Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Calling Me Out

I am a liar, a fraud, a flim flam man. From here on out, don't listen to a thing I say. Anything about saving money, don't trust me. I'm done with my shit.
Big sigh.
Well, it happened. I was drawn into the Verizon store. Let me paint a sob story and maybe you won't be as mean to me as I have been.
Since I started this blog over three and a half years ago, I have worked diligently to get rid of our bills. I have planned and plotted with the best master minds to get us out of debt.
Yeah Sonya, keep talking.
And I thought I was prepared for anything. I even had a few cell phones tucked away in case of a phone emergency. My inlaws upgraded their phones(they had the same ones we did) and gave us their old one. I had it covered.
And then it all went down hill.
Anna's phone is a refurbished phone. It isn't quite 2 years old. The phone only works if it is on speaker. Last summer, she had to use tape to hold it together. She has now graduated to tape and super glue.
DJ's phone is the cheapest one that they have ever made. It is just a step above a tin can and string. But it seems to be holding up the best. Who knew?
My cell phone would only hold a charge for 30-ish minutes. Nothing like having a cell phone that you had to keep plugged in like the old home phones. Hey, did you know that the charger cord is super short and you have to kneel next to the night stand in order to keep a conversation going? I knew this. But I still wasn't going to buy a new phone. I'm tough like that.
Things became desperate when we had parted out the spare phones and they were worse than what we had. Den performed surgery on his phone with a fork and a paper towel. He managed to get his phone to work in 30 second increments thanks to his surgery.  
But the good news is Verizon gave us 2 free Iphones. The bad new is it cost $460 for those suckers. I bought the extended warranty and shock resistant covers. We aren't kind to our phones. The kids will be upgrading this summer.
Just to add 2 phones with data packages is another $100 a month. I will have to wait to see what the first bill is but my guess is it will be about $250 a month. And when the kids get their phones it should be another $100. We will qualify for a cheaper plan so I am hoping that it will help. Hey guess what? The kids are going to start paying their part of the cell phone bill. They have to pay their own car insurance and now part of the cell phone bill. I am an evil mother. I have saved all of their birthday money and the money from them working part time. It is going to come out of those accounts. So they won't be prostituting themselves out but I personally think that DJ would be very popular.
This is a budget failure. And it is crazy money. All that said-I HAVE THE COOLEST PHONE EVER! I'm so happy with it.
Go ahead call me out or just call me,
Sonya Ann


Mamma has spoken said...

I have a Virgin pre-paid phone that does all those fancy things that an I-phone does. Only costs me $25 a month.
Go ahead and be jealous ;o)

D.Lynn said...

I'm still living in the dark ages with a dumb (as in "not a smart" phone)but if I had as many issues as you had with yours, it would seem like Christmas every day when I went to use it. Sometimes, there just comes a time... and hey "Call me Maybe" ;)

Annie at Haphazard Homestead said...

DJ's phone is the cheapest one that they have ever made. It is just a step above a tin can and string. But it seems to be holding up the best. Who knew?

Yep. This is what we use. $12-$15 each when they are on sale at Walgreen's. They hold up better on Shane's dirty ol' job sites than anything we've found yet. The phones are the pre-paid kind, but we just put in the SIM cards for our plan, which is 700 shared minutes for $75 a months. We fulfilled our contract years ago and refuse to sign another.

We can text, but texting annoys the hell out of us, so we had that option blocked from our plan entirely.

Sometimes I really miss land line phones. It's really hard to slam the receiver down on someone with a cell phone. :P

Sonya Ann said...

Mamma-I will be oh so jealous when I get the bill!

Sonya Ann said...

D.Lynn-We are always so last century when it comes to technology. We try and make everything last forever. But I have to say that it is kind of nice to have a working and cool phone.
And baby, I would call you anytime!

Sonya Ann said...

Annie-Instead of slamming down the phone just cuss. It works. Trust me.
I have become very fluent in texting only because it is the only language Anna knows and I miss her. So I had to adapt. I think it is funny because she has a crappy phone and I have the awesome phone. Usually our kids got the toys and we were just jealous.
I'm so thankful for the phones but you can bet that I will be griping up a storm when the bill comes. Until then, I will just love my phone.

ND Chic said...

I don't blame you for upgrading but it just seems so expensive with Verizon.

McVal said...

Congrats!!! We have stupid phones but we bought one of those hotspot things from USCellular, so if we have a laptop with us or a Kindle or Ipad, we've got the internet at our fingertips...
With 5 phones on my plan, we will NOT go smart!
Or we'll have to cut out food.

j udy said...

I make my kids pay for theres also! I know I am a horrible mother :) But we went from the iphone/other fancy phones to prepays last year.

Only reason was I just could not swing the price anymore it was insane with all of us..so prepays it was with the kids paying for there minutes!

Cheapchick said...

Making your kids pay for part of their own phone bill is brilliant - we did it and it makes kids accountable. We did this with my stepkids when they lived with us and it curtailed big phone bills as they were on the hook. Our only requirement was if we called or texted it was mandatory they respond (if possible). We found they texted most so made sure to have unlimited texting. In Canada phone bills are much higher than the US so making sure the costs fit into our budget was mandatory. Cell phones are so much a way of life - this is not a frugal fail. You held off as long as possible.

Sheila said...

I'm w/mamma..I have a virgin mobile droid@35/mo w/all the bells & whistles.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note about the shock absorber kind of covers...if they are the "defender" kind that cost $50+ at Verizon, you can find those for about $15 on amazon. My husband actually broke the case, not the phone, and I wasn't paying 50 bucks again!

Anonymous said...
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Sonya Ann said...

ND Chic-it is stupid money for these phones. It really is and Verizon seems high. I ran the numbers and T mobile was a bit cheaper but they don't have great service around here and all of our family is with verizon so all of the calls are free. So I think in the end this is probably cheaper with that figured in.

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-Between the car insurance and the cell phone bill it is higher than our food bill.
When the kids get their phones for and extra $10 a month all of the phones are hot spots. We will see if we need this.

Sonya Ann said...

j udy-How much do you want to bet that in a years time I will be complaining and trying to find a way to lower the costs? I hate to waste money and never really do. But we needed phones just not such a nice one. I told Den that the cell phone bill will be like having a car payment but then it has been years since we have had a payment for a car and I might not know how much they really cost.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-"Cell phones are so much a way of life - this is not a frugal fail. You held off as long as possible."- Thank you that helps. I really do feel guilty if I feel like I'm wasting money. We don't have a home phone so we need something just I'm not sure that an Iphone falls into the need category.
Anna answers when she can or isn't in class. DJ has to text when he is leaving or has arrived somewhere. Thank goodness for unlimited texting!

Sonya Ann said...

Sheila-You really got a great deal!! Our family is all on verizon and we get free calls to all of them and that was the main reason I didn't switch. The second being that verizon seems to have the best coverage around here.

Sonya Ann said...

Anonymous-Thank you for the heads up. My son about flipped out when I told him that I bought the case for $60. Can you tell that I raised him in a cheap house? I never waste but I drop my phone all the time and didn't trust that I would make it with out the cover. I figured it was worth it to invest in the $60 to save $500.

Frances said...

Sorry, SonyaAnn, I just cannot find anything good to say. Of course, it is your money to spend as you like. But I just could not pay that for phones. Well, I could, but I won't.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you buy cases from Amazon or eBay? You should never buy accessories at the Verizon store!


Sonya Ann said...

Jules-Thanks for stopping by!

Theresa McG said...

I also got lured into the Verizon store even though I am ultra frugal in every other aspect of life. My switch was so frustrating I posted it on my blog - which is normally only about good deals - as a warning to others:
then finally

I am still awaiting $100 credit for the rebates we couldn't process.

Sonya Ann said...

Theresa McG-Forst, thank you so much for coming to see ma and I'm heading over right now to "meet" you.
I think we all try to be frugal but need to splurge every once in a while.
And I'm new to the google plus thing so bear with me.