Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Joy

Well, I'm back to writing more about what I'm buying for Christmas and how I am coming up with the cash. The point of this exercise is to hold myself accountable and turn it into a game. I was hoping that it would inspire others to find a way to have a cheaper Christmas and in turn, make it a more enjoyable holiday.
Anywho, here is the money/gift cards that I have gotten for free.
Kohls Cash $15
American Express $25(gift card)
American Express $10 (gift card)
My Points $35 (2 gift cards)
Send Earnings $27.94
Pinecone $78
Toluna $80
Amazon E-cards/Saving Star $15
Amazon Gift card $125(won)
Bank of America-$250
BP $325.67
HHGregg Visa cards $469.99
Jewel $100(from buying gift cards)
For a grand total of------$1556.60

And this is what I have so far(I'm not including the stuff that I ordered online until I get it).
2 $25 Sears(paid full price)
2 $25 Macy's(paid full price)
2 $25 Olive Garden(paid full price)
2 $25 GameStop(paid full price)
2 $25 Lowes(paid full price)
2 $25 Chilis/Brinker(paid full price)
1 $10 Dominos gift card ($5)
1 $10 Papa Johns gift card($5)
1 $10 Panera gift card(free)
2 $25 Cinema gift card($12.50)
4 $25 Applebee's gift cards(full price)
3 $25 Kohls gift cards(full price)
1 $25 Barnes and Noble gift card(full price)
1 $25 American Express Card(free)
1 $10  American Express card(free)
1 $25 Bass Pro Shop Gift card(free)
4 $25 Amazon Gift Cards(I paid FULL PRICE)
2 $10 Boston Market Gift gift cards($5 each)
2 $10 Chili's gift cards(free)
1 $10 Chili's gift card($5)
1 plasma car paid $41.99 (40% off)
3 felt hats  at $1.93 each.  $5.79 for all(50% off)
2 Christmas bells at $4 each. $8 for all(50% off)
1 Shaggy D.A. DVD(free from Disney Movie Rewards worth $7.50)
1 tabletop ping pong for free(was $10 marked down to $5 used my CVS bucks to pay for it)
6 spatulas for1.92 each. $11.52 for all(70% off)
9 plates for 1.92 each. $17.28 for all(70% off)
11 cookies jars at 6.39 each. $70.29 for all(70% off)
2 stuffed animals at $5 each(full price but all proceeds go to a children's fund)
3 finger/toe nail kits at $.86 each $2.58 for all($8 each $24 for all)
1 makeup kit free with CVS $($2.99)
3 cardboard castle/spaceships free with CVS$($12.99 each)
1 earbuds free with CVS$($6.99)
1 makeup kit free with CVS$($2.99)
1 gorgeous picture frame for free($16 value-free with purchase at Dress Barn)
2 peacock hair-clips for $3.36
I've spent $820.81 of my free money.
Have a great day,
Sonya Ann


Hawaii Planner said...

Show off. ;-) I remembered that I left someone off my Christmas list (and therefore, my budget) this weekend, which was an upleasant surprise. Conincidentally, I received a $30 survey offer, which I completed. Win some/lose some. :-)

You're doing great, of course!

Sonya Ann said...

Hawaii Planner-Well thank you!
Hey at least you remembered about the person you forgot now and not when it was time to hand out the gifts!

McVal said...

Awesome!!! I just ordered a ton of games off the other day. They're having a 25% off their sale prices if you buy more than $50 worth of stuff. I think it was. But the games will be so cool! I hope anyway. Every time I get a great sale on something, it ends up looking as cheap as what I spent on it.

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-I don't think that you will look cheap. Games never look like a cheap gift!

Mamma has spoken said...

My son works for a national bank and has earned 'bonus money' in the form of Amazon dollars. He's told us we can get what we want for $100.00 and it has to come from Amazon because, it's not real money to him ;o)

Sonya Ann said...

Mamma-You have raised that one right!!!!

j udy said...

You really rocked it. I have already started for next year and am hoping I can do half as well as you. I did forget I have 15.00 in Khols to spend so I may go there this weekend as we have to go up that way anyway

Sonya Ann said...

j udy-I hope that I can do half as well next year too!
It just makes life so much easier with a small bit of planning.