Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I think I have talked about all of the car problems that we have had lately. And you are like, she never shuts up about it. You are quite rude at times, I have to say.
I'm almost afraid to bring this up but I think we have one car fixed. Holy shit!!! Did you say that? Cuz I did.
All four cars are/were(yay I can say were about one of the cars!) having problems. Anna had fuel injector problems and then it wasn't fixed properly. DJ's car is up in the air and I was actually having dreams about having to put the Lumina down. Seriously! In my dream, Den had the "put her down" talk with me. Den's car is creaking and I think that it is from the new tires that he got and the windshield is still cracked and is getting worse. But it has taken a turn, literally the crack turned to the left and then back down. My van is still creaking, beeps like crazy when it backs up and the the check engine light comes on when it gets too cold. I think its more of a complaining about the cold weather light than it is a check engine light.
As I have said before Den does the majority of the car fixes around here. I'm lucky, I know this. But he didn't have the tools to fix Anna's car and it is too cold out for him to try and fix it. So we brought it to a local mechanic and he FIXED it. Yes, I said FIXED her car. It was about $210 for everything. The part was $90 so I think this was more than fair.
My van and Den's car we haven't even started trying to fix yet. Anna's car had to be first because its a long drive and we won't send her off with car problems. Oh and this comes out of her account but I still consider this money spent. And it is still my problem or would that be Den's problem?
DJ's car has been an ongoing battle. Den fixed his car in October and it still runs like a champ. But the check engine light has been on every since. Den has worked on it and worked on it and never could pin it down. And the Lumina is going to have to go through emissions testing and it won't pass with the light on. Den finally gave up and we took it to the shop. And they couldn't find it. We paid $334 and the light came on two days later. I had explained the entire situation about Den redoing the head gasket and they thought he did everything right and were stumped too. They have replaced and returned parts and couldn't find the damned problem either. Which made Den feel great but the pocketbook didn't like it.
You know if it isn't something so damned stupid well, it just wouldn't be my life. Let's back up to when he redid the head gasket. I didn't write about this at the time because I had no idea that it mattered. He pulled the car half way into the garage so that he would have room to work. That meant that he had to leave the garage door open for the entire time that he had it apart. Then a terrible storm hit and we lost power for almost two days. He tried to work on it with flashlights but it wasn't happening. We finally broke down and bought a generator. Yes, we had to pay for all of the car parts, lose time working on it, and had to pay for a generator. This has not been our year to save money!
Anyways, Den set up horses and used sheets of plywood to set all of the pieces on. He had them all lined up so it was in order when he put everything back. Smart.
Or trash the garage
 I was worried that someone was going to break into, well walk into the garage while it was open and steal something.  I was close.
Low and behold, I heard some terrible racket coming from the garage one night. I ran out there looking for an intruder but no one was out there. I took a quick glance around but couldn't find anything amiss, UNTIL THE MORNING! Now I'm not sure if the raccoons were partying or if it was a title UFC fight but they wrecked the joint! They knocked over a massive ladder which hit the car and dented the hell out of and then hit the make-shift table with all of Den's nicely laid out parts and sent them flying.
We picked everything up the next morning and never thought of it again UNTIL the new mechanic said that he found the slightest crack in the plenum. He had never even heard of that happening before. Then I remembered the damned racoons. Yes, the fat little bastards have caused about $500 damage with their party.
The good news is this should fix his car. The bad news is they don't make that part anymore and one has to be located at a junk yard. Hopefully, we will have this car sorted SOON!
So I got my Christmas wish of having one car sorted. But I'm still mad at the raccoons!
I've closed the door,
Sonya Ann
PS-Have a Happy and safe New Years eve. I'm going to be partying it up with friends! Bet you never would have guessed that one!!!!


slugmama said...

SA partying on New Year's Eve?
Wow.....that's all I can say. ;-)

At least now you can get rid of Anna again, er.....let her go back to school. 8-))

Our chariot is back on the road(I think they used the same parts as in Den's car because it is making a really bad creaking noise now....something else to worry about-oy!)and we're heading home this evening. Hopefully we beat the drunks home.....then I get to party a teeny tiny bit before falling asleep at 10pm. lolz

mama .bonnie said...

Happy New Year Sonya!
My wish for you is to have a debt free,no car problems, lots of money for Christmas 2014!

Cheapchick said...

Raccoons, Dogs, what is next? Monkeys? Those are only for New Year's Eve though. Cheers!

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, you make my life seem so incredibly dull.

Have a wonderful and safe New Year's celebration. Hubby and I, both former bartenders, call people that party on New Year's "amateurs". I think you fall outside that definition...you are definitely not an amateur.

Jane said...

From now on whenever my life is falling to pieces I'm just gonna come over here and read a couple of your posts and feel so much better about my sucky life!

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I am now sober. Yay. Just kidding but I was a bit slow this morning.
I'm glad that you made it home! I hate driving in a car and you aren't sure if it is going to make it.

Sonya Ann said...

mama-That is a tall order but I am willing to try for it.
And I hope that you have a wonderful 2014 too.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-With my luck it will be an elephant or something like that and it will be pissed off.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I would love to try dull. One day I was worried that some day I would run out of things to write about here on the blog and then I realized what my life was like and knew that I would never run out.
Yay for being an old hand at drinking.

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-I'm so glad that my crazy life can pick you up. I think I am just a magnet for crap or crazy or both.

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