Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bragging is a Sin

If bragging in Sin City is the worst that happens there, they aren't living up to their reputation!
Some people like to say, "I hate to brag but.........." And then follow it up with bragging. Not me, no sir! I'll flat out brag. Guess where I am going? Hahahaha, like you need a guess. Den and I are going to Vegas. Now wanna know the cool part? I got our flights and bags, the car and four nights hotel for $536.13. See I should be bragging!
Here are a few tips to get everything for your trip cheaper! Get a credit card with miles/points. We have our normal Bank of America card that we use for everything. And as you know, that money goes for Christmas. But we also have a Spirit Master card. We signed up for it the last time we were going to Vegas. We had enough points just from signing up for the card and making a small charge every month to get our flight to Vegas for $35 and that was with tax. We didn't have enough points for the return trip but since I used my Spirit Master card for the flights back we now have enough points for almost two round trip tickets. The only draw back to this card is there is a $70 a year fee. I haven't paid a credit card fee in YEARS! That said, we are going to pay it. At least for this year. We will see after that. But it is cheaper to pay the fee than it is for the airline tickets.
For the car, do a search to compare different car rental companies. Then go to the ones that you like and sign up for their emails. I can usually get the car cheaper through the company website. And before you book the car, go to your credit card company's website or My Points and see if you can get points or cash back.
And last but not least, sign up for every rewards card when you are in Vegas and USE THEM! We earn tons of free food and I scored 3 free nights for this trip.
We all know these tricks but just remember to stack these frugal hacks to save even more.
Back to sinning,
Sonya Ann


Frances said...

I love getting tips on how to sin frugally!

Hubby asked me last night if I wanted to go back to Vegas. I think he was hinting that he wants to. I may have to get to work on that.

Mamma has spoken said...

WOW that's a great price!
My problem would be USING all those credit cards. I'm to the point that I use ONE and only one for everything mainly because I have a tendency to say, oh I'll pay that next month then, when I pay the interest, I kick myself because that's money out of my pocket.....

Hawaii Planner said...

JEALOUS! Sounds fabulous :-) We are working our connections to get a casino rate at the Encore, but we'll spring for the full price cabana. We'll also smuggle free champagne into a $600 cabana. . . that's just how we roll ;-)

Have a fabulous trip!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I like how that man thinks! I think you need to hint back that you booked the tickets!!

Sonya Ann said...

Mamma-We have about 9 credit cards that we use to optimize our points.I'm crazy like that. We have Spirit, Bank of America, Menards, Victoria, Dress barn, JcPenneys, BP, and those are just the ones that I can think of at the moment, it might be more than 9. I need a life.

Sonya Ann said...

Hawaii-I would roll with you!