Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This Stuff Happens

I was going to put "This Shit Happens" for a title but I am way too classy to say shit.
Like I said yesterday, Den needed new front tires for his car. Sigh. It seems that we have stepped in the "every car we own needs repairs" void. Yes, I felt the need to use quotations. Everyone knows that void.
We are doing repairs at a fast and furious pace.
Den went to get the tires the other day and I stayed at home to drink search for money to pay for yet another car repair.
We do not own a Ferrari. I wish we did.

We own a Kia. It's nice but it ain't a Ferrari. But the guys where Den got the tires didn't know the difference.
I suspect it went a little something like the picture above when one of the workers took Den's car out for a drive. Den said the guy went screaming out of the parking lot. To which I said, "Why the hell didn't you say something when the guy shot off like a bat out of Hell?" But I'm sure that I said it in a loving voice. He said, "it was a bit too late since the guy left. "

This move would have worked with either the manager or the jackass driving the car.
The good news is we got the car back in one piece. Den knows that the guy beat on it while "testing" the new tires because he tracks the MPG on the control panel. He lost ground after the "testing."
Little did we know that the lovely man also opened the sunroof on his trek. He closed the slider but he didn't close the actual sunroof. We found this all out when it rained on us at the car wash.
Living the movie cost us $413.72. I would rather rent it next time.
Not a righteous dude,
Sonya Ann


mama .bonnie said...

Oh what happens to your belongings when you let someone else touch them.....
Hubby needs to get new brakes on his car, I'm scared now to do it but then it's scary to think what will happen if he doesn't........

Sonya Ann said...

mama-Yup, people don't respect other people's property. His car is now making a funny clunking noise. He is going to take it back in. Just great.
If you go to the dealer they will charge a ton but will do it right. Just don't ask about the time we brought our new truck in to the dealer for an oil change.

Frances said...

I feel for you SonyaAnn. Once I had my oil changed at a major department store service department....I won't name names as it was many years ago. I drove across town and there was smoke coming out from under my hood when I got to my parents' house. My brother lifted the hood and we found that whoever serviced my car did not put the oil cap back on and oil had blown out all over everything. We had to put some more oil in and I drove right back to the store and made them refund my money AND take my car and pressure wash the engine compartment. Ha! I was a bad ass.

slugmama said...

This stuff is much more fun when you are doing it yourself a la Thelma and Louis style.
I'd have gone back to the tire place and had a bitchfest at that test drive guy over the left open hatch.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-We drove our truck home from the dealer after an oil change and blew the motor. The morons never put new oil in it. So we drove it with no oil in it. Needless to say, it was a flat out mess. They tried to tell us that just putting oil it in was good enough and that it didn't need to be rebuilt. You talk about a fight! They said they rebuilt the motor(we went and looked in the windows after hours and it was torn apart) but it never ran right again.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-We have so much going on but the car is going to have to go back. It is making a terrible clunking from the back end when you hit a bump.
There are just so many reason to have a bitchfest. I told Den to go to Walmart which he refuses. He bought 4 tires from them and one popped after 8 days and they wouldn't replace it. So he said that they would get no more of his money and now I think this place should be scratched off the list too.