Monday, October 21, 2013

My Love Child

I think I have said before that the running joke between Anna and I is that she is Molly Ringwald's love child. Anna doesn't look like her so much now but when she was little there was something about the pout that reminded me of her.
I got this picture from Anna. Molly Ringwald is going to be at EIU on November 13th. She sings jazz, who knew?
Here is the conversation I had with Anna.....
Anna-"She(Molly or mom) is coming to Eastern!!!!!!!!"
Me-"Well, you will finally get to meet your real mom."
Anna-"I know, I have so many questions!"
Me(laughing)-"Are you going?"
Anna-"I want to!"
Me-"You have to. Are you going to tell her, you are her love child?"
Anna-"Of course, I will. That would be awesome!"
Me-"I think she will probably call security."
Anna-"I would just keep holding on to her!"
We are either funny or crazy. Maybe I shouldn't share as much as I do!
Completely sane,
Sonya Ann


McVal said...

LOL!!! She is SO YOUR child!

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-I know, we should pray for her cuz she isn't right.

mama .bonnie said...

Maybe the question should be whose her daddy ;o)

slugmama said...

So these are the family genes we share, right?
HAS TO BE.....lolz

Sonya Ann said...

mama-Yeah, I forgot that you need one of those. ;p

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Are we a product of our environment or genetics?

Frances said...

HaHa! You would both SO fit in with my family!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Our family reunions would be AWESOME!