Monday, September 23, 2013

Summers Done

I hate this time of year. You get to watch everything die. Boo! The only thing that makes this almost bearable is that Halloween is right around the corner. Yup, that's all I got.
My cucumbers did terrible. I guess I can't complain, it was a $.10 packet of seeds. And I managed to get about 7 oddly shaped cukes out of it. I'm putting this in the win category but just barely. 
This was the biggest one of the bunch. Den said they looked like water balloons that weren't inflated all of the way. Look, it was edible!
I rocked the tomatoes though. That completely makes up for the odd cucumbers.
It seems I have one bad thing after another happen in the yard. And to be completely honest, it is usually my fault. This picture is a bit hard to make out but I'll tattle on myself. This is right next to the deck on the pool. There is a little walk-way, then a bit of grass and then pea-gravel under the deck. Well, that used to be how it was and then I got involved. We have a terrible time with weeds in the gravel. It has been a fight ever since we have moved here. 20 years they have been my arch enemy. I bought this super-all destroying-weeds tremble in fear-weed killer. And it did nothing. NOTHING! In fact, the weeds seemed to be a bit perkier after I shot them with the weed killer. I waited a couple of days and really went after them. Then it rained and still nothing. I waited about a week and then let the sons a bitches have it. My wrath had never been seen before. Please, don't point out that I could have saved a ton of time and pulled them. I drenched the bastards. And then something happened. I killed ALL of the weeds. My destruction soon spread-literally! I killed all of the surrounding grass and left dead foot prints all over the yard. Damn. I will be raking a lot next Spring.
And this is a tarp. On a pool. By a deck. I knew you were that bored.
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Yes, I AM that did you know? lol

You could have just poured boiling water on the weeds or salted them to kill them.

Yah, I wouldn't have stooped so low as to actually PULL weeds so why should you? Actually, I prolly couldn't have stooped that low.....

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-hahaha, ok so I'm terrible but I laughed that you couldn't stoop. I'm an ass.
I've put and poured everything on those darn weeds. I got'em this time and the grass.