Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Freezin' and Poor Parenting

Think back to a time long, long ago. Are you thinking? Good cuz I'm not.
Do you remember our icky old freezer?
Say goodbye to that wonderful and mangled freezer and say hello to our upgrade.....................
 Ain't she a beaut, Clark?

I know most people envy other people's homes and cars. But I envy other people's freezers. Live in a mansion-I don't care. Have a hell of a freezer and I'm seething with envy. But not anymore!
Hey look, pizzas were on sale.
And I got $170 in free coupons for free food and products for buying the freezer from Jewel. Yup, I rock!
I had a little bit of money left over and it went into Anna's 21st birthday party fund. I really do have a fund for everything. I would like to say that the money will be going to something healthy and educational. But I have failed again as a parent and we are taking Anna to the casino. It's ok though, her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are going to make sure that it is a sober and educational trip.
Happy all the way around,
Sonya Ann


Mamma has spoken said...

Wait, going to a Casino isn't educational? You use math to understand the odds, how much money you have lost and/or won, and Practical Living skills when you visit the 'all you can eat' buffet. Yep it's educational ;o)

Sonya Ann said...

Mamma-Thank you so much for setting me straight. Yes, this is educational on so many levels.

Hawaii Planner said...

My husband has one of his life dreams - to take our youngest to Las Vegas on his 21st birthday. His birthday is on St. Patrick's Day. I'm sure you can imagine how sensible that trip would be.

As I always tell my husband, what in the world makes you think that our boy would want to spend his 21st with. . . .gasp . . . his parents?!

I think you've done something very right if your daughter wants to spend her day with you. Either that, or you're bribing her well. Win, no matter what. :-)

ChiTown Girl said...

I've always wanted a stand-alone freezer, but never could justify spending the money. It was always just the two of us (my son and I) here, and now that his father is back, he's getting to the point where he'll probably be moving out in the next few years, so it'll STILL just be two of us here. I can't justify an entire freezer for that. Besides, I do have a refrigerator in my second kitchen, so I have more freezer room than most people. Right?

Jane said...

Eeek I have freezer envy now!! I don't even have one! But wish I did. I think it'll be a must out on PEI what with the long blizzards n'all. Plus I want to have a big garden and freeze the produce.
Put some money on 7 red for me wheee!

Sonya Ann said...

Hawaii Planner-Please don't give me so much credit. Hahaha, her birthday was the beginning of the month. She partied with all of her friends at college and is coming home for a late birthday. I will tell myself that she would have been home but my inlaws were in AZ and wanted to go. So we postponed her party until they got back. I'm sure she would have chosen us over her friends.
And I think taking your son to Vegas is a great thing. Just don't be surprised if he wants to bring friends with.

Sonya Ann said...

ChiTown Girl-Wow two kitchens! I wouldn't get a freezer either if I had a second kitchen. I think that we will use both freezers even when DJ moves out. I just can't pass up a good deal. We will see soon enough, the boy turns 18 in a year!

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-I bet Anna's money will not last very long. She has no idea how to bet. Mind you we will give her and her boyfriend a crash course on the way up there but you know how fast it goes.
I think that it is awesome that you will be freezing your own food. We don't have enough room for that. I have thought about canning in the past but the cost of the mason jars just isn't economical. But maybe I will get lucky and find some at a garage sale this year. Den would just love that project.
Water here is so expensive that I'm wondering if a garden is still the cheapest way to go. It's over $11/1000 gallons. It doesn't sound like much when you break it down but it adds up when you have a pool and a garden.

Frances said...

So I should not post a pic of my upright freezer that has it's own room?

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Ok now you are just bragging. LOL