Monday, December 17, 2012

A Dead Ninja's Helpful Tip Sex Gift Card

Well if that title won't pull people here, I don't know what will! Oh wait, nothing cuz there are only 7 of us here.
I really don't know how a ninja could sell a gift card but I thought it was a cool picture. Thus proving that I am a 13 year old boy at heart.
Wait did I have a point to this post? Yes but as usual it will take me a while to get there. Remember a million years ago when I was talking about buying gift cards to make Christmas money and use them for gifts? Well if you don't remember, I don't blame you. I want to block it all out too. Anywho, I bought a couple of gifts with my gift cards. I threw the empty/used gift cards in a drawer and forgot about them. I normally keep the spent gift cards just in case there is a problem. And boy was there a problem! They didn't take the money off of the cards and charged my credit card instead! If I had pitched the gift cards, I would have thrown out $75. Sickening.
Kohls is sorting the problem. I'll translate that for you. I will wait 5 business days and then have to call back and start over from the beginning. But they did say that they will take the money off of the gift cards and credit my account. We shall see. They couldn't credit my account with out the pin number on the back of the gift cards.
So save your gift cards until you know everything has cleared. And hey, you can use the gift cards as scrapers for dishes or frosty car windows.
And on to the sex part-
Now reread the title-I worked it all in!
Are you sorry you showed up for the party yet,
Sonya Ann

PS-I'm sorry to say that my Wi-Fi is down and it has been spotty for days! I've not been able to visit or answer everyone because of this. It isn't because I'm mad or anything! The love is still there just not the internet connection!
I hope I will be able to get on-line soon! I miss you all terribly and just in case I'm not here-Merry Christmas! Ok if I'm not back online by Christmas I will be having serious withdrawals. 
I'm at the library now and it just isn't the same as stretching out in my PJ's and writing. Hell, I could try it but I think that I wouldn't be allowed to come back!
Hope to see talk type to you all soon!


Mamma has spoken said...

I am giggling at your Kohl's story mainly because I did buy something using a Kohl's gift card last month. The Kohl's employee (who happen to be a manager) didn't realize it was a gift card and wanted to argue with me about money being on it. I got the last word in though thanks to the website on my receipt that let me tell them about my visit.
Don't mess with a mamma and her money!

McVal said...

Oh yuck! I hope they get it all figured out. Throwing away $75 would be bad...
I'm really impressed with your gift fundraising this past year! I wish I could do that...

Cheapchick said...

Definitely one of the best blog post titles ever! Merry Christmas

Hawaii Planner said...

I'm still fighting with my insurance over $65 that they supposedly direct deposited. My bank says they didn't, the insurance said they did. Standoff. I love stuff like this, becuas they never expect someone to be so detailed. I track all of my conversations, & don't give up.

I also spent 30 minutes on a chat help (with my own company, mind you) to get credit for a $6.38 video that never downloaded. The lady was like, "really." Yes, really. I don't pay for things I didn't receive, fools!

Ahhhh, that felt good to get out. Stay on top of Kohls!!! :-)

slugmama said...

Geez....good thing you didn't throw those gift cards out!

I guess your neighbor didn't pay their internet bill, huh? You can come squat on my wifi anytime. ;-)

Sonya Ann said...

Mamma-Good for you and why can't companies just train their employees. Why man, why?

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-Good word-fundraising! I probably would have been better off getting a real job though. LOL

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-Thank you kindly!

Sonya Ann said...

Hawaii Planner-I often wonder if not paying people back is part of some companies game plan. I really do wonder. Because a lot of people don't try to get their money back or don't even know about it.
And yes-REALLY! WTH?!?!

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I would love to squat on you.

Frances said...

I DID love that title! I am just really behind again.

I have a good excuse, though. Sorry your wifi is giving you problems. I know how that sucks.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Yes you have a good excuse. I hope that sweet knees is up and running again.