Monday, September 16, 2013

Shoot My Foot

I like to consider myself levelheaded. Don't mess with my kids or my money and I'm kind and rational. Well, I would like to think that I come across as kind and rational. I'm sure the people that I live with would say the exact opposite about me.
Remember the insurance mess that I had? Recap-I cancelled the car insurance with Progressive and went with Geico cuz it was half the price. See, I didn't need to link to it.
We decided to keep Progressive for the home owners not the car insurance. Anywho, our mortgage company paid Progressive for our home owners insurance.
I received a letter from Progressive asking me to call and to discuss our home owners insurance for 2014 and it was a receipt for the 2013 bill that was paid.
And that is where it all went south. I won't say they were rude just short after they found out that I cancelled the car insurance. The woman that I was talking too informed me that I would no longer be getting a      multi-policy discount.  They had already raised the premium $100 a year and now wanted another $82. She took the "I'm going to punish you" tone about the entire thing. What set me off was when she said, "we reserve the right to up your premiums at anytime." I asked for a manager and wasn't my normal pleasant self after that point. The manager had the same attitude. Even though I was holding the receipt in my hand that the bill was paid, it didn't matter. They could charge more at will. I may or may not have called them knee-cappers and told them I reserve the right to cancel my coverage at anytime. HA HA, you think you are going to screw me over-hell no! I will see your screwing me over, up the ante and do worse to myself! HA!
Sigh, I cancelled my home owners. I did have enough sense to give myself a few weeks to find another policy. In the end, I called Geico and started a policy with them.
Needless to say, Den did not think it was funny that I had a fit and cancelled the home owners insurance. I told him, I would fix it. He gave me the "I'm not convinced look." Everything is finally sorted, I think.
In the end, my tantrum saved us $72 off of our home owners insurance and we earned another 3% off of our car insurance for a multi-policy discount. It looks like we will save $63 off of the car insurance. My snit fit saved use $135!
 Maybe I should have fits more often? Our bottom line might be better off but maybe not my marriage.
Foot shooter,
Sonya Ann


Anonymous said...

Totally funny that you have an ad for Progressive in your sidebar right next to this post!!

That just made me smile and made my day! Thanks Sonya Ann for the irony!

slugmama said...

I probably would have told those insurance lackeys to shove it and on a slant....

If Den gives you a problem just send him to the Ghirardelli store with $25....he'll know what to do and will be a happy man. lolz

Sonya Ann said...

Anonymous-I had an ad for an insurance broker. LOL Guess you can't say insurance without getting an ad or two.
Thank you so much for coming to see me!

Sonya Ann said...

Den-Seriously, Den wasn't happy with me about this one. LOL.
I don't know if chocolate would have been enough. Maybe chocolate and beer.

Frances said...

Sonya Ann, give Den a beer and some sex and he will forget all about being mad.

Good deal on switching companies. If someone can't give you good service, they don't deserve your money.

mama .bonnie said...

I didn't bundle my insurance hence I don't have the savings. Though every time I have had to call Progressive, I have gotten great service. Guessing it's because I'm a 'silver' member ;o)

slugmama said...

Ok let me add a trip to Mike's AND the Ghirardelli store....chocolate and beer, now THAT'S the ticket!!!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I don't like him enough to give him both. LOL
I had had great service up until then. I guess they didn't appreciate me dropping the auto coverage.

Sonya Ann said...

mama-I think they are better to you because you are nicer than I am!!!

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Maybe if someone took me out to eat and brought me to Ghirardelli's I would be nice.