Friday, November 29, 2013

Fabulous Friday

We are skipping Christmas and going straight to Spring. We have too. I'm done with winter and want this awesome planter! Coming up with a to do list for the Spring is so much better than shopping!
This is from the untrained housewife. It is awesome there. If I say nice things to her, do you think that she will make me one?
Still not calmed down,
Sonya Ann


mama .bonnie said...

Hehehe, instead of being the lady who spends all winter knitting, you can be the lady who spends all winter putting tile pieces on anything and everything ;o)
Though this is a really cute planter. I think hubs can make it for you so that you can become that tile lady ;o)

ND Chic said...

I like it. Its way too crafty for me to pull off though.

Sonya Ann said...

mama-Isn't there a woman that turns everything into a mosaic? She tiled her entire house with it.
I wish I would become the rich lady and not the tile lady.

Sonya Ann said...

ND Chic-I just need to find a way to do it cheaper.
And I think you could pull this one off.

Jane said...

You can buy those little tiley things that don't need grout - there, I just made it that much easier! Very pretty - I want one two!

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-Now will you make it for me?