Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Does This Happen To You?

You know that I try and plan for everything, I really do. I also try to use everything until there is no life left in it. Take my vacuum. It sucked still but 2 of the 4 wheels fell off. I used it in that condition for over a year and a half. I saved money but I probably should have spent it on a chiropractor. So I pulled the trigger and bought this lovely vacuum on clearance at Walmart for $29.98. It was on clearance because it was pink. The other models are $59.96. Cheap and pink, is there anything better?
Our pots and pans barely held water at this point. Well, it wasn't that bad but they were so warped that you had to hold them while stirring. They were T-Fal and I had managed to scrub all the coating off many, many years ago. Oh and the lids didn't fit anymore. I'm not going to say that I warped the pans but it might have been someone who's name rhythms with Sonya.
I found a cheap set on-line and was going to get them. Then I did something stupid, I asked Den what he thought about the el cheapo set. He said, "Let's just keep the old pans." Never ask a person that was a chef what set of pots and pans they want. I'm not kidding 2 hours later, he decided that he would love to have Cuisinart stainless steel pots and pans. After that long discussing pots and pans, my eyes glazed over. I had some cash set aside for replacing everything/something/not sure what DJ broke, I didn't care. And he finally found my weakness. If you talk to the point where I can barely stay awake, I'll give in. This has never happened before. But comparing pot by pot, thickness of pan to lip edge on AMAZON, I gave in and said "just get it!" It was $229.35 for the set but I had some gift cards so figured it was fine and I wanted to think about something else other than the depth of the bottom of a fucking pan. Right before I ordered it, Dennis said he wanted copper pans. The set he looked at was $649.96. I don't think so and I don't think you can talk me into that no matter how many hours your blather on. Well, maybe 3 hours and I would have broken. Don't tell him I said that!
And then one thing led to another and I ordered a treadmill. But it was a cheap one because I know that it will just turn into a very expensive drying rack. I know me and I probably won't use it but a few times but I have wanted one for a few years. It was $109.99 and I bet that I can save that much money in a year drying clothes on it. Its a manual treadmill so it won't use any electric and it should fit in Anna's closet.
The problem that I see with us spending all this money is the oxymoron of the purchases. I know Den is going to cook some fabulous meals with his new pots and pans and I don't think the treadmill is going to chase away enough pounds to offset it. Maybe if I vacuum and run, it will help. I doubt it. If you have ever eaten Den's cooking, he doesn't skimp on the calories.
It just seems like one thing leads to another and I keep spending. If nothing else, me and a treadmill should make for some hilarious posts. Sigh, I'm destined to be poor and fat.
Oxymoron lover,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Well if you wanted to offset the new pots and pans expanding your waistline you should have kept the no wheeled vacuum! lolz

If you needed a treadmill I would have gladly given you the one my daughter bought and then left here when she moved to LA.
I can't even use it as a drying rack since it's living in the garage. sigh

I'm no chef but I bought a set of Emeril p&ps years backon eBay and they are still going strong. They are made by All-Clad and just as good as their reg. stuff but a lower price tag. I think I got a deal!

And I am SO telling Den your weakness.....

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-If you tell Den my weakness, I'll slap your ass with one of the pans!
That vacuum was a killer, I was panting and my shoulder was burning by the time I was done. Don't miss it and this new cheapy vacuum is amazing. It's like a $5 hooker, it sucks like no other.
Honestly, I'm not going to use these pots and pans. I have saved back a few of the crap ones just cuz Den is way overprotective of them. He is a pain in the ass.

Frances said...

I love good cookware. And I don't even do most of the cooking. I drooled when Chance bought new cookware in December. LOL! And we even HAVE good cookware. We had crap that we each had when we got married for years, then one year I found a DEAL on a set of Farberware. We still use that cookware. It is a little scratched, but still better than what we had before.

We also have exercise equipment that is gathering dust. Heck, we don't even dry closes on it. It is Hubby's and my suggestions to get rid of it are met with stony silence.

McVal said...

lol! one thing led to another and I ordered a treadmill??!
I'm fat and in debt... I should've bought the treadmill.
Enjoy your new pots and pans! Or rather Den will!
Loved the line about drying clothes on the exercise machine!

slugmama said...

"It sucks like a $5 Hooker"....Hmmm, and just HOW do you know how a $5 Hooker sucks??
I know.....book research, right? ;-)

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Den is a bit over protective with his pans. I have the odd feeling that I will be using some f the old stuff that we didn't donate. Can't say as I blame him for watching me when I cook, I BURN everything. Last night was the garlic bread. Sigh, its miserable to be in the kitchen with me.
Keep the exercise equipment and use it as drying racks or paper weights then no guilt!!!

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-I'm thinking that the treadmill would be great to dry clothes on. I'm already not liking it.
And Den loves the new pans. They make me nervous no wait thats Den making me nervous cuz he is hovering when I cook. But then maybe I earned that after all of the meals that I have burned.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Ummmm, yes, research.

mama .bonnie said...

Well,if it doesn't work out, you can always regift them this Christmas ;o)

Sonya Ann said...

mama-You are BRILLIANT!