Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I got nothin' for ya today. So I will ask a simple little question. I had a friend who bought me this water color print that is numbered and signed, I have had it for years and years. I stuffed it behind the dresser and forgot it. How can I find out how much it is worth?
Anyone, anyone,
Sonya Ann


Mamma has spoken said...

Easy, look it up on the internet, put the name of the artist in the query, and hit enter! If you get too many of their pictures, add description.
Or you can go to an art gallery and ask them ;o)

slugmama said...

is it a true watercolor or a print of a watercolor? Generally a stand alone work(like a painting)is more valuable than a print....but that all depends on who did the print.
Printing revolutionized the art world back in the 1800's. It did for art what the Industrial Revolution did for building, manufacturing, etc. Artists could produce many more identical artworks in the same amount of time it took them to produce 1, which brought the cost of art down and it could be had by the masses. Sort of like how "ready-to-wear" transformed the world of high fashion.

Something signed and numbered usually means its part of a series of identical ones just like it, like a print of some kind.
What makes a numbered print more or less valuable is how many are in the edition(the larger number)and how close to 1 is the smaller number. If it says "makers model" I am assuming by signed you mean the paper under where the image is has a signature, not a sig. ON the image?
It would help if the artist is dead too. lol

You could take it to an art dealer or do some research online to see if this artist is considered "good" or not.
You want to see if this is a known artist with a track record of sold works in the art world.

As with most collectible things, artists and their works go in and out of favor, meaning what will bring a nice price now won't necessarily get you more later, or even as much later as now. You have to time selling art in the market. The subject matter will also affect how much you can get for an artwork, if the artist is not a big name too, as in some collectors collect certain themes or images irregardless of artist.

If this artist has no name in the art world, the best way to try to sell this is as a nice home decorating piece...in which case the subject matter and colors are of the highest importance rather than artistic significance.

There!....everything you never wanted to know about art. See?...my degrees come in handy sometimes!lolol

slugmama said...

Correction--In the print explanation, I had "if it says 'maker's model'"...I didn't finishe that thought. What I mean by that is sometimes instead of a numbered print it will say "artist's proof" or AP for short or "maker's model"(that's usually in sculpture tho) were the numbered edition will go. These prints are much more valuable, as it means that pressing is either a one of a kind print or very limited....it's the pressing of the print that the artist used to ok the work or check the work before it was put into production for the edition. Often these AP prints are slightly different from the edition prints as the artist may tinker and work on the image more between the Proofs and the final edition. APs are usually kept by the artist or given to friends but they do turn up in the art market for sale.

I'm done now numbing your brain.....

Mark said...

Why are you selling gifts? Remind me never to send you anything! wink!
Listen, Sluggy gave you an entire education for free. Maybe you should send the print to her as payment. She just loves stuff!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Your old Friend, m.

j udy said...

um yeah what sluggy said

Sonya Ann said...

Mamma has spoken-I really didn't know where to start with it. Doubt it is worth anything, though.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-You need to write a book. It would take you no time at all to turn out 500 pages. Maybe like a day or two.
I think my friend paid like a dollar or two for it. So I don't think that it is worth more than that.
It is a print and signed and numbered by the artist. I thought that might make it worth something. But I'm starting to think this is a bit too complicated for me!
You are a smart bean! And I thought that this would be a simple question!

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-You lost me after the first sentence. My eyes glazed over a bit. Just kidding, kinda. You have to dumb it down for us simple folk.
I think I will just google the dude and see what I get.

Sonya Ann said...

Mark-I think I need sluggy's cliff notes.
Don't eat too much bird on Thursday!

Sonya Ann said...

j udy-Your comment made me laugh!

slugmama said...

SA--Send me an email with the artist's name, any title if the artwork has one and the number of the piece and the size of the edition(the 2 numbers with the slash between them). I'll see what I can find out for you.

And Mark is wrong.....I don't like stuff, I just had way too much stuff.lol

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-You are so sweet! I feel bad about wasting your time though!