Monday, November 11, 2013

4 Cars and a Few Bikes?

Well shit. Where to start?
Den's car has a cracked front windshield. He had a slight chip in it which he filled and then a massive chunk of semi-tire hit his window in almost the exact same place. The windshield "glue" didn't hold and we need a new windshield.
My van is still at Red Alert because the rear sensor hasn't been replaced. It is also making a loud creaking noise when you turn. PERFECT. Not to mention that old girl(that's my van's name) needs new tires.
The Lumina/DJ's car is now leaking oil and the check engine light is still on. The motor is running like a champ though! The gasket is bad on the oil pan and Den said he can change it out in an hour. The check engine light is still on from when he redid the motor and can't find the problem. He said that it is a pinched hose but he can't find it. It will be going back in the shop. Back in 2009, I put my finger through a rust spot on the white car. Guess what I did again? Ahhhh, it looks like we will be painting the car again.
And last but not least, Anna's car completely quit. The bad news is it broke down by her and Den couldn't fix it. $666 later(She said to the man at the shop that was the number of the devil and wasn't having bad mojo so change the bill. He took off a dollar. She told him he could have taken off a hundred. Haha, she is my kid.) -IT STILL WASN'T FIXED! They worked on the fuel injectors. Meaning that the top of the motor had to come off. Den said this wasn't a bad price for all the work that they did. I don't concur. She brought it back in for a second time when the check engine light came back on and Den called the shop. He decided that she can drive it home and he will fix it for $42.
And the weird part is----I'M NOT THAT UPSET. Our car fund has been completely depleted for the year and still I'm ok with it. I have decided to stop the 52 week challenge and use that money. I'm so glad that I have it. I'll start up fresh next year. I hate failing at anything but I'm not having a credit card bill.
I actually feel blessed. And no, I didn't hit my head. This is just part of owning older cars and it is so much cheaper to do these repairs than it is to have 4 car payments. Not to mention that our car insurance rates would be through the roof if we had all had new cars.
We try to take really good care of our cars and we try to keep ahead/on top of any problems. Our running joke is that all of our cars have been completely rebuilt because of all of the work that has been done. For 2014, I'm going to double our car repair fund though.
A friend of mine said that we should buy bikes. I don't know how well Anna would fair riding a bike in Chicago. Or trying to carry all of her dirty laundry in her basket. I would get DJ a bike with a banana seat, a bell and streamers. I'm thinking a pink bike for Den. I would need an old lady bike with 3 wheels. I'm afraid my fat ass would swallow a bike seat at this point.
Pan handling,
Sonya Ann


McVal said...

LOL! Love Anna's sense of humor! Too bad they wouldn't subtract $100...
Car tragedies usually come in 3s or 5s around here. And typically stem around the tires or alignments. or gas pump or tail lights.

slugmama said...

hate HATE cars!
And I'll be right there with you on the old lady 3 wheeler! We can convoy around the country together.....10-4 good buddy!

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-And we have to take the car back in. UGH.
I think there should be a law against car tragedies coming in 5s. That ain't right.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-You and your furnace are a hot mess. Wait-a cold mess.
Over and out.

Jane said...

I concur with having older cars. Our 3 vehicles are a total of....Holy Shit...35 years old!!

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-I think this is the smart way to go. It still is way cheaper than buying new.

Frances said...

I agree, SonyaAnn. It is WAY better than car payments.

Sonya Ann said...

Fracnes-Thank you! Every once in a while I get it right.