Monday, October 7, 2013

Scary Cheap!

 I love Halloween and I love being frugal. You know this. But I came up with a super cheap way to decorate!!!!
Print some super creepy pictures and slip them into the frames that you already have!
I think this is much more interesting than say, kids school pictures!
Who needs a picture of Grandma when you could have a scary forest picture?
I think this one needs to go in Anna's room? She is the most likely to freak out.
I like it! I may need to keep this one out year round!
Off to take down pictures of my family,
Sonya Ann


mama .bonnie said...

I decorated my house for the holiday this week-end and even took a picture of my skeleton trying to get out of my house just for you!
You know printing pictures off the internet does cost money in ink usage and the cost of ink has gotten way too expensive for me. Cheaper yet, go to the local library, find a picture in a magazine that you like, and use the color copier there. Much more cheaper than using costly ink ;o)

Cheapchick said...

You sick woman :) One year we hung my stepdaughters dolls from the tree in the front yard by noose around their necks. The neighbors thought we were weird but the kids loved it. She turns 16 this month so we have to figure something else out as no dolls to be found.

Sonya Ann said...

mama-Now come over and decorate our house!!! Den still hasn't gotten everything out. I blame him, well, I blame him for just about everything. LOL it builds character.
Our library is crazy expensive on everything. I went there to fax something and it cost over $5!

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-Hang the boys that are chasing your daughter from the tree. I'm sure that my hubs would be happy to supervise.

Sheila said...

You are too funny! We go to a Halloween party every year and they actually do the picture thing...seems like too much work for one day..kinda like Christmas :)

Sonya Ann said...

Sheila-It is a ton of work just like Christmas-you are so right. But I love Halloween.

Frances said...

Halloween is our daughter, Meredith's, favorite holiday. With no kids at home, it is kinda hohum for us.

Cool idea, though!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Meredith is my kind of girl.
And thank you for the compliment-I felt the love.