Thursday, November 29, 2012

Save me!


I bought 4 more $25 gift cards from Jewel. That transaction gave me a free $20 catalina that I will use to buy groceries.I'll take the cash I saved on groceries and add it to the Christmas fund. With the $20 catalina, I'm going to buy a few things that are through Saving Star at Jewel. That will earn me another $5 free Amazon e-card that I will use for Christmas.
I also received $4.50 in free coupons for stuff like T.P and soap for buying $100 in gift cards. I'm not adding that to this fund. Just mentioning it so you would know how uncool I am.
I bought 3 $25 gift cards to Kohl's and 1 $25 gift card to Sears. I'm not giving them out as gifts. I'm using them to buy gifts. The Sears card, Den will probably take to Sears and buy stocking stuffers for himself and DJ. I used the 3 Kohls cards to buy gifts on-line for some of the little ones on my list. I bought 3 kids tables and earned $15 in free Kohls cash.
I went to Kohls(I didn't use any gift cards that I had purchased) and bought 2 cute stuffed animals(all proceeds go to a children's fund) and 3 nail/toe polish kits. I had a $10 off $10 gift certificate that knocked that price down to $12.58.
And then I ran 2 CVS deals. Feel free to groan. First, I bought an eye-makeup kit for Anna. It started out at $4.99 but was on sale for $2.99. I got it for free with my CVS bucks. And then I bought 3 cardboard castle/space ships, a pair of earbuds, and another makeup kit. It should have cost $48.95 but I got it all for free because I used my CVS $ with some to spare, I might add.
I also got a $15 amazon code from Saving Star from some purchases a while ago. 
Just to brag a bit, I made $40 off of my $100 in gift cards from Jewel. I got the $20 catalina(that I converted to cash), $15 in Kohls cash(that I will use to buy more Christmas gifts) and $5 from savings star. And if this is all that I have to brag about my life is well, not very interesting. 
This is the money that I have earned for free...........................
American Express $25(gift card)
American Express $10 (gift card)
My Points $35 (2 gift cards)
Send Earnings $27.94
Pinecone $78
Toluna $80
Amazon E-cards/Saving Star $15
Amazon Gift card $125(won)
Bank of America-$250
BP $300
HHGregg Visa cards $469.99
Jewel $100(from buying gift cards)
For a grand total of------$1515.93
I haven't added the $15 in kohls cash or the $5 amazon e-card that I will be getting to the total yet. I'll add it when I have possession of it.
And this is what I have so far(I'm not including the stuff that I ordered online until I get it).
2 $25 Sears(paid full price)
2 $25 Macy's(paid full price)
2 $25 Olive Garden(paid full price)
2 $25 GameStop(paid full price)
2 $25 Lowes(paid full price)
2 $25 Chilis/Brinker(paid full price)
1 $10 Dominos gift card ($5)
1 $10 Papa Johns gift card($5)
1 $10 Panera gift card(free)
2 $25 Cinema gift card($12.50)
4 $25 Applebee's gift cards(full price)
3 $25 Kohls gift cards(full price)
1 $25 Barnes and Noble gift card(full price)
1 $25 American Express Card(free)
1 $10  American Express card(free)
1 $25 Bass Pro Shop Gift card(free)
4 $25 Amazon Gift Cards(I paid FULL PRICE)
2 $10 Boston Market Gift gift cards($5 each)
2 $10 Chili's gift cards(free)
1 $10 Chili's gift card($5)
1 plasma car paid $41.99 (40% off)
3 felt hats  at $1.93 each.  $5.79 for all(50% off)
2 Christmas bells at $4 each. $8 for all(50% off)
1 Shaggy D.A. DVD(free from Disney Movie Rewards worth $7.50)
1 tabletop ping pong for free(was $10 marked down to $5 used my CVS bucks to pay for it)
6 spatulas for1.92 each. $11.52 for all(70% off)
9 plates for 1.92 each. $17.28 for all(70% off)
11 cookies jars at 6.39 each. $70.29 for all(70% off)
2 stuffed animals at $5 each(full price but all proceeds go to a children's fund)
3 finger/toe nail kits at $.86 each $2.58 for all($8 each $24 for all)
1 makeup kit free with CVS $($2.99)
3 cardboard castle/spaceships free with CVS$($12.99 each)
1 earbuds free with CVS$($6.99)
1makeup kit free with CVS$($2.99)
I've spent $817.45 of my free money. I thought that it was fun to "find" the money but it is way more fun to spend it!
Run away-run away,
Sonya Ann


Mamma has spoken said...

Seeing what all you bought, makes me feel like a slacker. I have only bought three gifts so far......

Sonya Ann said...

Mamma-But I have been buying since January so you are still in good shape and I buy way too much.

McVal said...

So how much money did you dish out to get all this free money??

slugmama said...

Ok, now this update made MY head hurt!lol

I had forgotten you could get Amazon gift cards for your SavingsStar coupons. Thanks for the reminder! 8-)

ChiTown Girl said...

You are a rock star!

I haven't done any shopping, and don't plan to, really. Our kids are teenagers now and only want cash. Well, except for the Monkey, who is getting a savings bond, since she doesn't need a damn thing!! I'll probably attach a dollar store toy or stuffed animal to it, which is all she cares about anyway. =)

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-My goal was to never spend money that I wouldn't have. But I did need to spend $5 on ice cream to earn $5. So I figured that was fair since we used the ice cream for Thanksgiving.
My Points, Send Earnings, Pinecone, Toluna were all free programs.
The AE gift cards were free if you loaded $200 on a prepaid gift card. I used $200 of free money and then got $35 back.
Bank of America and BP are rewards from our credit card. I try to charge everything & then pay it off. So it is stuff that we use/need.
Jewel is a little overpriced but I shopped the deals and tried to use the catalinas wisely and for things we would use.
The only thing that I would say isn't fair on the list of money earned is the HHGregg $. That was from buying the new appliances. I think that we paid a fair price for the appliances and haven't seen them cheaper as of yet. So it's your call on that one.
And I bet you really didn't want that much info!

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I bet it did. It is confusing even by my standards. I'm rolling free money into more free money. It should be up your alley!

Sonya Ann said...

ChiTown Girl-I think cash is the way to go for teenagers. I'm mean though and I'm going to put a note in their cards telling them that their cash has been deposited to pay for their car insurance! I might be the devil.

Hawaii Planner said...

You're so good! I forget my piddly $6 in Rite Aid dollars & can never plan ahead how to best use them.

Sonya Ann said...

Hawaii Planner-Thank you much!

slugmama said...

Sonya Ann-If any of your free money is in coin form, Coin Star is running a deal now.....use $40 in coins and select an Old Navy, iTunes or Dell gift card instead of cash receipt and get $50 gift card.
That's an extra $10 worth of gift card.

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, you are amazing!! I am frugal, but I have never had a free Christmas!

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-BAHAHAHA! My BFF sent me a frantic text to tell me about this one! Bless ya both!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Well shucks, I'm blushing from the praise.