Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Robbng Elves or Jewel

I'm still using free money to make more money. Yay!
I got $9 from Pinecone Research. And I bought $300 worth of giftcards from Jewel and got $60 worth of free catalinas/store coupons. I used the $60 catalinas/coupon to buy food and put the money in the Christmas fund.
$145.43  BP
$5         free check from magazines.com
$51       Pinecone research(surveys)
$75       Energy Plus(electricity rebate)
$140       Jewel(bonus for buying gift cards)
$5.74    Bank of America Add it up(Like Mr.Rebates/My Points)
$15       AutoZone rebate/visa card

$437.17 for Christmas 2013.
I think that I am going to buy another $100 in gift cards to earn another $20. And the really good news is I have 7 people done on my Christmas list. Not too bad considering it is the middle of June.
Off to work another angle,
Sonya Ann


McVal said...

The amount you've amassed is amazing... I think I"ll sell some blood...

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-You make me laugh.
I post this junk just to keep me motivated not to run it in anyone's face.

Frances said...

Keep up the good work, SonyaAnn!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-You are my head-cheerleader!