Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm A Pastry

From Young Married Chic.
I swear I'm surrounded by a bunch of comedians. My bestie, Donna is adorable and is English. She says the cutest things. I was all dressed up and we were all going out a while ago and she said, "I was all TARTED up." She was saying I was a bit of a harlot. Bless her heart. It does sound cute with the English accent.  Anyways Den said, "Yes, she is TARDED." As in retarded.
Anyways, that lovely exchange got me thinking about Christmas and goodies to give out. From me being a simple slut to Christmas gifts-what a tie in?!!?!? I linked to the recipe under the picture. I think the English and the ass should make me a few of these. Anyone making any gifts this year?
Off to sulk and bake,
The Slow Whore


slugmama said...

Well I bought a buttload of yarn this past weekend with the great idea of making daughter an afghan for Xmas.
Then when sanity returned to me....shaddup!....I decided it's a great idea but not in time for THIS Xmas, maybe in 2014.
But now I have a whole YEAR to finish it. Since you love Vegas, Wanna lay odds on whether that's enough time to git er done?

I might make some PJ bottoms for some of the kids if I get motivated since the fabric is here and 1 pr. is already cut out and half sewn together....but don't count on it. lol

And I can say see Den calling you TARDED. How in your right mind did you expect him NOT to take advantage of that set-up??! ;-)

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-But I don't call him tarded!
I was wondering what you were thinking when you said you were going to make an afghan. You have way too much on your plate as it is.

MiserlyMac said...

I am making eggnog pies, cupcakes and chocolate cookies. I would like to make some kind of candy this year too.

Sonya Ann said...

MiserlyMac-What kind of candy? I have a love hate relationship with the desserts that I make.

mama .bonnie said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I haven't even begun to think of Christmas!!!!!!!!

Sonya Ann said...

mama-You still have time. I just like to over plan. But I bet you have figured that out by now.

Frances said...

Oh, honey, your signature makes me sad.

You are not slow at all. :-)

I will be making some jam, Cranberry Almond Bread and I think I will add some fudge and white chocolate dipped pretzels to the mix. I mentioned the pretzels to Mere and Samantha and they remembered when I made them a few years ago and started licking their lips. LOL!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Bahahaha but I am a whore.
It is cute that they were licking their lips. It must be yummy!