Monday, January 27, 2014

Everything and Nothing Post

This post is just a random mess. How's that to start your week?
I made lotion bars again! It's one part coconut oil, one part bees wax, and one part shea butter. Well, I screwed up and bought cocoa butter instead. Can I just say, WOW! It smells amazing. All chocolatey. Damn, I don't know if I am making myself hungry or horny when I use it. SERIOUSLY.
I was poking around to check to see if cocoa butter would work and I found the Holy Grail of Homemade! It's called Bath and Body Recipes. It's homemade heaven.
I also made homemade body butter. You just whip the snot out of coconut oil.
This was what happens when you try to take a picture on your bed with a kitten.
And DJ turned 18. I told him it was his get out birthday. He is still here. He doesn't listen for shit. Hard to believe that I have no more "kids" in the house.
This was me trying to get a random shot of Den. It's either his IQ or he is trying to tell me to come here.
It's his favorite pose. And this was at the really posh Christmas party. He makes me nuts.
Speaking of the Christmas party, this was the center piece that I got from the owner. It was stunning.
Since I am basically dumping everything off of my phone onto the blog, here is a shot of some of the Christmas cookie platters that we made. Yes, some not all.
Do you feel diabetic?
This is what happens when Den gets a bottle with a little man on it that pees whiskey. You can tell by the amount of alcohol in the background that we all had a good time.
This was an argument that I caught on my phone when we were in Vegas. He never smiles!
He was saying that he does smile. I'm just not a good photographer.
And that it was my fault that he never smiles. Can you tell that his innards were swimming in alcohol?
This is what he looks like after I told him he was a pain in the ass and just fucking smile.
He always looks like a naughty boy.
That drink was part of the reason I had problems with him in the photo shoot. LOL
I miss Vegas but I think we may be going back in October and I think that I can score free flights! And I know that we will get free rooms! Yay me!!!!
Oh and this is how the house looked during the holidays. Well, it still has the lights on but we don't turn them on.
Now I think that you are all caught up on my life. I bet that you really didn't want that much information. Looking back on this post, it seems that we drink a lot. And it's probably not something that I am going to change.
Party people,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Thanks for not sharing any of the peeing whiskey man pics of me.....

Now as for drinking, define "too much"?

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I think we need to drink a lot and then decide what is too much.

McVal said...

WOwza! That's a lotta cookies!!!! Dang. if I could catch diabetes by eating all those goodies, I would be one happy woman!
Happy Birthday to DJ!! 18... that's the year my brother was booted out of the house.
You might want to wait until he's out of school tho...
I don't think I'd drink anything wiht a picture of a peeing man on the bottle. That seems like a warning. *warning - this booze will make you have to pee*

Jenny Woolf said...

Shouldn't have seen those cookies on the day I realise I have put on 3 lbs. ....

Jane said...

so I guess your body butter comes with cat hair? Den's pretty cute but he sure likes flippin' the bird! Oh but that's the alcohol!

mama .bonnie said...

Oh so much to say, so tired to come up with it all except, if I still had my Christmas lights I would still have them on. Not that I'm that type person but because I keep them on timers and I'm too lazy to turn off the timers ;o)

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-I was leery of posting that peeing pic. Den wouldn't approve. Well, unless he was drunk again.
I think DJ is counting the days until he can leave. Just wait until he has to do his own laundry then he will miss me. Or when he has to find his own food.

Sonya Ann said...

Jenny Woolf-It's only 3 lbs. Lick the screen-no calories in that.

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-Yeah, we will blame his naughtiness on the alcohol. Then he would never be sober. He's bad a lot.

Sonya Ann said...

mama-It's just too cold to do anything. UGH! It's -7 and that's not with the windchill. I miss Vegas.