Monday, December 23, 2013

Don't Wanna Talk About It

I SAID I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT! You really are quite pushy, do you know that?
I did not do so well this Christmas. Sigh. I bet there will be another Christmas next year though. And I'm sure that I will save for that one too.
I got $9 more from Pinecone Research. Yay.
So for 2013 my tally looks like this..........................
$275        Bank of America 
$299.50   BP
$5            free check from
$123         Pinecone research(surveys)
$75          Energy Plus(electricity rebate)
$200        Jewel(bonus for buying gift cards)
$13.20     Bank of America Add it up(Like Mr.Rebates/My Points)
$15          AutoZone rebate/visa card
$5            Amazon E-card from Recycle Bank
$8.40       Star Savings(Like My Points/Mr. Rebates)
$125        Golf $$$$$$ Den won
$10           My Points($10 Bass Pro gift card)
$10           My Points($10 Old Navy gift card)
$20           Alcohol Rebate(Thanks sluggy!)
$1184.10  for Christmas 2013 
BP was my winner for the year with Bank of America hot on his tail. Definitely saving your credit card points for Christmas is the way to go. 
I really beat myself up when it comes to not accomplishing my goals. I'm not good at failure. I spent $1786.02 this year. Yes, I went over by $601.92. And then with the car problems and the money that we are throwing at them, well, I felt like crying. 
And then something serendipitous happened and I felt better.  I read an article about why the X generation is the worst generation off and my spirit was uplifted. I have issues.
There is a part toward the end(and I might add that I liked the colors and the way it was presented. I was like, ooohhhh pretty and then stopped reading.Just kidding.) that gave how much on average each generation was in debt/had saved/saving rate/credit score and we were above/off the charts compared to all with the one exception being the debt. It was just nice to get a reality check. Maybe we got this far because I stress so much about the little things aka Christmas spending. Seeing that we aren't doing so bad was the best Christmas gift I will get this year. Ok that and the Victoria Secrets undies and body butter that I bought myself from Den. He's good to me.
Next year, I'm going for the knock out and will get all the Christmas money together!
Wishing you a debt free Christmas,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Spending $600 of your own money for Christmas over spending $1700 of it? I'll take only spending $600 all day long.

Don't look at it as a failure that you didn't spend any $ OOP...look at it as you only paid 34% of your Christmas and you got 66% of your Christmas for free!! ;-)

Look at the bright least you still don't have a non-functioning NEW heating system like SOME

ND Chic said...

You are generous. I agree with Sluggy.

mama .bonnie said...

If it makes you feel better, I'm still paying off Christmas 2012. Though it was one of those 18 months same as cash deals and I have only 5 more months to go and still owe $400......
Damn, tried to make you feel better and made myself feel bad.......
(just kidding, I have it ALL under control ;o) )

PAPS said...

Such an expensive time of year. I end up settling bills till end of March sometimes. Sigh.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Cheapchick said...

And with January 1 comes a fresh new slate. Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Frances said...

And here I was thinking it was SO AWESOME that you got almost $1200 of FREE MONEY over the last year.

If you don't want it next year, just send it to me. ;-)

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Thank you, I really needed that. And it is getting quite depressing with all the car bills and Christmas. sigh. But that did help.
Was it Sears that sold you the heating system? Bastards.

Sonya Ann said...

ND Chic-Thank you! We just can't seem to stop. It really is Den. Shhhh, I blame him for most everything but he blames me too.

Sonya Ann said...

mama-Ok you are scaring me! You should do the 52 week challenge with me next year. Not that I completed the challenge but it did help.

Sonya Ann said...

PAPS=I thought I had it all figured out and then I still ended up short. SO an entire year of planning down the drain. LOL
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-I like your thinking! I have to say that I will be glad to see this year go! It was an expensive year.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-That would be a nice gift now, wouldn't it?
I know I should count my blessings and be happy. I just hate to fail especially when it comes to money.