Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Are You Serious?

This just isn't my year. But I have the feeling from most of the people that I talk to that this hasn't been their year either. If something odd or miserable could crop up, it did and then some.
I was going to rework the budget for this post and then I realized that I didn't want to try and find a way to make things work. Here is a list of what is going on(I may need a straight razor at the end of this).........
  • Anna's car still has to go into the shop for something that the last mechanic should have fixed but didn't want to wait for the part.
  • The apartment complex that she works for is probably going under and it isn't a good work environment.
  • Anna charged diet pills with her debit card months ago. No diet pills but the charges are coming in fast and furious from Belize and other places. Yes, we had a conversation about ordering with a debit card. It took me hours and I still don't have it straightened out. Her debit card has been cancelled but it will be a long road for me to get the cash back. Some people from Bank of America have gone the extra mile to help especially the actual branch in Fox Lake IL. The woman at the call center not so much.
  • DJ's car leaks oil slower. The check engine light is back on.
  • We are losing $1000 deduction on our taxes because DJ turned 17.
  • Den's window is cracking at an alarming rate. He may feel a breeze soon.
  • I got a $314 WATER BILL. For the love of God, what is wrong with them. They said they couldn't read the water meter so they have been guessing at our bill. We tried to have them come out and install a new meter but they didn't return calls. When the guy finally did come out to replace it, he said he thought the bill was right. So I said, then we don't need a new fucking meter and get out. True story. Den took over.
  • I need tires for my van. It buzzes like a MOFO when you back up and creeks. Lovely. 
  • We have a posh dinner party to go to and I'm still fat. Eating 3apples a day doesn't do shit.
  • I don't have the cash to pay for the rest of Christmas.
  • The kitten molests only my socks.
  • I need $250 to get the cat fixed and declawed. I like to keep my socks unmolested.
  • the kitten climbs drywall.
  • I want/need new socks.  
  • I have been clipping problems that I am working on to the side of the frig. You can't see the frig anymore and it seems like all I do is add to the pile. Nothing is getting fixed.
Hmmmm, bitching about it like this has made me feel better. Thank you. It seems that most of my problems revolve around money. Has 2013 been a sucky year for you?
The complainer,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Oh Honey.....has 2013 been a bad year for me?
To top that list off I'll put ALMOST DYING....yep, not my best year. lolz

So let's cheer you up by looking at the bright side....
1. Anna HAS a car and she still has a job.
2. Remember that KARMA will take care of Anna once she has her own kids and they get debit cards.
3. Check engine lights can go either way....either it's nothing or it's something so you have a 50/50 shot at avoiding a costly repair any time it's going on
4. While you lost the age 17 deduction, you will soon gain a paying college tuition deduction(double edged sword that one lol)
5. Den's window...by Summer you will save on gas use by not needing a/c in the car
6. Water meter man....at least you didn't have a weapon in your hand when he was there
7. Well just don't use the car and you won't need new tires...no driving means you won't spend money, right?
8. You are NOT fat..."I" am fat... Just have a life sized cardboard cut out of me made and stand next to it at your dinner party. You will look like Kate Moss by comparison.
9. Just give everyone who you can't buy gifts for an IOU....and then move.
10. I promise once you have that cat fixed it will resent you and NEVER play with you and your sox again. Cats never forget or forgive....
11. At least the cat doesn't EAT the drywall. Let me tell you about a puppy we once had and my holey powder room wall...
12. Notes on fridge....at least you don't have to clean the stainless steel or risk fingerprints all over it. I think you should pin a photo of your note covered fridge on Pinterest and start a trend!
13. And you are welcomed for my help. 8-))

Cheapchick said...

If Den's window cracks anymore just call it a convertible and Be DONE with it(would have been nicer if it had waited until summer though). Please refer to slugmama's awesome comments - I second those.

McVal said...

My year is exactly the same. Dang!!! Put some Spackle on the window.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-You wrote an entire post. LOL
OK fine you win for almost dying. You always have to one up me, don't you?
Thanks you for finding the bright side in all of my problems. I love that you reminded me that Anna will have kids and karma will repay her. That one made me smile!
And NO SHIT about the water man and the weapon. It would have been a blood bath. I normally don't get angry like that but he was just guessing anyways. Why the hell didn't he guess in my favor?!?!
I think that I will move in with you after I give everyone IOUs. Then I will be your problem and not Dens. YOu thought you had it bad before just wait til I get there.
The notes are falling off of the frig when I brush past them carrying food and alcohol. I have been going through quite a bit of it lately. I blame the people that I live with and the cars and the damned water man.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-Sluggy is crazy. We all agree.
And I like the convertible idea. It just snows a lot here. We can wrap Den in plastic and he can be on his way.

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-Maybe I could find a Pinterest way to cover the crack in the window. Maybe a hot glue gun and some glitter.

Jane said...

Well now I'm depressed :(
And then I read Sluggy's take on things and feel much much better! With friends like us you'll never need that straight razor - now...put it down and walk away!

mama .bonnie said...

I can't beat what slugmama said....
But I do feel your pain. Right now I'm fighting with Lowe's because they swear that the curtain rods that I order were delivered and they weren't. Of course they've charged my card which happens to be my debit card...............

Frances said...

Big hugs to you, SonyaAnn. And to Sluggy, too. I almost feel bad saying that my year has not been sucky. Oh, things have happened but if I listed them, I might start to feel pretty crappy, so I won't.

If you can get a cat fixed and declawed for $250, that is a STEAL. Our newest baby, Spenser, still has his front claws as when we were ready to have him declawed the lowest price we could find was about $350 for just the declaw. (He came fixed from the SPCA.) We decided he would learn to like having his claws clipped and I do them about once a month. We also squirted him with water if he started scratching stuff, so he doesn't do that, except where it is allowed.

Frances said...

Oh, and shall we all send you socks for Christmas?

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-I'm sorry I'm depressing but it did help to write it all down. I put down the razor and I picked up the alcohol. It thins the blood for when I do need the razor. ;p

Sonya Ann said...

mama-We shouldn't even be allowed to have debit cards. LOL damned stores.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I'M SO SO GLAD YOU HAVE HAD A GOOD YEAR! You deserve it.
You are lucky that your cat is learning. Ours is just not real bright. He will wait until you are looking and claw the furniture. He will only stop when you get up to pull him away from it. Then he runs off. He is naughty.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I do need some socks. LOL or a new cat.