they are going to replace the fence but nothing has ever happen. Nothing :o(

slugmama said...

Why would you want to move up in house just when you are getting rid of the kids? IMHO, mo' house=mo' problems. You may quote me on

Don't worry about the growing things in your yard because in a month or 2 everything will be dead, or dormant and your current problem will go away until next Spring.

We bought one of those "diamond in the rough" houses too. After 12 yrs. I am tired of trying to polish it into a nice
Next time try salt on the weeds in the long as you never plan on anything growing there every again!lol

Ok, this has nothing to do with your post and I can't post this on my blog because I have 1 family member who sometimes reads it and THIS is about family. My SIL(hub's sister)called last night. Her car was repo'ed! She just neglected to pay her car payment for a few months and paid her CC bills instead!! Evidently, the ONE hub's sibling we thought was responsible and hardworking, with a good job, and "with it" in terms of money, has NEVER budgeted her money and has been living paycheck to paycheck for 20 years or more. She has a repo'ed car, cc bills(she been paying minimuns on only), a mortgage on a very modest house she bought about 5 yrs. ago and 1K in the bank. She has to come up with $2,200 to get the car back and she was trying to hint at us giving her money for that. Hubs told her she can't afford the car(after she gets it back, she can't make the payments along with all her other bills)and she should just let it go, because she'll be back in this same spot in a couple of months. She has a 403b(like a 401K but she can take $ out w/out tax implications before retirement age)that she is thinking of getting a loan from.....she only has $10 in there. That is ALL her retirement savings in the world! She is 55!!
She will be working until she drops dead.
Oh, isn't family fun? I won't even go into other questionable choices she's made moving her boyfriend into her house.....her disabled(can't work), recovering alcoholic, just got out of prison boyfriend......!!!

At any rate, have fun with the house plans. 8-))

slugmama said...

That should have been $10K, not $10 in the retirement

And she got into this spot partly because she keeps buying new cars.....every few years. So she trades in her car(which makes her upside down on it)and rolls that debt into the new car she buys. So every time she buys a new car she owes more on it than the last one.
She buys only new because she is a girl and can't/doesn't know anything about them, is scared of them and doesn't want to have to deal with fixing a car. duh. And her oldest brother does the same shit(new car every 2nd year for his whole working lifetime), even after he retired and didn't have the money to do this, he still does and HE is broke too. Could she NOT SEE that this plan didn't work well for HIM?!?!lol
I am sure he's been in her ear all these years telling her to buy new cars.
This repo'ed car is a HHR...the Chevy version of a PT Cruiser. She paid over $20K for it 2 years ago. So not worth it....
Sorry to rant but I just want to bite my tongue off right now!lol

Jenny Woolf said...

Neighbours, who needs em eh? I used to feel that although my neighbours are now pretty nice. You could try playing enough loud music that they all decide to move...

McVal said...

You're so ambitious! Just move over here and fix up my yard...

Sonya Ann said...

Mamma has spoken-It is so hard to live with crappy neighbors. Our one neighbor that calls the cops on everyone, trashed our yard terrible once. They put in a cement driveway. They had pea gravel and scraped it all into our yard. They said they would fix it but never did. I tried for weeks to shovel and rake it all out but there was just too much. We couldn't mow it so we ended up having to buy bags and bags of dirt to cover it. He never offered to help or pay for it.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I probably won't quote you on the "mo'" thing but I'll store it for later!
I know that owning a house is a work in progress but this is nuts. Just when we fix something up and think we are getting ahead, something else comes crashing down. Wait it's called being a grown up.
I've poured everything that I can think of on the gravel. Plutonium is next.
I don't blame you for not posting about your SIL on your blog. It would just cause more problems even if they have it coming. I understand the learning about money comes with time. Some are taught from a young age and others of us just have to figure it out. But what I don't understand is the fact that she can't see that she will be in the same boat in a few months even if she borrows the money from you.
Maybe her worthless boyfriend could do something? Never mind that was a stupid thought on my part.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I was wondering how she was going to make life better with $10.
Why is it the people that have money keep their cars forever?
And look at it like this, this shit storm isn't really your problem(not like a leaky roof or car probs) just sit back and enjoy the show. You aren't going to help them, they like living in chaos. Ok now I sound like my dad.

Sonya Ann said...

Jenny Woolf-We already have the idiot that blast his music too loud. I guess there is one in every neighborhood.

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-I would just make it worse!

slugmama said...

SonyaAnn--Thanks for letting me come here and rant and bitch. I love you for that. ;-)
You're right it's not my problem(the SIL)....I just can't believe that out of 4 siblings only 1 got any common sense from the parents. I KNOW they weren't raised to be idiots with money. Come to think about it, Hubs wasn't too swift with financial things until I got a hold of him!lol

I know his parents and they are spinning in their graves over how their kids turned out in this area. I guess it's really true that unless you've lived through hard money times(like they did)you just don't "get" the money stuff in the same way unless you are very VERY weird.
Me?....I lived through destitution as a teen(sort of....well, a version of it)so I KNOW how important staying solvent is....because I have felt what being beyond poor is like. My hub and his siblings?....not so much.

It would be easier to enjoy the show on this if it didn't get to me emotionally so much.

Frances said...

Wait, your neighbor wanted to open up YOUR backyard. What an ass.