Tuesday, July 23, 2013

STD Plants

So what's going on at the Mott house, you ask? The normal summer grind. Pool work and yard work. DJ is getting on my nerves and we have to move Anna this weekend. She is moving into a townhouse. She is going to be a senior. God, that is hard to believe. And DJ is going to be a senior in high school. I'm old and almost free. LOL.
Anna is going to have to take an extra semester to graduate. But she keeps telling me that having a dual certificate in education is worth it. She is also going to be staying for her Masters. I'm proud of her. But we will have two in college at the same time. Sigh.
And now you know why I stress over $20 here and there. The good thing is Anna will be able to get her Master for close to free if she stays at EIU. We all decided she would stay!
So here is what is going on around the house.

 Or should I say this is the house. LOL
 The flower bed that Den laid to with fertilizer and melted slightly, recovered. And my favorite pot on the front step is doing well even without all the fertilizer.

My morning glories are just starting to climb. This will be so pretty and will cover the ugly fence in front. I'm not holding my breath though.We all know my track record.

 I've been trying to bond with the house a bit more and have gotten a few things for the outside.
 I got these shelves and pots from garage sales. $4.25 and a couple plants and the house and I are one.

 I meant what I said before about feeding my boys more lettuce. I started another pot for them to enjoy. I wonder if Den will over fertilize this pot or if DJ will just pee on it.
 This is my little over-grown garden. I love it but Den is complaining about how the dill is taking over. I'll get around to making pickles, I swear.
 Here is our little garden that I would look great with some morning glories in back. They are about 3 inches high. By December, the should be about a foot high or dead.
 This is the side of the garage. Our tomatoes bounced back after the fertilizer disaster.
 See I can grow something. They probably won't ripen but hey, its a start.

And because I am a master gardener, I bought a few packs of seeds and planted them. I have no idea what I threw in the ground. If I had to guess I would say, these are zucchini.  Its a damned shame when you have to guess about something that you, yourself have done.
This is another plant that I am guessing about. I would say that I was making an educated guess but I'm obviously educated about nothing.
I think I planted green peppers. I like green peppers so that would make sense. Right? Did you know there is an APP that you can download to your phone that will tell you what plants you have taken a picture of. I think I need it for my own garden. I wonder if there is an APP for STDs. I have known a few people that this would help immensely.
These are pansies. I'm so proud that I know one of the names of the plants around the yard. Usually, I just describe the plant to Den and he tells me the name. We work as a team once in a while.
See how cute the container is? Again with the bonding.
I love my pool but I spend hours cleaning it. I still haven't received the hot pool boy that I have been wishing for.
A couple of flower pots on the deck.And that's all I've got for you!
Not in need of the STD APP,
Sonya Ann


ND Chic said...

You have a beautiful home. Your zucchini looks like cucumbers. Usually zucchini grows more up and cucumbers really trail but I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

the house & yard look great - obviously, you have been doing some good work.

ChiTown Girl said...

Everything looks awesome! I love a good surprise, so make sure you come back later and let us know what the heck you planted. =)

mama .bonnie said...

I was going to say the same thing ND Chic said in that it's a cucumber, zucchini grows in a cluster. I should know, I have both in my garden. Hum, maybe I'll take a picture of them so you can see the difference ;o)

Sonya Ann said...

ND Chic-LOL I told you I have no idea what I am doing!! What would I do without you guys? I need someone to tell me what I'm doing or have done!!!!

Sonya Ann said...

Anonymous-Thank you so much. We have been working hard but it is a never ending battle.

Sonya Ann said...

ChiTown Girl-It's so sad that I have no idea what I have been doing!

Sonya Ann said...

mama-I need all the help that I can get. LOL. I'm kind of a joke in the garden but I rock in the bedroom. OK just kidding.

McVal said...

I love your house! So much detail and work done outside... jealous!

Cheapchick said...

I would say you are a successful gardener. No one need know the name of the plants - they are ALIVE! Worst case scenario if they die make salad with the dandelions!

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-Thank you but it isn't much. The good news is we pay a ton for it. LOL that's IL for you.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-I like your thinking.

Sheila said...

Nice crops and pool. I use to have a pool off the deck too!

Frances said...

Everything looks beautiful! Way to bond with your house.

As for Anna's Masters studies costing you money, my opinion...not that you asked for it....is that you all helped finance the undergrad degree. She should finance the Masters on her own.

Sunny said...

I really like your shelves with pots on them. Very nice.

Jill said...

Everything looks so lovely and the plants seem to be doing really well! Your pool looks so inviting.... ;-)
I feel you on college...except the debt is mine, lol. Starting my Masters this fall. Have a great weekend!


Sonya Ann said...

Sheila-No one has ever said nice crops to me in my life. LOL

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Anna is getting to go for almost free so the schooling end is handled and she is working year round so should be able to cover the entire thing herself but I still worry. I'm good at it. We did help her with her schooling as did her grandparents. She also works a lot and will have some loans when she graduates. It is what it is.

Sonya Ann said...

sunny-Thank you so much, I get s lot of compliments on them and they were so cheap.

Sonya Ann said...

Jill-You are on fire with all of the schooling! You got it all girl!